Radiesse injections

Injections for face lifting
  • The procedure takes less than an hour
  • The duration of action of the drug is 1-1.5 years
  • The natural features of the face do not change, but only acquire a younger and healthier appearance
Radiesse Merz (USA) Volumization, lifting 3.0 ml
19500 грн
22900 грн
Radiesse Merz (USA) Volumization, lifting 1.5 ml
9900 грн
11450 грн
Radiesse Merz (USA) Volumization, lifting 0.8 ml
7500 UAH
9000 UAH
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What does the Radiess do

Radiesse injections are injections of calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) gel preparation deep into the skin. The word “Radiesse” itself is the brand name of Merz’s original injectable calcium hydroxyapatite.


The effectiveness and features of this filler are very well researched, as the substance has been used for more than 25 years and is widely known in world cosmetology.


Calcium hydroxyapatite preparation has been tested and approved by the US FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration). It has been widely used since 2000 in the USA and a little later (since 2004) in Europe.

Radiesse is designed to smooth out moderate and strong age-related wrinkles, to form a younger face oval thanks to the restoration of lost volume and the stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis. The structure of the filler contains smooth spherical particles of calcium and a gel carrier, which instantly fill the voids and create a basis for the growth of collagen fibers.

After injection, the Radiesse CaHA gel matrix integrates into the skin and creates a “scaffolding” that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.As the gel carrier dissolves, a strong network of collagen fibers appears. Formed collagen and elastin in place of the gel carrier, thanks to the renewal of the skin structure, smooth out wrinkles.

The effect after the injection occurs almost immediately and increases after 1.5 months. The effect of the drug is noticeable up to 18 months – none of the fillers based on hyaluronic acid gives such an effect. It is recommended to repeat the procedure regularly. Support procedures (RF-lifting, SMAS-lifting, skin moisturizing) strengthen and increase the duration of the rejuvenating effect.

Facial features do not change dramatically after Radiesse, as they do after a surgical lift. Strangely, the facial features remain the same, but much younger. The “triangle of youth” returns, sagging cheeks and deep folds near the mouth disappear. The skin takes on a taut appearance, and the oval is not distorted by excessive or insufficient tension.

Another positive point: the preparation based on calcium hydroxyapatite does not “attract” and does not retain water, so the face does not have a swollen appearance, as sometimes happens after an excessive injection of hyaluronic acid. This is important for patients with a deforming-edematous type of aging, for whom Radiesse is a much more suitable option.

Areas of application of the drug

What you need to know about the procedure

The filled syringe contains calcium hydroxyapatite in the amount of 1.5 ml. Usually two to three syringes of the drug are used for one procedure. The result of the procedure largely depends on the initial state, the desired result and the amount of the drug used. The work of a specialist in this case can be compared to the art of sculpture, when it is necessary not just to sculpt a new face, but to return to it exactly the same volume and shape that it was before. Therefore, the amount is selected individually.

If you use Radiesse as a way to remove wrinkles or to restore the youth of the hands, the average consumption of the drug is 1-2 syringes. Only a specialist can determine the required volume at an individual consultation.

Are there side effects from Radiesse and what is the rehabilitation period

As after any injection, the skin may experience redness, itching, pain at the injection site, bruising, and swelling. Usually they are weakly expressed and last for a short time - a few hours, a few days at most (bruises on the face can last up to 14 days).

Avoid hot baths and vigorous physical activity for 24 hours. Avoid excessive exposure to the sun for a week after the procedure.

Warning! If you have X-rays or CT scans of areas of the body where Radiesse has recently been used, tell the radiologist and your doctor. Spherical particles may be visible on images shortly after the procedure, due to which the results of studies may not be interpreted correctly.

Hydroxyapatite injections are used for contouring and improving the quality of the skin. Radiesse is shown to be used for:

  • elimination and prevention of visible signs of aging;
  • long-term restoration of the "triangle of youth";
  • elimination of "bulldog cheeks" (age spots);
  • filling the space on the cheekbones and chin, returning the volume in the temples and cheeks;
  • elimination of deep nasolabial folds and so-called marionette lines.

Who should not use Radiesse

There are very few contraindications to the procedure. The procedure is contraindicated for people with blood coagulation disorders and inflammatory processes on the skin. Also, women should postpone injections during pregnancy and lactation. And for people with an allergy to lidocaine, fillers are injected without the use of this anesthetic.

Benefits of the product and procedure

For more than a decade, the drug has been very popular all over the world, and there are many reasons for that. The main advantages of Radiesse:

  • The effect is immediately visible to the naked eye.
  • It is possible to carry out repeated lifting with calcium hydroxyapatite.
  • It is possible to combine hydroxyapatite injections with other methods of correcting the oval of the face (for example, with SMAS-lifting).
  • The drug is of mineral origin, does not contain tissues capable of causing an allergic reaction.
  • The drug does not remain in the body forever, but is naturally absorbed. Its place is taken by natural collagen structures produced by your body.
  • Fillers improve the overall condition of the skin and help in the fight against various defects.

Effect of Radiesse injections at Esteva Clinic

You can evaluate the positive result of the technique received by clients of the Esteva Clinic aesthetic medicine clinic in the photo below.

Why you should do Radiesse injections at Esteva Clinic

  • Radiess injections are performed only by highly qualified specialists of the Esteva Clinic aesthetic medicine and dermatology clinic, as they require perfect knowledge of facial anatomy and skin structure.
  • Only original drugs that have all the necessary certification are used for the procedures.
  • Our specialists select an individual course of facial rejuvenation and tell how to remove wrinkles, activate collagen synthesis, when and which procedure is recommended to be repeated and in what order.
  • Antiseptic is an important stage of every procedure. Injections are carried out exclusively in sterile conditions, using disposable instruments.

How much does the Radiess procedure cost

The price of the Radiesse procedure consists of several components:

  • the cost of Radiesse;
  • the amount of calcium hydroxyapatite used in the procedure;
  • long-term and regular training of specialists, which is carried out in Ukraine, and often abroad;
  • the work of a high-class specialist.

Контурна пластика препаратом Радієс (Radiesse)

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 0,8 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 1,5 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 3 ml