An effective and innovative way to get rid of unwanted localized fat without surgery
  • Long-lasting and noticeable result
  • The average time of the procedure is 40-60 minutes (per zone)
  • 1-2 procedures with an interval of 6-7 weeks are enough
  • The process is almost painless, the recovery period is minimal
Cryolipolysis of the abdominal area
4900 UAH
7000 UAH
Cryolipolysis of the abdomen + sides
5900 UAH
8500 UAH
Cryolipolysis of thighs (inner and outer surface)
9900 UAH
13000 UAH
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Cryolipolysis: the essence of the procedure

Лікування постакне

Cryolipolysis is a quick and safe alternative to surgical liposuction. It is also called “cold liposuction”. During the non-surgical fat removal procedure, fat cells are rapidly cooled, followed by apoptosis – the natural decomposition of fat into small particles that are excreted from the body.


The principle of manipulation consists in the selective freezing of fat, which does not affect the adjacent soft tissues. Do not be afraid of the word “freezing”. The temperature at which adipose tissue decomposes is only -7 to -9 °C.

Inactive fat cells are perceived by the body as a foreign substance, a kind of garbage that should be removed as soon as possible. This function in our body is performed by phagocytes. Everything happens naturally, without any diets, taking drugs, “cleaning” the intestines or any other external influence.

Removal of particles of dead fat cells is carried out in the same way as any metabolic product. You will get rid of excess fat, and you will not even notice it.

You will not see an immediate effect from cryolipolysis, but after a few days the fat in the treated areas will begin to “melt” and disappear. In the coming months, the amount of fatty tissue in the affected area will decrease by 25-40%. You will definitely feel this result and can even measure it.

Areas where cryolipolysis is performed

Cryolipolysis is indicated for men and women of any age to remove fat in the following areas:

  • stomach and sides;
  • back;
  • under the buttocks;
  • outer and inner sides of the thigh;
  • below the knees.

It should be emphasized that cryolipolysis is an excellent and effective method of getting rid of localized fat. You will not be able to lose weight immediately and everywhere with the help of the procedure.

What you should know about cryolipolysis

In developed countries, the share of people suffering from excess weight is 50-70%. To get rid of fat deposits, people actively engage in sports, go on diets and even go "under the knife" to plastic surgeons.

Although a healthy lifestyle and exercise definitely help with weight loss, sometimes it may not be enough. This is explained by the fact that during sports there is the formation of a muscle corset and partial burning of fat. But the body takes energy from fat deposits where it considers it necessary. Therefore, as a result, even after serious physical exertion, fat pads may still remain on the sides, inner thighs, etc.

Getting rid of such residual fat can be difficult, because there are no such diets that would help lose weight in a specific part of the body. That is why cryolipolysis is so popular, because it helps in situations where other methods are useless and ineffective.

Cryolipolysis technology consists in cooling adipose tissue, which leads to lipolysis (splitting of fat cells). This is how local fat deposits are reduced. The most important thing is that the procedure does not damage other tissues.

You can better understand the process that occurs in the body during cryolipolysis, thanks to the diagram below.

The safety of the cryolipolysis method is confirmed by the FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration). The technology has been used since 2009, while several million patients have appreciated the benefits of this method of getting rid of local fat on the body. It is obvious that such success of the technique is explained by its excellent performance.

Cryolipolysis can be compared to liposuction, but no surgical manipulations are performed. No anesthesia, incisions, stitches, rehabilitation required. The cryolipolysis procedure can be performed on an outpatient basis and does not take much time. A pleasant additional effect of the procedure will be an improvement in skin tone.

Another important factor is the affordable cost of the cryolipolysis course. Today, this is one of the cheapest, among the most effective ways to get rid of excess fat in problem areas.

How the procedure goes

Cryolipolysis is an effective method of getting rid of excess weight in the comfortable conditions of a cosmetology office.
  • Cryolipolysis begins with a doctor’s consultation and determination of cryolipolysis zones. The specialist will definitely ask several questions about the general state of health, draw conclusions about the condition of the skin and the admissibility of performing fat freezing. There are not many restrictions, but they are there, we will discuss this below.
  • The processing time of one zone is 40-60 minutes.
  • At Esteva Clinic, cryolipolysis can be performed on 4 different zones at the same time.
  • Analgesia is not required. During manipulation, patients can completely relax and do their own thing – read a book, use a smartphone, watch TV or listen to music.
  • After the end of the session, redness, swelling, and in very rare cases a hematoma (if the patient has increased skin sensitivity) may occur at the place of application of the applicator. It is not excluded that certain pains are similar to crepatura after intense training. These phenomena pass by themselves without a trace within a few days.
You can see in more detail how the cryolipolysis procedure is performed at the Esteva Clinic of aesthetic medicine in the video.

Contraindications to cryolipolysis

Although the procedure for getting rid of local fat on the body is absolutely safe and non-traumatic, even it has its contraindications. Cryolipolysis should be avoided if the patient has:

  • allergy to cold;
  • various dermatological diseases (eczema, dermatitis, etc.);
  • unhealed wounds in the intended place of action of the device. Old scars can also become an obstacle.

Also, the procedure is not allowed for women during pregnancy and lactation.

The presence of medical contraindications will be determined by a specialist during the examination and conversation at an individual consultation.

How quickly the result will be visible

Adipose tissue removed by freezing is removed from the body forever. This process can take up to 4 months. After this period, the maximum effect will be obtained. Our body needs such a long time to remove inactive fat particles. The rate of elimination is individual and depends on the normal rate of metabolism of your body.

Positive dynamics are slowed down by excessive and unhealthy food. That is, if after the procedure you will systematically overeat, you may not notice the long-awaited relief from waist folds.

At Esteva Clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology do not make impossible promises. We welcome your desire to look beautiful and fit and are ready to apply all our knowledge and experience for this. Remember that no hardware technique can replace an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, but it will help multiply their effect.

The effect of cryolipolysis at Esteva Clinic

You can evaluate the positive result of cryolipolysis received by clients of the Esteva Clinic aesthetic medicine clinic in the photo below.

Why cryolipolysis should be done at Esteva Clinic

  • You save your time, because we use Adonyss Lp-Cool, which allows you to use 4 nozzles at the same time, which significantly reduces the time of the procedure
  • We have installed an uninterrupted power source, so even in case of a sudden power outage, the procedure will be carried out to the end
  • We believe in the principle of comprehensive fight against fat deposits. This includes providing effective nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
  • We have a really great price for the cryolipolysis procedure – see for yourself!

Current prices for cryolipolysis


ProcedurePrice, UAH
Cryolipolysis of the abdomen


Cryolipolysis belly + sides


Cryolipolysis of the thighs (internal and external surfaces)


Cryolipolysis of inner thighs


Cryolipolysis of the area under the buttocks


Cryolipolysis of the knees


Cryolipolysis Package1 (abdomen + inner thighs)


Cryolipolysis Package2 (abdomen + inner thighs + sides)


Cryolipolysis Package 3 (abdomen + inner thighs + knees)