Full Face: features and cost of the procedure

Botulinum toxin injections have been used in cosmetology for over 25 years. This technique has become very popular all over the world, because it allows you to smooth out even deep wrinkles in just one visit to a cosmetologist. However, the world is changing and aesthetic cosmetology is adapting to the needs of modern people. Today, many people no longer want to get rid of wrinkles – they want to prevent their appearance, and botulinum toxin injections are perfect for this.

The Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine successfully performs the Full Face Botulinum Toxin Injections procedure. How exactly this technique helps to fight the appearance of wrinkles and to whom it will be useful – read in this article.

What is the Full Face procedure

The name of the procedure “Full Face” suggests that it is not performed on a separate area, but on the entire face. This technique of botulinum toxin injections helps achieve the maximum result. The obvious effect of rejuvenation is uniform, and facial features remain natural and become more harmonious.

All mimic wrinkles on the face are formed because the skin and muscles are closely connected. The work of facial facial muscles is often very active, which can lead to the early appearance of wrinkles of various depths. Also, the muscles of the face are involved in pulling the oval down, as a result of which the clarity of the contours of the face may be lost.

Carrying out the Full Face botulinum toxin procedure, like all injectable cosmetology, requires perfect knowledge of facial anatomy and experience on the part of the doctor. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a clinic carefully and based on the reviews of real patients. Esteva Clinic is the best aesthetic medicine and dermatology clinic in Kyiv according to the “Country’s Choice” rating of 2022, whose doctors have been helping to solve cosmetology problems of varying complexity since 2015. Also, the clinic entered the TOP 20 of the Ukrainian Business Awards ranking in 2023. The level of trust of our patients is very high, which is confirmed by the rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google reviews.

We show in the video how injection procedures against wrinkles using botulinum toxin are carried out in our clinic.

Is it possible to inject Botulinum toxin on the whole face

It is possible to inject Botulinum toxin all over the face and in the neck area at once, following some precautions! So the drug will reveal its maximum potential and have the most pronounced and long-lasting effect.

In the 90s, botulinum toxin was used as a means to get rid of vertical wrinkles in the interbrow area. Subsequently, the scope of application of the drug increased and it began to be used against forehead wrinkles, “crow’s feet” in the corners of the eyes, as well as on other areas of the face.

Today, clinics in Ukraine use botulinum toxin to fight facial wrinkles, which are formed during the work of the muscles of the face and neck. Such wrinkles are most pronounced on the forehead, in the area of the chin, the corners of the eyes in the nasolabial section, and also on the bridge of the nose. The peculiarity of Full Face injections is that the effect is carried out immediately on all possible depressor muscles in the area of the face and neck, which ensures a stable and high-quality result.

People who are particularly indicated for Full Face botulinum toxin injections are those who are characterized by muscular, fine-wrinkled and tired types of aging. Lower dosages are prescribed for those whose type of aging is deformational.

Monica Bellucci - tired type of aging Kim Basinger - muscle type of aging Sigourney Weaver - the fine-wrinkled type of aging Bridgette Bardot - deformation type of aging

What is included in the full face procedure

Correction of the oval of the face using the Full Face procedure is carried out with the involvement of all muscles:

  • zone between the eyebrows and forehead to raise the eyebrow line;
  • working with the area around the eyes you can get a more open look and prevent the formation of wrinkles;
  • injections in the nose area allow you to protect the face from the appearance of rabbit wrinkles, and injections in the wings of the nose help to make the nose visually more;
  • in the area around the lips, botulinum toxin helps prevent the appearance of gummy smile, purse and marionette wrinkles, and also lifts the corners of the lips;
  • the chin area is also involved during the procedure – botulinum toxin allows you to get rid of “orange peel”, and also prepares this area for the use of fillers, relaxing the chin;< /span>
  • one of the most important areas during the Full Face is the platysma (neck muscle), which especially strongly affects the process of lowering the face with age. Also, the formation of the “Rings of Venus” depends on the quality of the neck muscles.

It is important to remember that the best treatment is prevention.

How long does the effect of the full face procedure last

The result of botulinum toxin injections for the whole face will not make you wait long. Literally after 2 weeks, the drug begins to work fully – the skin is tightened, a healthy natural shine appears, the oval of the face becomes clearer, wrinkles are smoothed out. The levator muscles, which lift the face, are included in the work and the appearance acquires a more youthful and rested appearance. At the same time, the features of a person’s face and their individual characteristics are preserved – the face does not turn into an artificial mask!

The surrounding people will immediately notice that the appearance has changed for the better, but they will not be able to explain what exactly happened. This is what the art of modern cosmetology is all about – improving appearance and revealing a person’s potential with the help of modern methods and preparations.

A fairly large amount of the drug is used for Full Face botulinum therapy – 100-150 units. Botulinum toxins from different manufacturers work in the same way and they all have the same term of action – up to 12 weeks. When using the drug all over the face at once, the effect will last for the maximum time.

However, in some people, due to individual characteristics, the effect of the procedure can last for more than three months. Also, the substance affects different muscles in different ways – the effect of the drug can last longer on some areas of the face than on others.

Doctors of the Esteva Clinic aesthetic medicine clinic always warn patients that injections can be performed no more than 3 times a year. Since botulinum toxin is a protein, immunoresistance to the substance can develop with its frequent use. Therefore, in order for the procedure to be useful and can be used for many years, you should follow the rules and not carry out the procedure more often than is allowed by doctors.

Recommendations after the Full Face procedure

So that the effect of botulinum therapy on the whole face lasted as long as possible and was notfor no adverse reactions, follow a few simple rules:

  1. limit the intake of B vitamins, as they increase nerve conduction in fibers and increase microcirculation in tissues;
  2. take tests for the level of zinc, and if you are deficient, add seafood, legumes, nuts and bran to your diet. In the presence of a severe deficiency, consult your doctor about taking zinc in more serious doses. A sufficient amount of zinc in the body helps to prolong the effect of botulinum toxin as much as possible;
  3. do not visit saunas and solariums – any heating processes help the drug to be removed faster due to improved blood circulation;</li >
  4. do not engage in active sports for a few days after the procedure;
  5. use sunscreen, especially in the warm season;
  6. exclude alcohol from the diet for a few days after the procedure;
  7. 2-3 days after the procedure, wipe your face with an antiseptic solution of chlorhexidine in the morning and in the evening, and also do not use decorative and aggressive care cosmetics.

How much does the Full Face procedure cost in Ukraine

Learn current prices and current promotions for the Full Face procedure at Esteva Clinic you can in the table below.

Ботулінотерапія Full Face

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