Skin benign neoplasms


Moles, nevi, warts, papillomas and other neoplasms on the skin, despite their benign nature, in addition to aesthetic discomfort, can be injured. Another important reason why neoplasms on the skin should be removed is the risk of their degeneration into malignant tumors.

Esteva Clinic provides digital skin diagnostics, as well as fast, safe and painless removal of benign neoplasms

It should be noted that some neoplasms are congenital, others arise during a certain period of life. Neoplasms with uncontrolled cell growth are called benign. At the same time, cells that are in one place do not affect other organs. Fortunately, this includes most skin growths.

However, in order to be sure that the neoplasm is not skin cancer, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination – dermatoscopy. Dermatoscopy is the most accurate method for diagnosing skin neoplasms.

How moles are removed at Esteva Clinic

The need to remove moles is determined at a consultation using digital dermatoscopy, which allows you to determine the presence of abnormal cells at an early stage. After removal, the material can be sent to histology for microscopic examination and confirmation of the diagnosis.

At Esteva Clinic you can rid your skin of such benign neoplasms as:

  • Miliums
  • Warts and papillomas
  • Fibromas and keratomas
  • Hemangiomas
  • Nevi and moles

We remove benign tumors using the radio wave method with preliminary anesthesia. This is one of the most effective and high quality removal methods.

The essence of the procedure is to coagulate the tissues of the neoplasm with an electric current, while not leaving the healthy skin.

Removal of neoplasms occurs as quickly as possible, painless and without scars

Watch a video on how we remove benign skin neoplasms at Esteva Clinic

Removal of neoplasms on the skin using the radio wave method is very fast. In most cases, this is a matter of seconds, as in the video below.

Causes of appearance and prevention

Moles and papillomas are the most common benign skin growths. The appearance of moles is often associated with a genetic predisposition, excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, as well as when visiting a solarium.

Doctors dermatologists recommend checking moles 2 times a year.

More about various benign skin lesions

Warts and papillomas

удаление папилом

Most often they turn to us to get rid of warts and papillomas.

Neoplasms called warts and papillomas are nodules caused by various forms of human papillomavirus (HPV) strains.

These neoplasms are distinguished by their external diversity. Often they are growths that differ in shape and size. The color can be light, gray, dark brown.

Despite the fact that warts and papillomas are very similar. Their main difference lies in the fact that warts are more often found on the face, fingers, elbows and soles. In turn, papillomas are more often located on the neck, back, chest, armpits, and also on the genitals.


Moles and nevi

Родинки невусы удалить

Moles and nevi can be present in a person from birth or later in childhood and adulthood. Owners of excessively white skin, which does not tan well and are prone to sunburn, are especially prone to. Multiple moles, the presence of an atypical mole (moles of irregular shape, heterogeneous in color, accompanied by itching, burning). Family history – there are cases of development of precancerous skin diseases, malanoma in the family.

Experts recommend getting rid of some moles and nevi. First of all, we are talking about those neoplasms that are often in open areas under the influence of ultraviolet rays or are constantly injured.


Miliums or whiteheads

Милиумы белые угри удалитьThe people call these neoplasms millet. These formations are characterized by different sizes, and they are located on the surface layers of the skin. They are usually white or yellow in color. They are mainly found in the area around the eyes, forehead, nose and chin. Also, they can be found on the temples and cheeks. The main cause of milia is considered to be an excessively strong division of skin cells, which is much ahead of skin exfoliation. All this, and leads to the formation of these elements, sometimes they are temporarily removed during facial cleansing, but only when removed with a laser or radio wave method, this can be done effectively and permanently.


Гемангиома на лице

This tumor vascular formation belongs to benign. It is a bright red spot that protrudes slightly above the surface of the skin. When pressed, it turns pale, but very quickly regains color, shape and volume.

The development of hemangioma can cause local bleeding and this contributes to the proliferation



кератома убратьThis neoplasm of the skin, which usually occurs in open areas of the skin, growth and elevation above the level of the skin caused by exposure to sunlight and constant friction of clothing. Lighter skin is prone to the appearance of keratoma (1-2 phototypes according to Fitzpatrick).



After the procedure

Follow all instructions from your healthcare professional.

After removal, a crust forms that cannot be injured. It is necessary to apply iodine once every 2 days. Exclude sauna, sun exposure and swimming pool for 10-14 days.

Upon completion of the process, a crust forms at the site of removal, which disappears after 5-14 days.
Benefits of removing benign skin tumors at Esteva Clinic
When removing neoplasms, digital dermatoscopy and histological examination are available to you
We use a painless and bloodless method for removing neoplasms
The removal technique is fast and relatively comfortable
After the procedure, healing is fast and without scar

The cost of the procedure

Удаление доброкачественных новообразований

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Дерматоскопия перед удалением (обязательна перед процедурой)200
Удаление новообразований на веке 1шт650
Удаление сосудистой звездочки (радиоволновой метод)450
Удаление папиллома, бородавки, родинки, кератомы, кандиломы 1шт (до 0,5 см)


Удаление папиллома, бородавки, родинки, кератомы, кандиломы 1шт (0,5 - 1 см)


Удаление папиллома, бородавки, родинки, кератомы, кандиломы 1шт (более 1 см)


Удаление милиума50
Категория 1 (от 10 до 20 новообразований)


Категория 2 (папиломы, милиумы: от 20 до 50 новообразований)


Категория 3 (папиломы, милиумы: от 50 до 100 новообразований)


Гистологическое исследование инцизионное 1шт690
Гистологическое исследование эксцизионное 1шт790