Биоревитализация єстева

Biorevitalization is the introduction of hyaluronic acid preparations into the skin.

Why do perform biorevitalization?

The fact is that hyaluronic acid is a substance that makes the skin attractive. This natural component, which is part of the extracellular substance, is involved in the processes of cell division and nutrition, the synthesis of collagen and elastin. With the help of hyaluronic acid, moisture is bound in the skin, which provides skin hydration. It is known that one molecule of hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times more water than it weighs itself.

гиалуроновая кислота инъекцииUnder the influence of some factors, its amount in the skin may decrease. It should also be noted that at the age of 25, the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid is significantly reduced. This process visually induces the effect of premature aging. It should be noted that with excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the skin becomes inflamed (“sunburn”), while the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the cells of the dermis stops and the rate of its decay increases. Also, one of the factors in reducing the level of hyaluronic acid is smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as liver disease.

Accordingly, the lack of hyaluronic acid in the skin is manifested:

  • Dry skin, wilting.
  • The appearance of fine wrinkles
  • Unhealthy skin color (dull shade, the presence of age spots, dark circles under the eyes) – since the skin that has increased oxidative stress (which is also observed with a deficiency of hyaluronic acid) is prone to excessive pigmentation.

To eliminate all these shortcomings, both to eliminate existing shortcomings, and for prophylactic purposes, biorevitalization can be used – an injection method of moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, hands and décolleté.

Biorevitalization allows you to make the skin moist and smooth, get rid of fine wrinkles, and also start regeneration processes in it

The biorevitalization technique has become widespread in aesthetic cosmetology, since it allows you to achieve an excellent rejuvenation effect. FDA – the US regulatory body approved the use of hyaluronic acid in cosmetology back in 2003.

Biorevitalization increases the antioxidant protection of hyperpigmented skin and helps restore its color.

The need for biorevitalization usually occurs at the age of 30

Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid provides:

  • elimination of fine wrinkles and reduction of deep ones;
  • deep moisturizing of the skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness;
  • improving skin color;
  • lifting effect.

Biorevitalization does not cause unpleasant sensations, since during the procedure mini-needles and anesthetic creams are used.

Impact depth

Unfortunately, most cosmetic products containing hyaluronic acid, when applied to the skin surface, do not penetrate beyond the stratum corneum of the epidermis, which provides only superficial hydration. During biorevitalization, this hyaluronic acid penetrates into the middle and deep layers of the epidermis and dermis, where, as a natural component, it has its effect: it stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin, improves the composition of the intercellular substance and improves its moisture content.

Fast results

The effect of biorevitalization is noticeable after one or two sessions.

Redermalizers are specially designed to replenish lost moisture in the skin, as well as replenish the reserves of natural hyaluronic acid. After injecting the drug, your skin will receive the amount of moisture it needs. Enjoy natural beauty and freshness, give smiles and feel confident in the way you look


Duration of effect

The result after a course of biorevitalization lasts for 3-6 months. The duration of the result obtained depends on the age of the patient and his individual characteristics (for example, on the activity of hyaluronidase – a natural enzyme in the body that destroys hyaluronic acid).

In addition to biorevitalization, cosmetologists also use redermalization.

When carrying out redermalization, hyaluronic acid is also administered, only in combination with sodium succinate. The use of these two components enhances the effect of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the effect of redermalization comes faster, and fewer injections are needed for the rejuvenation course. Redermalization is performed with Hyalual products.

Why should you perform biorevitalization at Esteva Clinic?

  • We have been performing biorevitalization for over 5 years! Highly qualified specialists allow you to accurately select the ideal tool and procedure for conducting procedures.
  • We perform biorevitalization exclusively with certified preparations. For biorevitalization at Esteva Clinic we use:
  • Hyalual – The duration of the effect is 6-12 months. (Production Ukraine-Switzerland)
    Jalupro – Duration of effect 6-12 months. (Made in Switzerland)
    Teosyal (Puresense) Redensity I Duration of effect 6-12 months. (Made in Switzerland)
    Juvederm Volite Duration of effect 6-8 months. (Made in the USA)
    Teosyal Meso and Teosyal (Mesoexpert) – The effect lasts 6-12 months. (Made in Switzerland)
    RRS – PPC – Duration of effect 6 months. (Made in Spain)
    Meso Wharton, Meso Xanthin Duration of effect 6-12 months. (Made in the USA)
  • Antiseptic is not an empty phrase for us. At Esteva Clinic, the administration of drugs is carried out exclusively under sterile conditions, with disposable instruments!


  • No special preparation is required prior to the redermalization procedure.
  • After the procedure, it is shown to use Arnica cream or Traumeel S locally.
  • It is recommended to exclude a visit to the sauna for a week after the procedure.
  • It is undesirable for 5 days to actively go in for sports, visit the bathhouse, sauna, solarium.
  • For skin care, use only the products recommended by your doctor.

Biorevitalization goes well with the following treatments

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The cost of the procedure


Наименование препарата нестабилизированной гиалуроновой кислотыЦена, грн
Биоревитализация Juvederm Hydrate (1 шприц) 1 мл5900
Биоревитализация Juvederm Volite (1 шприц) 1мл6600
Биоревитализация Teosyal meso (1 шприц) 1мл3200
Belotero Hydro (1 шприц) 1 мл3700
Belotero Revive (1 шприц) 1 мл4100
Биоревитализация Redensity 1 (1 шприц) 1мл5400
Биоревитализация Ial-system (1 шприц) 1мл5200
Биоревитализация Icp-system (1 шприц) 1мл4800
Биоревитализация RRS hyalift 75 pro active 1,5 мл3200
Биоревитализация RRS hyalift 75 1,5 мл2950
Meso-Wharton P199 (Мезовартон) (1 шприц) 1,5мл


Mesoeye C 71 (Мезоай) (1 шприц) 1мл


Meso-Xanthin F 199 (Мезоксантин) (1 шприц) 1,5мл


Mesosculpt C71 (Мезоскальпт) (1 шприц) 1мл