Hair mesotherapy

“Improve the quality of hair”, “make it stronger and thicker”, “stop hair loss” – exactly such requests are often addressed to the clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology Esteva Clinic for both women and men. Mesotherapy of the hairy part of the head is used to solve similar problems.

Hair mesotherapy

How mesotherapy of the head helps to improve the condition of the hair, how often it is necessary to undergo the procedure and what effect should be expected, we tell in detail in this article.

What are hair injections

Scalp mesotherapy is an injection procedure aimed at improving the condition of the hair and scalp. The method consists in introducing a specially selected mixture of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients into the scalp. Such a useful cocktail helps patients overcome hair loss and stop baldness. Mesotherapy is also prescribed to people who suffer from dry scalp, dandruff or simply want to improve the quality of their hair, fill it with strength and shine.

Which substances will be administered to the patient is determined at an individual consultation. The composition of the mixture depends on the condition of the hair and the wishes of the person. In one syringe, the doctor can mix from 2 to 6 components that will help achieve the set goal.

Components most often used for mesotherapy:
Amino acids are the basis of hair and contribute to the formation of keratin fibers;
◼   hyaluronic acid – is responsible for nourishing hair follicles, accelerates hair growth;
◼   group B vitamins – provide natural metabolism, stimulate growth and hair restoration;
◼   zinc and copper – prevent hair dystrophy and are especially useful for those, who suffers from hair loss or baldness;
◼   growth factors – strengthen hair follicles, ensure hair density and normalize blood circulation in the scalp;
◼   coenzymes – improve hair structure, fill it with energy and healthy shine.

Hair mesotherapy

Before starting the course of mesotherapy, the doctor will conduct a thorough examination – ask all the necessary questions, prescribe tests. If the patient has hair problems, it is necessary to correctly determine the cause and prescribe the correct treatment. If a person does not suffer from hair loss or other problems with the scalp, additional tests will not be needed and the doctor will simply select a mixture of substances for general hair strengthening.

What is the effect of mesotherapy for hair

Mesotherapy is the most popular procedure for improving hair quality for a reason. The methodology effectively helps to achieve the following goals:
◼   baldness stop;
◼   stimulation of inactive and weakened hair follicles;
◼   providing nourishment to hair follicles;
◼   elimination of dandruff, dry scalp;
◼   improvement of hair condition – fight against dryness, brittle ends, return of color and shine;
◼   increasing the volume of hair in the basal area.

Mesotherapy can also be an effective supplement in the treatment of seborrhea if the problem is associated with sebaceous gland dysfunction.

How hair grows after mesotherapy

Individually selected nourishing cocktail for hair helps to improve their condition and return a healthy look. As a result of the course of procedures, the patient receives the following result:
◼   gradual cessation of hair loss;
◼   activation of hair growth;
◼   reduction in the activation of sebaceous glands, as a result of which the hair stays clean longer;
◼   increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery to hair follicles;
◼   reduction of dandruff;
◼   increasing the density of hair, returning it to shine, color saturation.

Hair mesotherapy

In order to see the effect of the procedure with your own eyes, take a photo before the start of the course, and then take a photo of the hair after each procedure. The photos will show the positive effect of mesotherapy on hair health.

How many hair mesotherapy procedures should be done

Injections for hair loss are carried out in courses. The length of the course and the frequency of visits to the doctor are determined individually, based on the condition of a particular patient’s hair. On average, 3-6 procedures are required, which are carried out at intervals of several weeks. If a person has chronic hair problems (for example, a genetic predisposition to baldness), then a course of mesotherapy is recommended to be carried out regularly every year.

How long does the effect of hair mesotherapy last

Although injections for hair loss are carried out in courses, the duration of which is usually 2-3 months, you can see and feel the result already after several procedures. First of all, it concerns patients who are concerned about dry skin and dandruff. In order to notice an improvement in the condition of the hair itself, an increase in its volume must wait several months for the cumulative effect to manifest.

To get the maximum result from mesotherapy, it is also necessary to follow simple rules:
◼   after the procedure, small wounds from hair injections remain in the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to change the rules of hair care for 2-3 days – do not wash your hair, do not use scrubs or hair styling products;
◼   7-10 days not to visit swimming pools and saunas;
◼   to give up alcohol for a few weeks, because it stimulates the expansion of blood vessels, which negatively affects the effectiveness of hair injections.

Hair mesotherapy

A positive result from visits to the clinic will last from 6 months to a year, after which you can make an appointment for a repeat visit. A healthy lifestyle, careful hair care and the right cosmetics for the head will help improve the effect of hair injections. It is especially important to monitor the quality of food and consume the required amount of nutrients.

Who should not do hair mesotherapy

Although the procedure is very popular and often performed in clinics, it still has contraindications:
◼   pregnancy and lactation;
◼   menstruation;
◼   disorders in the work of the endocrine system;
◼   presence of benign or malignant tumors;
◼   various infections and inflammatory processes in the acute phase;
◼   individual intolerance to the components of the mesotherapy mixture.

Hair mesotherapy

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Мезотерапія волосистої частини голови

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