Keratoma removal

удаление кератом

Do you want to get rid of a keratoma? A reasonable decision, because this small speck at first can cause a lot of trouble. It’s not just about aesthetics and appeal. Growing up, a keratoma can be damaged by contact with clothing or any objects, and this is painful and fraught with infection.

Worse, some species are prone to malignant transformation. It is much easier to prevent the development of serious complications by passing the examination and treatment in a timely manner, which is prescribed by a doctor.

Let’s see what a keratoma is, how it is dangerous and how it is treated.

Varieties of keratomas

кератома убрать

A benign formation consisting of a keratinized epidermis in the form of spots on the skin is called a keratoma. It is formed by an accumulation of keratin – a specific protein that is always present in the skin and gives it strength and elasticity.

убрать кератому Киев

Under the influence of some environmental factors, in particular, sunlight, increased keratinization of the outer layer of the epidermis can occur with the formation of spots from light yellow to dark brown. This is keratosis. Spots appear, as a rule, on open areas of the body: face, neck, décolleté. Can spread throughout the body, except for the palms and feet.

избавиться от кератом

There are the following types of keratosis:

  • Senile, or senile. Its distinctive feature is a large number of spots. From the name it is obvious that the property is inherent in persons of mature and old age.
  • Seborrheic keratosis is a yellow-brown spot, at first single; occurs after sun or chemical burns, other skin injuries. The surface of the formation can crack, peel off and itch, which in itself is unpleasant. Easily damaged when wearing tight clothing or underwear. If damaged, it bleeds and hurts. A malignant tumor can be disguised as seborrheic keratosis.
  • A dangerous type of keratosis is horny (horny keratoma). Requires mandatory dermatological control, can turn into a cancerous tumor. Keratoma should be diagnosed regularly in order to prevent the development of later stages with metastases.
  • Solar keratosis is caused by exposure to ultraviolet rays. Light-skinned people are more susceptible, more often men.
  • The follicular form is localized in the area of ​​the hair roots (on the scalp, on the chin). It looks like small nodules that are pink or grayish in color. More common in men.

The only way to get rid of ugly spots is to remove the keratoma by one method or another under the supervision of an experienced doctor, the sooner the better. As a result, you will get not only smooth, clean skin, but also reduce the risk of oncology.

The main reasons for the appearance of keratoma

Experts agree that the appearance of keratosis is directly related to ultraviolet radiation. Simply put, the more sun you spend, the higher your risk of staining, especially after 40 years.

Our skin always contains the protein keratin. It forms special structures that give strength to the skin and perform a protective function. At some point in time, more keratin is formed than is exfoliated along with dead particles. In this way, the skin reacts to increasing stress, be it sunlight, thermal or mechanical stress. Seborrheic spots appear.

At first, they are hardly noticeable, over time they acquire a rich color from light brown to black. The spots are rough to the touch, with aging they can become convex, dense, as if waxy. Size – from 1 mm to several centimeters, round or oval.

There is no clear localization, and seborrheic and senile forms can appear anywhere – from armpits to groin.

It is impossible to remove the keratoma on your own, since the risk of infection is too great. Before taking any action, be sure to consult. Only a dermatologist is able to determine the type of disease and prescribe treatment. Malignant melanoma is sometimes masked under harmless seborrheic keratosis. It is impossible to make a diagnosis without examination using a dermatoscope and subsequent biopsy.

The senile form of keratosis, in addition to numerous manifestations on the body, often occurs on the scalp, therefore it is easily injured when combing or visiting a hairdresser. It is better to make an appointment in Kiev, and together with experts, determine the tactics of behavior:

or take the removal of large keratomas,
or just monitor the general condition and regularly re-inspect.

An inherited predisposition increases the risk of keratosis. The more often such phenomena happened in the family (blood relatives), the more closely you need to monitor the condition of your skin. Feel free to spin around in front of the mirror once again, or ask loved ones to do it, especially if you already feel any discomfort.

