Polylactic acid injections in Kyiv

Powerful lifting effect for patients after 45 years
  • The procedure takes less than an hour
  • The effect of injections lasts for 1-1.5 years
  • The natural features of the face do not change, but only acquire a younger and healthier appearance
Injections of polylactic acid
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What are polylactic acid injections

The process of noticeable aging of the face begins at the age of 30, proceeds very slowly and is imperceptible to the naked eye. As the rate of cell renewal slows down, the body begins to gradually lose tone, and every year the manifestations of age changes become more and more obvious – the cheeks sink in, the oval of the face loses its clarity, the corners of the mouth droop, and wrinkles become deeper and more noticeable.

At Esteva Clinic, they know how to slow down the manifestations of these unpleasant age-related changes.

In the arsenal of our cosmetologists, there are many hardware and injection techniques that help to restore a younger and toned look to the face.

One of such effective procedures is polylactic acid injections.

Areas of application of the acid

Injections of polylactic acid are a universal method of skin rejuvenation.

Doctors use the drug in the following areas:

  • swollen cheeks;
  • the oval of the face, which has lost the clarity of the contour;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • lowered corners of the mouth.

Also, the drug is effectively used on the hands and stomach, with the aim of rejuvenating these areas and cleaning visible age-related changes in the skin.

There are areas of the face where the drug is not injected: the forehead, temples, lips and the area around the lips. Optimal administration of the drug is carried out in the deep layers of the skin in the area of the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

What you need to know about polylactic acid injections

Polylactic acid is a unique preparation for contour plastic, which is synthetic in nature. This molecule was discovered back in 1954 in France. It is obtained from lactic acid, which is naturally produced during muscle contraction. The substance is widely used in medicine, for example, to make surgical threads.

All fillers that are injected into the skin for the purpose of tightening are divided into 2 main categories: temporary (biodegradable) - these are those that are stored in the body for some time, after which they are gradually removed from the body, and permanent - those that are not removed from the body naturally by.

Polylactic acid belongs to the first category. This type of fillers is considered more modern and less alien. Thus, the introduced product does not linger in the body and does not cause problems.

When the result from polylactic acid is visible

It is important to understand that polylactic acid is not so much a filler as a collagen stimulator. Therefore, there will be no immediate effect from the procedure. It is worth being patient - the first results from the injections will be visible 12 weeks after the procedure and will grow over the course of a year.

How many times do you need to make polylactic acid

There is no universal answer to this question, since the frequency of the procedure is determined by the doctor at an individual consultation. Usually, it is recommended to repeat the procedures with a pause of at least one year.

Like any cosmetic procedure, polylactic acid injections have contraindications. You should refuse injections if the patient:

  • has oncological diseases;
  • suffers from chronic diseases at the stage of exacerbation;
  • takes specific drugs (systemic glucocorticosteroids, immunosuppressants).

Pregnant and lactating women should also postpone the procedure for later.

Before the injections, the doctor will ask you in detail about all the specific conditions of the body and the presence of diseases. Your task is to honestly tell about all the moments, without forgetting anything.

Why inject polylactic acid

Today, injections with liquid threads of polylactic acid are one of the most powerful collagen stimulators. The procedure literally makes the skin come alive.

The effect that the patient receives after the procedure:

  • starting the independent production of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid;
  • lifting effect;
  • increase in skin elasticity and density;
  • return of volume, smoothing of skin relief, smoothing of scars and wrinkles;
  • renewal of the cellular and intercellular matrix (a network of proteins, glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans, which is located between the dermis and the epidermis).

The final result of the injections is an improvement in the condition of the skin, the start of rejuvenating processes. Injections also help to even out skin tone, return a younger and more uniform shade, remove age spots and make circles under the eyes less noticeable.

The procedure will work better for patients with dry and thin skin, a fine mesh of wrinkles and loss of fatty tissues in the facial area. It is important to note that injections are suitable for both women and men.

Since the drug is administered in a safe way using a cannula and with a small number of punctures, rehabilitation after a visit to a cosmetologist is minimal. Since polylactic acid does not contain proteins, the drug is hypoallergenic, which significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions. After decay, the acid leaves water, carbon dioxide and glucose – all these components are removed from the body naturally.

There are also polymilk threads

Thread lifting (thread lifting) with polylactic acid is a well-proven cosmetology technique that has its own base of satisfied fans. Polylactic threads are of two types:

  • monofilaments are very thin, used on various areas where the skin needs to be tightened. They are also used on areas with a network of small wrinkles or loose subcutaneous fat. The advantage of such threads is the possibility of using them in the area of the forehead, around the eyes or lips. Disadvantages include the need to make a large number of punctures, which increases the risk of bruising;
  • lifting threads are thicker and longer threads that have notches in different directions. This allows them to be better fixed in the tissues. The main task of such threads is to lift the lowered fabrics and fix them at the supporting points. The effect of such lifting is immediately visible, fewer punctures are performed. However, there is also a drawback – the correction must be carried out every 6-9 months.

How to fix the result of polylactic acid injections

In order for the effect of polylactic acid injections to be maximal and last for a long time, it is important to follow the procedural rules after the procedure:

  • it is worth refraining from any damaging and stimulating procedures for the next 3 months;
  • review the diet – daily you need to consume 1.5 grams of high-quality protein per 1 kg of body weight. It will also not be superfluous to add amino acids, vitamins C and group B to the diet. Before buying any nutritional supplements, consult your doctor and pass all the necessary tests;
  • use sunscreens, don’t forget to wear hats and closed clothes during the time of year when solar activity is particularly high.

Polylactic acid – photo before and after

Injections of polylactic acid are one of the most popular procedures in our clinic. We have collected photo reviews below so that you can see for yourself the effectiveness of the method before you dare to make an appointment for a consultation.

Advantages of injections at Esteva Clinic

  • Injections are performed only by experienced and qualified specialists of Esteva Clinic, since the technique requires perfect knowledge of the anatomy of the face and the structure of the skin.
  • In our clinic, only original and certified drugs of top brands are used.
  • Cosmetologists make up an individual course of rejuvenation for each patient during consultations . The complex of care can include both office procedures and home remedies.
  • An important stage of each procedure is antiseptics – injections are performed in sterile conditions, using disposable instruments.

How much do polylactic acid injections cost

You can find out the current prices for skin rejuvenation using polylactic acid in Kyiv in the table below. All current discounts that are working right now in the clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology Esteva Clinic are also marked there .

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