Lip augmentation in Kyiv

Lush, sensual lips are always in fashion!
  • Fast, safe, comfortable
  • Harmonious improvement of facial features while preserving individuality and character
  • Proven anti-aging effect
Juvederm Vollift 1 ml Allergan (duration of action 16-18 months)
7800 UAH
8200 UAH
Belotero Intense Merz (duration of action 12-15 months)
6900 UAH
7600 UAH
Teosyal RH Kiss 0.7 ml Teoxan (duration of action 12-15 months)
7400 UAH
9950 UAH
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Lush, sensual lips will always be in fashion. This trend has dominated the beauty industry for many years. Seductive lips attract attention not only because they are beautiful: they beckon subconsciously, at the level of instincts. Such lips catch the eye, arouse interest – they do not go unnoticed!

In recent years, girls and women prefer not to limit themselves to makeup techniques that visually enlarge the lips. And this is understandable – this method has a significant drawback: it takes a lot of time for such makeup every morning, and the result lasts, at best, until the evening. Therefore, women often prefer procedures that have a much longer effect.

Lip contour plastic surgery is a modern and very popular cosmetology procedure. After just one visit to the Esteva Clinic, our clients get really attractive, lush lips. And what is important: the result looks natural and lasts for a long time.

5 reasons to sign up for lip augmentation

Lip contouring is more popular than ever! Interest in this procedure is increasing, and the number of people willing to try fillers is constantly growing. What caused such interest?

There are 5 main reasons for this:

  • Deep hydration. The most popular substance for contour plastic is hyaluronic acid, which is found in the body of every person. Any injections with this substance help deeply moisturize the skin.
  • Improvement of the lip line. Moisturization and restoration of volume in the lip area helps to reduce already existing age-related changes in the area around the mouth.
  • Slowing down aging. In addition to helping fight existing wrinkles, fillers also help protect the face from premature aging.
  • Alignment of asymmetry. With the help of injections, an experienced doctor is able to correct the asymmetry of the lips and give them the desired shape.
  • Harmonization of facial features. A minimal amount of the drug can give the face a more harmonious and attractive look, while not changing the appearance and preserving individuality.

How lip augmentation works

The gold standard for creating plump lips (or as this procedure is also called – “lip augmentation”) – fillers based on hyaluronic acid. With their help, you can change the shape and size of the lips without surgery, and the effect will be noticeable immediately. Today, this is the optimal and safest method of correcting the shape and volume of the lips, which is very popular all over the world.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, in 2017, contour plastic surgery using hyaluronic fillers was performed 2,691,265 times in the United States, which is 3% more than in 2016. And although this is a total number that includes lip augmentation procedures, wrinkle filling and cheek contouring, it is still impressive and eloquently testifies to the fact that trust in this method of aesthetic cosmetology is growing. As for lip correction, 96% of patients are completely satisfied with the result, many of them want to repeat this procedure.

The result of the procedure

The effect of the procedure is immediately visible: the lips become fuller, attractive, sexy, their contour is clearly defined, and the face takes on a completely different look. Such a simple and affordable cosmetology procedure gives a woman a good appearance and self-confidence.

Depending on the selected drug and the individual characteristics of the body, the filler will remain in the lips for 3-6 months or even a year, gradually dissolving. It will not stop working instantly – it will be a slow and gradual transition.

What you need to know about lip contouring

Many modern fillers contain the pain-relieving component - lidocaine. However, to make the procedure even more comfortable, Esteva Clinic doctors first apply a pain-relieving cream to the lip area, which reduces sensitivity.

The high qualification of our employees allows us to calculate the amount of filler, injection sites and the depth of its introduction so that the result fully meets the client's expectations. In addition to taking into account the wishes of the client, our doctors strive to make the lips after injections look natural and harmonize with the facial features.

At first, small swellings and bruises are possible at the filler injection site, sometimes a slight asymmetry is noticeable. But within a few days (rarely up to a week), these manifestations pass.

When should you think about lip augmentation

Injections of fillers will be useful if:

  • your lips are naturally thin and seem to disappear when you smile;
  • with age, their volume decreased;
  • it is necessary to raise the corners of the lips.
  • Puffy lips make the appearance more attractive. Such a procedure increases self-confidence and effectively raises self-esteem.

Such procedures should not be carried out by pregnant and lactating women – the hormonal adjustment of the body can give an unpredictable reaction to the non-administration of the drug. During the period of young motherhood, it is recommended to refrain from any cosmetic procedures, postponing it for some time, until the body returns to normal.

Also, the procedure may be prohibited if the patient has bacterial, viral or fungal skin diseases.

In addition, before the procedure, the patient must inform the doctor about any specific health conditions, chronic diseases, and taking medications. Based on the received information, the doctor will be able to determine whether this procedure is suitable for the patient or whether it should be postponed for some time.

Which filler to choose for lip augmentation

Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of hyaluronic acid fillers. The world leaders are products of such brands as Juvederm, Belotero, Teo syal, etc. Among the alternative fillers, calcium hydroxylapatite, presented under the Radiesse brand, is rapidly gaining popularity.

The benefits of hyaluronic acid are undeniable. Every body has this substance. However, with age, hyaluronic acid is produced in a smaller volume, which entails even visual changes in appearance: creases and wrinkles appear, the skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity. It is to eliminate such unpleasant changes that this drug is injected into the areas where it is most needed.

Hyaluronic acid is already “familiar” to the body, so its injection does not cause a rejection reaction. In addition, this substance has the ability to bind moisture: lips filled with this filler become smooth, uniform, with a slight swelling. They have no lumps or cracks – such lips look attractive without additional care.

We have shown in detail how the lip augmentation procedure is performed at Esteva Clinic in our video.

There are situations when patients want even plumper lips. However, if the filler fails to cope with the task, the desired result can only be achieved through a full-fledged surgical operation, which requires more time, money, and is much more traumatic for the body.

Lip augmentation is one of the hottest trends in the world of cosmetology. Esteva Clinic doctors have extensive experience and artistic flair, which allows them to achieve truly impressive results. Our mission is to help every woman who trusts our doctors to emphasize her unique beauty, to make her appearance even more expressive and spectacular.

Lip contouring – before and after photos

Lip augmentation is one of the most popular procedures in modern aesthetic cosmetology. Below we have collected photo testimonials from our clients so that you can see the effectiveness of the technique.

Why Esteva Clinic is the best clinic for lip contouring

  • All employees have high-quality training and extensive work experience – each Esteva Clinic doctor has been practicing contouring since 2015, and has performed about 2500 such procedures during this period. The doctors of our cosmetic clinic regularly take advanced training courses in Ukraine, Germany, France, and other countries.
  • High professionalism allows us to get a really good result.
  • We use only premium quality products and cooperate exclusively with official brand distributors. We are confident in the safety and effectiveness of the fillers we offer to our clients.
  • We maintain a high level of service in all aspects: antiseptics, the use of disposable instruments, a comfortable atmosphere – we are fully responsible for the health and good mood of the client.

How much does lip augmentation with fillers cost

Current prices and promotions for lip augmentation can be found below.

Контурна пластика губ

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Juvederm smile 0,6 ml Allergan (США) 8-12 місяців


Juvederm ultra 3 1,0 ml (Allergan) США 8-12 місяців6900
Juvederm Vollift 1 ml (Allergan) США 16-18 місяців


Belotero Intense Merz (Німеччина) 12-15 місяців


Teosyal RH Kiss 0,7 ml Teoxan (Швейцарія) 12-15 місяців


Alexa 1 ml (Hyalual) 9-12 місяців