In older people, keratomas occur much more often. Perhaps this is due to the ultraviolet radiation accumulated over the years of life, especially if a person often worked in direct sunlight.

Keratoma removal methods

In the clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology Esteva Clinic, located in Kiev, they use the most progressive methods of removing keratoma:

✔️ laser;
✔️ radio wave;
✔️ liquid nitrogen.

Each of them is low-traumatic, performed under local anesthesia, and does not require a hospital stay. The choice of the method depends on the degree of damage, localization, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient.

In medicine, other methods of treating keratosis are known, including electrocoagulation and surgery. Their disadvantage is the high incidence of postoperative scars.

You can see the results of keratome removal in the photo by the patients of our clinic.

The cost of treatment depends not so much on the method as on the number and size of the spots. The exact price can be announced only after a medical examination.

If necessary, during the procedures, material will be selected for biopsy. Examination under a microscope will show an accurate picture of the disease and help a specialist make a diagnosis.

Radio wave removal of keratoma

Удаление бородавок радиоволной

Removal of keratoma by radio wave method is the most “old”, tested method. The high-frequency beam is very precisely directed to the affected area without touching healthy skin. At the site of the destroyed growth, a crust forms, under which new skin is regenerated. When the crust falls off, a speck of a slightly lighter shade remains, which eventually becomes almost indistinguishable.

The procedure is bloodless, since with radio wave removal of the keratoma, simultaneous coagulation occurs – the vessels of the skin are immediately “sealed”.

The method can be applied to any part of the body, including the face.

Laser removal of keratoma

Removal of a keratoma with a laser also occurs with local anesthesia. The beam aiming accuracy is ensured by high-quality modern equipment and a great practice of specialists. The area with the neoplasm is burned out to healthy tissue.

Healing occurs within 10-14 days, while the redness can last for about a month.

Laser removal of keratoma leaves no scars or scars, and the skin color gradually returns to its natural shade.





Cryodestruction, or the removal of a keratoma with nitrogen, occurs at an ultra-low temperature. With the help of a cryoapplicator, nitrogen is supplied to the affected area at a temperature of about – 200 0C. If in the previous described methods “burning out” was used, here – “freezing”. Under the influence of cold, the cellular structure of the outgrowth is destroyed, and after a few days it itself disappears.

The place of the former brown spot will be pink for a while, then the redness will go away.

Preparing for removal

When do you need to have a keratoma removed?

If the spots that appear on the skin do not bother you, they are few, they do not grow and do not change color, there is no cause for alarm. The following manifestations should alert:

📌 there is only one spot, and it grows;
📌 the build-up changes shape from a regular circle to a blurry spot;
📌 the color has changed, became crimson, purple, red-black;
📌 the edges of the build-up are uneven and indistinct;
📌 The mass is very convex, it is often damaged by clothing and bleeds.

Any of these signs should cause you to see a doctor, and as soon as possible. These phenomena do not always indicate the development of a malignant process, but it is better to play it safe and start treatment earlier.

Before removing the keratoma, the doctor will conduct an examination and examination, prescribe the necessary tests. After that, a solution to the problem and a method of action will be proposed.

Often, the removal of a keratoma pursues cosmetic goals, although it does not interfere with everyday life and does not affect health in any way.

At our clinic, we are convinced that physical attractiveness is just as important a component of human happiness as physical health. At the same time, we always weigh the risks taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

Recommendations after removal

The rehabilitation period after keratoma removal lasts from several weeks to one and a half months. During this time, it is not recommended to take baths, visit the pool in order to avoid accidental infection. Do not cover the site of removal of the keratoma with a protective bandage or plaster for quick healing.

It is forbidden to sunbathe and visit the solarium. In the future, you should be very careful about sun procedures, since there is a risk of relapse. The spots may appear in a new location. The skin should be treated with UV-protected products to reduce the risk.

Benefits of keratoma removal at Esteva Clinic

✅ When removing neoplasms, digital dermatoscopy and histological examination are available to you
✅ We use modern methods
✅ Removals are quick and relatively comfortable with fast healing without scarring

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