Laser Resurfacing

лазерная шлифовка Киев

Today fractional skin resurfacing with a CO2 laser is the “gold standard” among laser rejuvenation techniques. This method has been actively used in aesthetic cosmetology for over 25 years.

Laser fractional resurfacing qualitatively rejuvenates the skin, improves its appearance, reduces the intensity of age-related manifestations (wrinkles, creases, flabbiness), camouflages scars and stretch marks, narrows enlarged pores, restores smoothness and a uniform tone.

How it works?

With age, the appearance and characteristics of the skin change: the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) becomes thinner – therefore the spots become more visible, and the collagen and elastin content in the dermis is gradually lost – this leads to the appearance of expression lines and sagging skin.


Laser Resurfacing Kyiv

Fractional laser treatment works on both the epidermis and the dermis. It does this by delivering a laser beam, divided into thousands of tiny but deep columns, into the skin, which in turn stimulates more intense collagen synthesis, skin flap shrinkage, and a smoother relief.


Why does laser resurfacing is best done with a CO2 laser?

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery at the University of California recently conducted a study with very telling results: a CO2 laser stimulates the production of collagen 30% more than an erbium laser.

It is especially worth noting the advantages of fractional (that is, zonal) exposure: laser beams, presented in the form of columns of heat, are directed to a specific area, while the rest of the skin remains intact.

adonys lazer

CO2 laser is a modern, truly safe and effective procedure for laser skin resurfacing. The effect of the procedure is visible within a week.

At Esteva Clinic, we use a CO2 laser from the American brand Adonyss CarbonFrax.

The peculiarity of this device is its mild action, which allows to shorten the duration of the rehabilitation period, as well as a variety of modes and attachments, which allows you to more individually select the parameters of laser skin resurfacing.


смас FDAAdonyss CarbonFrax is approved by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)


What problems does laser resurfacing eliminate?

Laser resurfacing can be used to treat:

✅ Wrinkles around the eyes, lips, face, neck and chest

✅ Sagging skin of the face, neck and décolleté

✅Aged spots

✅Uneven skin tone and texture

✅Skin damaged by the sun (photoaging)

✅ Consequences of acne both on the face and on the back, arms, décolleté

CO2 laser resurfacing can be used on any part of the body, but it is especially in demand on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. This procedure is suitable for almost all skin types for patients of all ages. But the methods of influence may differ, depending on the individual situation.

How fractional resurfacing is performed

The standard procedure takes 30-60 minutes. To avoid uncomfortable sensations, cold air is constantly supplied to the affected area of the body, previously treated with chlorhexidine. In addition, local anesthesia is applied to the skin, if the patient wishes.

co2 лазер

For patients with fine wrinkles on the face, laser modes are used with lower intensity, which allows for a faster recovery period (Medium mode).

In the case of deep wrinkles, pigmentation problems and excess, sagging skin, more intensive treatment is required, which requires a longer recovery (High mode).


Preparation for the procedure

Before the procedure, the doctor must consult. A standard consultation includes the following steps:

  • a survey on the subject of current and past diseases, methods of their treatment, taking medications;
  • examination – the doctor examines the problem area, establishes its features – tissue thickness, the presence of pigmentation, scars, etc.;
  • discussion of the motives, possible risks, the likely result – the doctor needs to make sure that the patient understands the essence of the procedure, as well as the nuances of the recovery period.

There are general guidelines shown to anyone planning to sign up for fractional laser skin resurfacing in the near future:

  • if the patient has a tendency to herpes, antiviral drugs should be taken before and after the session to avoid exacerbation of the chronic problem;
  • stay in the open, and especially active summer sun, should be limited at least 2 weeks before and after the session, otherwise irreversible pigmentation of exactly those areas of the skin on which the resurfacing took place is possible;
  • smoking is not just a bad habit: in this case, it slows down the process of skin regeneration, if possible, you should give up cigarettes at least 14 days before the session

What effect to expect

After the procedure – thanks to the activation of collagen – the skin is tightened, which will be immediately noticeable. Fine wrinkles are smoothed out, and deep ones become less pronounced; pigmentation is reduced. The first improvements are visible in a few days, but the final effect will be achieved within 6-12 months after the procedure: the CO2 laser “starts” the rejuvenation processes, which continue to work in the body for a long period of time.

CO2 laser fractional skin resurfacing gives the following results:

✅improving skin texture;

✅ reduction of pore size;

✅ reduction of wrinkles;

✅ reducing the depth of scars from rashes;

✅ reduction of age spots.


Also, with the help of 2-3 procedures, you can improve the situation with stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and thighs.


In most cases, 2-3 procedures are required to obtain maximum results.

Fractional CO2 laser can be used not only for aesthetic purposes – it is also effective for the treatment of benign skin lesions (such as actinic keratosis), as well as age spots and sun spots.

How recovery occurs

The duration of the rehabilitation period can vary from 3 to 7 days, depending on the depth of the impact. Immediately after the procedure, a network of microdamages can be seen on the treated area, which lasts for 2 days. Redness similar to a deep sunburn will persist for the next week. Minimal swelling, especially around the eyes, may appear for up to 3 days after treatment. Sometimes it takes longer, but within a week after the procedure, there is no swelling or redness.

Although fractional resurfacing with a CO2 laser is generally safe, any laser treatment carries a risk. This can include inflammation, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, infections (such as the herpes virus), and scarring (this is very rare). Stains may also appear that will fade over time.

During the healing phase and for several months after treatment, it is recommended to apply moisturizing sunscreens with an SPF of at least 50+ to the treated area before going outdoors. Also, protective clothing and wide-brimmed hats should be used to minimize body contact with direct sunlight.


Laser fractional skin resurfacing is a safe and really working procedure that helps to improve the appearance and condition of the skin in problem areas, reduce the manifestation of age-related changes, and maintain a young and blooming appearance.


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Procedure cost

Лазерное омоложение CO2 лазером

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Лазерная шлифовка лица Medium


Лазерная шлифовка лица High


Лазерная шлифовка лба1800
Лазерная шлифовка лицо и веки


Лазерная шлифовка щеки2900
Лазерная шлифовка верхней губы1500
Лазерная шлифовка область вокруг глаз (псевдоблефаропластика)


Устранение кругов под глазами


Лазерная шлифовка декольте


Лазерная шлифовка шеи


Лазерная шлифовка кистей рук


Лазерное лечение рубцов и растяжек (стрий)

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Лазерная шлифовка рубцов за 10 см


Лазерная шлифовка рубцов за 1 кв. см


Лазерная шлифовка растяжек (стрий) за 10x10 см