Minoxidil mesotherapy

(Mesotherapy of the scalp “European standard”)

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Effect of scalp mesotherapy “European standard”:

  • The drug has a good effect on hair loss in people under forty-five years old.
  • The use of the product should be started as early as possible, optimally – no more than five years from the beginning of the hair loss process.
  • The drug gives a guaranteed result if the areas of the scalp prone to baldness are focal, located closer to the crown of the head, and have residual vellus hair.
  • The remedy is especially effective in case of a hereditary predisposition to androgen-dependent pattern baldness (which has a hormonal nature).

Advantages of scalp mesotherapy “European standard”
without a doubt, the complete safety of its use is attributed, after the start of the application of Minoxidil, hair follicles are activated in the scalp, blood vessels are strengthened, providing the blood circulation necessary for hair, the entire cycle of hair formation and growth is normalized. The most effective way to use minoxidil is through mesotherapy.

The cost of the procedure

Мезотерапия волосистой части головы "Европейский стандарт"

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Мезотерапия волосистой части головы "Европейский стандарт"1050