Removal of benign skin neoplasms

Moles, nevi, warts, papillomas and other new growths on the skin, regardless of their benign quality, in addition to aesthetic discomfort, can injure and pose a health hazard. Another important reason why skin neoplasms should be removed is the risk of their transformation into malignant tumors.

At Esteva Clinic, digital skin diagnosis is performed, as well as fast, safe and painless removal of benign neoplasms.

Removal of benign skin neoplasms

It should be noted that some neoplasms are congenital, while others arise in a certain period of life. Neoplasms with limited uncontrolled cell growth are called benign. These cells are also in one place and do not affect other organs. Fortunately, most skin neoplasms belong to these.

But in order to be sure that the neoplasm is not skin cancer, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination dermatoscopy. Dermatoscopy is the most accurate method of diagnosing skin neoplasms.

How skin neoplasms are removed at Esteva Clinic

The need to remove neoplasms is determined during a consultation with the help of digital dermatoscopy, which allows you to determine the presence of pathological cells at an early stage. After removal, the material can be sent for histology for microscopic examination and confirmation of the diagnosis.

Removal of benign skin neoplasms

At Esteva Clinic, you can get rid of the following benign neoplasms:
✅   moles and nevi;
✅   warts and papillomas;
✅   hemangiomas;
✅   keratomas.

We remove benign tumors using methods that meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety. Each of the methods has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. A dermatologist will determine which of the following methods is right for you.

Radio wave method

This is one of the most effective and high-quality methods of removal. The essence of the procedure is the coagulation of the tissues of the neoplasm with an electric current, while not going beyond the boundaries of healthy skin. Removal of neoplasms on the skin using the radio wave method is very fast. In most cases, this is a matter of seconds.


This is a method of removing neoplasms on the skin by freezing them. For this, liquid nitrogen is used, which “freezes” neoplasms under the action of extremely low temperatures.

CO2 laser

When CO2 is removed with a laser, neoplasms are affected by the laser beam. The advantage of the method is that the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The CO2 laser is usually used on difficult areas near the nail plates or on the feet, particularly the soles.

Removal of neoplasms in our clinic takes place as quickly as possible, painlessly and without scars. You can watch a video about how we remove benign skin growths at Esteva Clinic.

What are benign skin neoplasms

Warts and papillomas

Warts and papillomasMost often, they turn to us to get rid of warts and papillomas. Neoplasms called warts and papillomas are nodules caused by different forms of human papillomavirus (HPV) strains.

These neoplasms differ in external diversity in shape and size, growths. The color can be light, gray or dark brown.

Although warts and papillomas are very similar, the main difference between them is that warts are more often found on the face, fingers, elbows and soles. Papillomas are more often located on the neck, back, chest, armpits, as well as on the genitals.

Learn more about removing papillomas and warts

Moles and nevi

Moles and neviMoles and nevi can be present in a person from birth or appear later in childhood or adulthood. Owners of excessively white skin, which does not tan well and is prone to sunburn, are especially prone to this. It is then that multiple and atypical moles appear (moles of irregular shape, heterogeneous in color, accompanied by itching, burning). Family history most often records that there are cases of development of precancerous skin diseases, melanoma, in the family.

Experts recommend getting rid of some moles and nevi. First of all, we are talking about those neoplasms that are often located on open areas of the body under the influence of ultraviolet rays or are constantly injured.

Learn more about removing moles and nevi


HemangiomasThis tumor vascular formation belongs to benign. It is a bright red spot that slightly protrudes above the surface of the skin. When pressed, it fades, but very quickly restores color, shape and volume.

The development of a hemangioma can cause local bleeding, which contributes to its growth.

Learn more about removing hemangiomas and angiomas


KeratomasThis neoplasm, which usually occurs on open areas of the body, grows and rises above the skin level. Keratomas appear under the influence of sunlight and constant friction of clothes. Fair skin (1-2 phototype according to Fitzpatrick) is more prone to the appearance of keratoma.

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Find out in more detail what neoplasms on the skin are you can in our table.

Advantages of removal of benign skin tumors at Esteva Clinic

Removal of neoplasms on the skin in our clinic has a number of strong advantages:
✅   Digital dermatoscopy will be available to you when removing neoplasms.
✅   We use a painless and bloodless method of removing neoplasms.
✅   The removal method is fast and relatively comfortable.
✅   After the procedure, healing is fast and without a scar.
✅   Esteva Clinic is an official partner of the Skin Checker social project (La Roche-Posay company) as part of the initiative to combat malignant skin neoplasms.

Removal of benign skin neoplasms

If you have questions or are concerned about any of the above-mentioned skin neoplasms and you want to have them painlessly removed by qualified specialists using modern technologies, we will help you solve the problem! We know how to make your skin perfect!

You can see the current prices and promotions for the removal of skin neoplasms in the table below.

Видалення доброякісних новоутворень

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Консультація з дерматоскопією в день видалення новоутворень300
Консультація з дерматоскопією без процедури видалення новоутворень590
Контроль після видалення з 30 по 45 день


Видалення папілома, бородавки, родимки, кератоми 1шт (до 0,5 см)


Видалення папілома, бородавки, родимки, кератоми 1шт (0,5 - 1 см)


Видалення папілома, бородавки, родимки, кератоми 1шт (1 - 2 см)


Пакет №1 від 10 до 20 новоутворень (папіломи, кератоми, невуси, родимки, бородавки, ангіоми, поліпи)


Пакет №2 від 21 до 30 новоутворень (папіломи, бородавки, ангіоми)


Пакет № 3 від 31 до 50 новоутворень (папіломи, ангіоми)


Видалення новоутворень на інтимних зонах


Видалення новоутворень на інтимних зонах від 10 до 20 новоутворень


Видалення новоутворень в зоні навколо очей


Видалення новоутворень в зоні навколо очей до 10 новоутворень


Видалення ксантелазми до 0,5 см (на другу процедуру – 50% знижка)


Видалення ксантелазми 0,5-1 см (на другу процедуру – 50% знижка)


Гістологічне дослідження 1шт (обов’язкове для: травмованих новоутворень, родимок, невусів, поліпів)890
Знеболювання (1 - 10 шт)300
Знеболювання Пакет №1 (11 - 20 шт)490
Знеболювання Пакет №2 (21 - 30 шт)690
Знеболювання Пакет №3 (31 - 50 шт)990