About Us

Esteva Clinic – licensed clinic for aesthetic medicine and dermatology

The purpose of aesthetic medicine is to preserve beauty, make self-perception more positive, and improve the quality of life. Our efforts are aimed at making you healthier, happier and younger looking.

Through the efforts of the specialists of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, thanks to the professionalism and systematic approach, you will become even more attractive. We work in Kyiv seven days a week so that you can always find a convenient time to visit a beautician.

Efficiency, safety and availability are the three main principles of Esteva Clinic

Efficiency is the first!

The assortment of the clinic’s services includes almost all injection and hardware methods of cosmetology known today. Our experience allows us to offer a choice of the most suitable products for solving various dermatological problems.

We strive to get the result already from the first procedure, we never save on drugs and consumables. The main thing in our work is a sustainable effect, to the mutual satisfaction of doctors and patients.

To do this, we use:

✅ Instrumental lifting
✅ Methods of laser cosmetology
✅ Injection contour plastic
✅ Anti-wrinkle injections \ Botulinum toxin injections
✅ Dermatological methods

We are constantly using new techniques, following the advances in dermatology and cosmetology. For the fahivts of the clinic of aesthetic medicine, the organization has been organized in Ukraine beyond the cordon; introduction of special exhibitions, participation in seminars and conferences. You can find out about the service transcript of our skin teacher in our special profiles.

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Safety is the norm

We guarantee complete safety of the patient during the procedure.

As it should be in a clinic of the European level, we carefully monitor the sterility of the instruments. All offices, treatment rooms and operating rooms are regularly subjected to antibacterial treatment.

Flexible pricing policy and availability on any day of the week

You can make an appointment by phone or on the website. The clinic of aesthetic medicine in Kiev works without weekends and breaks, from 10 am to 9 pm, on Mashinostroitelnaya Street, 8. You can get advice or undergo a course of therapy on Sunday, at your lunch break, or in the evening after work.

Our principle: aesthetic medicine in the clinic at a convenient time, with convenient access, and a reasonable price. The cost of services is indicated on the website – which is the key to transparency. Payment method – any, including payment cards.


It is so easy to Be attractive with Esteva Clinic!