Today, aesthetic medicine clinics offer a variety of anti-aging treatments. They are all aimed at combating skin aging and protecting it from the negative effects of the environment and bad habits.


One effective method of rejuvenation is intensive hydration of the skin, which instantly improves the condition and complexion. This effect is provided by the biorevitalization procedure, which we will describe in detail in this article.

What is the essence of biorevitalization

Biorevitalization is the introduction of hyaluronic acid in the skin. This substance is natural for humans, because it is present in the body itself. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for retaining moisture, which helps the skin stay supple and taut.

How Biorevitalization Could Change Your Skin

The fact that it is the loss of moisture that causes wrinkles, changes in the oval of the face and skin color, as well as many other unpleasant problems with appearance. This is due to the fact that the collagen and elastin fibers, which form a solid framework in the dermis, require a sufficient amount of moisture for proper operation. Hyaluronic acid helps to keep moisture levels in check because one molecule of hyaluronic acid holds water weighing 1000 times more than it weighs itself.

Why do biorevitalization

Since hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin to retain moisture, it is obvious that people with dry skin should think about the procedure in the first place. Injections will help normalize the water balance and return a healthy complexion and elasticity to the face.

Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid provides:

◼   elimination of fine lines and reduction of deep wrinkles;
◼   deep hydration of the skin, increasing its elasticity and firmness;
◼   improvement of skin color;
◼   lifting effect.

Hyaluronic acid injections can be given to people who have fine wrinkles, scars and scars. The procedure will be useful for those whose skin is regularly exposed to the negative effects of ultraviolet light.

Areas where biorevitalization is usually performed:

◼   the face, including the area around the eyes;
◼   neck and décolleté;
◼   hands.


Biorevitalization in Esteva Clinic

Hyaluronic acid helps to improve the condition of even very thin and delicate skin by restoring its water balance.

It is important to remember that the main feature of biorevitalization is that this procedure not only solves existing skin problems, but also perfectly prevents their appearance and premature aging.

At what age should you start biorevitalization

Due to its preventive properties, the procedure can be used from a fairly young age. If you want to stay young and fresh for as long as possible, you can make an appointment for your first hyaluronic acid injections at the age of 25.

The procedure is no less effective for patients 30 years of age and older. In each age category, hyaluronic acid will have its own positive effect and improve the appearance of the skin.


Regardless of your age, you can improve your skin with injections. You should see a specialist if you notice that:

◼   your skin has become thinner, drier and more tired;
◼   your skin is losing its elasticity and firmness;
◼   noticeable age-related changes appear on your face.

If you observe the above changes in the mirror or want to protect your skin from premature age-related changes, you should make an appointment for an individual consultation at the Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine. Our experts will carefully examine your skin and determine exactly what procedures you need to improve its condition and preserve youthfulness.


To learn more about other top injectable procedures against age-related skin changes, read our article “Beauty injections“.

Also, the procedure of biorevitalization can be prescribed by a beautician after various laser procedures and peels to help the skin recover faster and improve the results .

How many injections are given during biorevitalization

Biorevitalization should be carried out in courses, so that the skin can remain nourished and tightened for as long as possible.

For younger skin, to improve its condition and prevent premature aging, 1-2 injections of hyaluronic acid per year is enough.


Aged skin with already noticeable changes requires more care. Therefore, the course of injections will be longer – 3 procedures with an interval of 1 month. Such course should be repeated 1-2 times a year.

Products used during biorevitalization:

◼   Jalupro is ideal for dry and dehydrated skin as well as the first signs of aging. Jalupro provides intensive hydration of the skin and stimulates the formation of collagen fibers.
◼   Juvederm Volite (Juviderm Volite) – used to restore rough, dull and dehydrated skin. Juvederm Volite contains cross-linked hyaluronic acid, which stimulates hydration and regeneration of the skin. The product is ideal for fighting wrinkles around the eyes, lips, neck and decollete area.
◼   We should separately mention biorevitalization with injectables from the company Institute Hyalual. The peculiarity of this procedure, which is separately called redermalization, is that the introduction of hyaluronic acid is combined with sodium succinate. The use of these two components enhances the effect of hyaluronic acid. Thanks to this, the effect of redermalization comes faster, and fewer injections are needed for a course of rejuvenation.

Biorevitalization in Esteva Clinic

All the preparations that are used for injections have a high content of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, as well as additional substances that provide regeneration of the skin.

The biorevitalization procedure is practically painless and is performed in comfortable and relaxing conditions. The procedure takes about 45 minutes. To begin with, the skin is thoroughly cleansed and locally anesthetized with cream, so that the introduction of the drug was the most invisible to patients. The drug is injected into the skin with thin needles in the form of droplets over the entire surface of the treated area.

Drugs for biorevitalization can be introduced only by an experienced cosmetologist, while respecting all the rules of the procedure. Also, the type of drug should be chosen based on age, skin type and characteristics of patients.

Biorevitalization in Esteva Clinic

If you decide to do hyaluronic acid injections, then you should apply only to a proven clinic with a good reputation. It is such a clinic is Esteva Clinic, because we have experienced specialists who use modern equipment and certified medicines.

When you can see the result of biorevitalization

One of the main advantages of anti-aging procedure is the immediate result, which can be seen with the naked eye.

After the injection of the drug into the skin, the skin in the area of the procedure is slightly reddened, there are small swellings. On average, this side effect lasts for several hours. But to avoid any problems, beauticians are advised to refrain from applying makeup and excessive sweating for 12 hours.

Biorevitalization in Esteva Clinic

As soon as this redness disappears – the effect of hyaluronic acid will be immediately visible. The skin is instantly moisturized, gets a healthy color and glow.

How long the effect of biorevitalization lasts

As we wrote earlier, the procedure of biorevitalization should be carried out regularly and with courses. In this case the positive effect on the skin will be most noticeable.

The result after a course of biorevitalization lasts for 3-6 months. The duration of the result depends on the patient’s age and individual characteristics (e.g. the activity of hyaluronidase, the body’s natural enzyme that destroys hyaluronic acid).

You can see how the biorevitalization procedure goes and find out more details in our video:

How to maintain the effect of biorevitalization

Modern cosmetic procedures effectively combat many skin problems. But in order for the result to hold for as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

An important place in self-care is lifestyle – quality sleep, nutrition and physical activity directly affect the entire body and the appearance of man. So do not forget that your own body should be treated with care and respect.


Help maintain the effect of biorevitalization can also help in the cosmetology center. Experienced professionals can pick up a range of procedures that will enhance and solidify the effect of injections of hyaluronic acid.

In addition to procedures directly in the center of aesthetic medicine, beauticians are always ready to pick up a set of home care. Proper cosmetic products that are used on a regular basis, also have a significant impact on the skin and help protect it from premature aging.

Contraindications to biorevitalization

There are also cases where it is prohibited to carry out a rejuvenating procedure. Hyaluronic acid injections are not allowed:

◼   pregnant and nursing women;
◼   people with cancer and autoimmune diseases;
◼   patients with herpes and tendency to form keloid scars, as well as patients with inflammatory processes in the procedure area.


Before undergoing biorevitalization, you must tell your doctor about the drugs you are taking, because some of them can be incompatible with the cosmetic procedure.

How much does the biorevitalization procedure cost

Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine has all the necessary equipment and modern biorevitalization products to perform the procedure of rejuvenation at the highest level. Our experienced specialists will consult with you individually to identify the features of your skin and choose the most effective set of procedures and treatments.

See below for the current prices for the biorevitalization procedure.