Hair loss treatment

Hair loss is a natural process. On average, a person loses 50-100 hairs per day. However, there are cases when the amount of hair lost per day exceeds the norm.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

In such a situation, it is appropriate to talk about the presence of a problem and the risk of baldness. We will explain why hair falls out and how to correct this unpleasant situation in this article.

Why does hair fall out

Excessive hair loss is called alopecia. This state can be divided into 2 main types: anagen (effect of drugs, chemistry or radiation) and telogen (effect of diseases or conditions of the body).

If you notice that hair loss has become stronger than usual, then this may have different reasons:

hormonal background changes in the body is one of the most frequent causes of problems with hair health. Disruptions with hormones can occur for various reasons: due to severe stress, lifestyle, problems with the thyroid gland or during pregnancy. An endocrinologist, who will prescribe all the necessary tests and draw a medical conclusion based on them, will help to figure out what exactly caused the malfunction in the body;

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

lack of nutrients and vitamins in the diet is also a serious reason for hair loss Food-related imbalances can be caused by different diets, poor nutrition, or poor quality foods. In order for the body to receive all the necessary substances, it is important to adjust the diet and ensure that there are enough fresh vegetables and fruits, high-quality protein food and healthy fats in the diet. A dietician can help in preparing such a diet, who, if necessary, will also prescribe additional vitamin complexes;

◼ hair falls out even in those people who have suffered serious diseases and have weakened immunity. Among the diseases that have a particularly negative effect on the condition of the hair, there are pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract and various autoimmune diseases. Hair loss is also observed in those who have recently contracted COVID-19;

◼   baldness often appears when the body is exposed to harmful radioactive or chemical substances (for example, when undergoing a course of chemotherapy);

◼   improper care, a large number of aggressive means and procedures also significantly worsen hair condition This includes everything that a modern person is used to doing with their hair on a regular basis: blow-drying and using straighteners, dyeing and perming, frequent use of aggressive hair cosmetics. Hair loss can be provoked even by an incorrectly selected shampoo or mask. During the treatment of hair loss at Esteva Clinic, a trichologist will help you choose the right care products for you;

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

◼   and don’t forget about the banal genetic predisposition. Some people simply by their nature have weaker and problematic hair. But this does not mean that such people are doomed to baldness – they just need to take more care of the scalp and help the body to strengthen from the inside.

Hair loss in women

The cause of hair loss in women can be any of the factors described above. However, some of them still refer more specifically to women.

Problems with hormones are a frequent cause of deterioration of hair health in women. Hormonal failure is especially commonswears during pregnancy. Normally, the situation is leveled off with the birth of a child, a return to the usual lifestyle and diet. However, there are cases when hair loss continues after childbirth and then measures must be taken.

Also, women are more inclined to torture their hair with various aggressive procedures. In order for the hair to remain healthy and at the same time look the way you want, you should contact a professional hairdresser and not skimp on cosmetics. Dyeing or perming your hair yourself can cause a lot of damage if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience in this area.

Hair loss in men

Although men rarely dye or perm their hair, baldness is observed even more often and to a greater extent in them than in women. This is most often associated with the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which affects the genetic susceptibility of the scalp and hair follicles. This leads to the fact that the hair becomes less and less, and eventually it stops growing altogether.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

Other reasons for hair loss in men should not be excluded. For example, an unbalanced diet, constant stress and insufficient scalp care are more than good reasons for baldness.

How to stop hair loss

If you are experiencing hair loss, the best thing to do is seek help. Many people make a mistake and start self-medicating – drinking vitamins bought on the advice of friends or seen in advertisements, using various masks and hair conditioners. Such behavior will not help to change the situation, because when the problem is inside the body, cosmetic products have little effect. And drugs bought without a doctor’s recommendation can even worsen the situation or harm other body systems.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

In order to stop hair loss in the shortest possible time and without harming yourself, it is necessary to follow some simple recommendations:

  1. make an appointment with a trichologist doctor is the first thing to do, because without the consultation of a specialized specialist it will be extremely difficult to understand the cause of baldness and prescribe treatment for hair loss;
  2. take all tests prescribed by the doctor, if necessary, consult with related specialists. This will help to collect the maximum amount of information and make a more accurate conclusion about the causes of hair loss;
  3. take a course of treatmentthat your trichologist will prescribe. Such treatment may include various procedures, the use of drugs and proper home care.

Hair loss treatment

There are several procedures that have proven themselves particularly well in the fight against hair loss.

Mesotherapy of the scalp

The method consists in introducing special drugs into the scalp that provide hair nourishment. The composition of the drug is adjusted individually for each patient depending on the body’s needs.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

Special needles are used for the introduction of the nutritional cocktail, they are very thin, thanks to which the process of introducing the drug takes place with minimal unpleasant sensations.

After injections, hair starts growing faster and becomes stronger, hair loss stops, sebum production of the scalp normalizes. The procedure will be useful not only for those suffering from alopecia, but also for anyone to improve the general condition of the hair. For nowto achieve the maximum result, it is recommended to undergo mesotherapy with a course of 8-10 procedures.

Biorevitalization of the head

The procedure helps to improve the general condition of the hair, strengthen it and stimulate growth. This is also an injection technique, but preparations based on hyaluronic acid in combination with other useful elements are injected into the head. This combination of drugs works much more effectively than home cosmetics or even head massage.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

Although the results and improvement of the hair condition will be noticeable already after the first procedure, biorevitalization is also recommended to undergo a course once every 2 months. The necessary number of sessions is determined by the doctor based on the condition of the patient’s hair.

How to maintain the effect after hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment takes from 6 months to a year. After completing the basic course of treatment, which takes an average of six months, it is necessary to visit the trichologist again and pass the tests again. This will help monitor the dynamics and adjust the treatment.

During this period, the hair cover stops falling out so much, the hair becomes more voluminous and long. It is important not to give up procedures and care after the first noticeable result, but rather to consolidate the obtained result.

Hair loss treatment in Esteva Clinic

In the future, it is necessary to pay more attention to the condition of the hair and consult a doctor at the slightest signs of alopecia. People prone to baldness are recommended to visit a trichologist on a regular basis once every few years.

Esteva Clinic is a center of aesthetic medicine and dermatology that helps in solving cosmetology problems of various complexity since 2015.

At a personal meeting, the Esteva Clinic dermatologist will carefully study the condition of your hair and prescribe the necessary treatment to restore its health, strength and beauty.

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