Ultrasound SMAS lifting

Ultraformer III

– a unique technique of hardware lifting, which is a worthy alternative to surgical tightening.


There are many techniques for rejuvenating the skin of the face, but not all of them can penetrate to the required depth to ensure the effect of tightening (3D lifting).

This ability has a skin tightening technique – ultrasonic SMAS lifting.

The impulse during the ultrasound SMAS lifting procedure penetrates to a depth of 1.5–13 mm, reaching the deepest structures at all levels and ensures maximum non-surgical facial and body rejuvenation.

Aging process

With age, the muscular aponeurotic layer of the SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System) loses its elasticity and stretches.

Процесс старения

There is a prolapse of the tissues, the cause of which is a certain displacement of the bone structures, musculoaponeurotic system, sprains, atrophy and ptosis of subcutaneous fatty packs.

Externally, this is manifested by a tired look, nasolabial folds, eyebrow drooping, eyelids, and the appearance of a second chin appear, which leads to a visual effect of aging.

Ultrasonic (it is also called ultraformer, non-invasive SMAS lifting, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Altera procedure)

How it happens, look at the video:

Ultrasound SMAS lifting the most advanced technology of rejuvenation!

Ultrasound SMAS lifting with microfocusing (MFU) affects the deepest layers of the skin, which provides an extremely lasting, visible effect of rejuvenation and lifting of the skin.

At the same time there is a minimal effect on the skin surface.

The use of other hardware lifting techniques provides only a superficial effect.

In Esteva Clinic, we use ULTRAFORMER III (ULTRAFORMER 3), representing the last (third) generation of ultrasound SMAS lifting devices.

ultraformer 3

The ULTRAFORMER III technology provides the same effectiveness as the application of Ulthera Systems, known as Altera, with less pain.

Awesome result without surgery!

We present you the results of applying ultrasound SMAS lifting at Esteva Clinic (click to view each photo):

Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг смас лифтинг киев альтера смас смас лифтинг альтера смас альтера ulthera smas альтера смас лифтинг Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг альтера HiFu лифтинг Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг

We also recommend to watching the video abaut how the procedure of ultrasound SMAS lifting Ultraformer III is performed and the impression of real patients of our clinic after applying the technique.

Efficiency and safety

The main advantage of ultrasound smas-lifting is the almost complete absence of the recovery period. This procedure can be performed during the lunch break and return to normal life.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is a procedure that has a pronounced effect, increasing within 90 days after the procedure, which lasts from one to three years.

A more pronounced effect of skin tightening compared with SMAS ultrasound lifting can ONLY provide an operation!

… however, there are a number of advantages of ultrasound SMAS lifting compared with the operation:

  • safety
  • no need to use anesthesia
  • lack of long-term rehabilitation
  • lack of postoperative scars, hematomas (in a few hours you can return to your normal life)
  • preserve highlights and personality of your appearance

Excellent evidence base methods

The effectiveness of ultrasound SMAS lifting ULTRAFORMER III (ULTRAFORMER III) was studied in 8 clinical studies. The total number of participants in these studies – 159 patients. The patients’ age was 37 – 69 years (mean 48 years). Clinical studies were conducted in Italy, Korea, India, Poland, Germany and Australia.

Conducted clinical studies have shown that a visible rejuvenating effect was observed in 75 – 100% of patients. The result after the procedure increased during three months.

It should be noted that age is not a contraindication for this procedure. Our patients, with different types of aging at the age of 35 – 65+, have an excellent visible effect, after applying ultrasound SMAS lifting.

The results after applying ultrasound SMAS lifting delight our patients every day!

When using ultrasonic SMAS lifting, side reactions are extremely rare and insignificant.

In Esteva Clinic, anesthesia (application anesthesia) with the help of anesthetic cream is used for the maximum comfort during procedures.

Due to its efficiency and safety, the technology of ultrasound SMAS lifting with the use of the ULTRAFORMER III device has been approved by the regulatory authority of the European Union (СE) and Singapore (HSA).

Non-surgical SMAS lifting is the optimal solution for clients who want to look young, but do not decide on plastic surgery.

To date, over one million patients in the world have experienced all the benefits of the SMAS lifting ultrasound technology.

As the practice of our clinic shows, the procedure of ultrasound SMAS lifting (ULTRAFORMER III) is perfectly combined with the use of biorevitalization, contour plastics, Facial wrinkle correction and fractional RF lifting.

Ultraformer is a pronounced result without a long rehabilitation period.

Price of procedure

Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг (Ultraformer III) лица

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Лифтинг периорбитальной зоны (зона вокруг глаз)


Лифтинг бровей


Малярные мешки под глазами


Зона второго подбородка


Лифтинг щек


Лифтинг нижней трети лица (без подбородка)


Лифтинг нижней трети лица (включая подбородок)


Лифтинг лица


Лифтинг лица + шея


Лифтинг лица + шея + декольте


Лифтинг лба


Лифтинг шеи


Лифтинг декольте


Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг (Ultraformer III) тела

Название процедурыЦена, грн
одна линия27
СМАС лифтинг коленей


СМАС лифтинг живота (в зависимости от объемов и желаемого результата стоимость может меняться)


СМАС лифтинг боковых поверхностей живота13500
СМАС лифтинг ягодиц (в зависимости от объемов и желаемого результата стоимость может меняться)


СМАС лифтинг груди9500
СМАС лифтинг внутренних поверхностей бедер


Внутреняя поверхность рук (500 линий)13500
Подмышечная зона (200 линий)5400

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