Mesotherapy: features, recommendations, contraindications, how many procedures are needed

In modern cosmetology, the fight against skin aging is conducted in a variety of ways. Mesotherapy is an injectable technique for rejuvenation of the face and body takes high place in this list.


Every day the procedure is becoming more and more popular, and therefore there are many questions related to it. In this article, we will tell you how to prevent skin aging with the modern cosmetic procedure and for whom mesotherapy is ideal.

Prevention of aging with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy has been used worldwide for many years. Anti-aging injections consist of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, highly concentrated vitamins, coenzymes, peptides and antioxidants. This nutrient cocktail is repeatedly injected directly into the skin to prevent premature aging.

Patients note that after mesotherapy their skin has become more rested, firm and taut. Age-related skin changes can be slowed down by drugs that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Mesotherapy can be performed at almost any age, but most often cosmetologists prescribe mesotherapy after the age of 35. The areas in which the nourishing cocktail is injected may also vary.

Face mesotherapy

Firstly, mesotherapy is used on the face, because it is there most often noticeable early signs of aging. The procedure can be performed as a supplement to Botox, surgical face lifts, peels. However, unlike Botox and fillers, mesotherapy improves the skin in general, not locally.

The procedure is intended to rejuvenate the skin by increasing hydration, stimulating metabolism and collagen production.

Face mesotherapy

The injections are able to slow down aging of the facial skin, due to the high concentration of beneficial components such as procollagen, antioxidants, minerals, coenzymes, amino acids and multivitamins. The result of the procedure is that the skin becomes moisturized and has a healthy complexion. Due to this refreshing effect it is possible to reduce wrinkles. Mesotherapy also works on the future result, because it helps prevent many age-related skin changes.

It is because of its comprehensive positive effects on the face, mesotherapy after the age of 35 is very popular today. Not complicated and very affordable procedure is an opportunity to extend the youthfulness of the face and prevent many age-related changes.

Hair mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is also useful for improving the state of your hair. This procedure helps in struggle against hair loss, as special preparations stimulate hair bulbs to grow. As a result, the hair becomes denser and lush, restores healthy color and shine. That is why mesotherapy after 35 is as useful for hair as it is for skin, because at this age the first problems with hair health can begin.

Hair mesotherapy

This procedure is also useful in treating dandruff and dry scalp, as the correctly selected preparations are very effective in the fight against these common problems.

Read more about hair mesotherapy in the article “Scalp mesotherapy”.

Indications for mesotherapy

The popular injectable procedure can slow down the aging process of the skin, and it can also solve many non-age related problems. Mesotherapy will be effective if the skin has:

◼   pigmentation;
◼   acne and the consequences of rashes;
◼   scars and scars;
◼   stretch marks;
◼   vascular spiders and protruding veins.

In addition, mesotherapy narrows pores, removes bags and puffiness under the eyes, has a moderate lifting effect, and breaks up local body fat.

Indications for mesotherapy

Experienced cosmetologists know how to keep your skin youthful with mesotherapy. The procedure fills the skin with beneficial substances, moisturizes and protects it from the effects of the environment and processes inside the body.

Mesotherapy: contraindications

A very common procedure also has its own contraindications:

◼   oncological diseases;
◼   exacerbation of chronic diseases;
◼   the presence of acute infection in the body;
◼   inflammatory processes in the area of the intended procedure;
◼   the passage of a course of anticoagulants;
◼   problems with blood clotting;
◼   pregnancy and lactation;
◼   it is undesirable to conduct the procedure during menstruation.

If you have no contraindications from the list above, then mesotherapy is not prohibited. However, do not forget that before any such procedure, it is necessary to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable specialist.

Peculiarities of mesotherapy at the age of 35

The causes of aging of the skin after 35 are obvious, but often added to them are stress, unhealthy diet, bad habits, disturbed sleep and much more. One of the convenient features of the procedure is that it can be used by both women and men of any age. However, each age has its own peculiarities.



It should be noted that doing mesotherapy before the age of 35 also makes sense. The procedure will be effective in combating specific requests (for example, acne or scars on the skin), as well as for solving the main tasks of mesotherapy: moisturizing and brightening the skin of the face.

A special feature of mesotherapy as a procedure for facial rejuvenation after the age of 35 is that preparations are used more frequently:

◼   with succinic acid and amino acids, such as Jalupro and Hyalual;
◼   polynucleotides, such as Rejuran;
◼   targeted to improve facial contouring and lifting, such as DMAE;
◼   products with collagen-stimulating properties, such as Linerais and Cinecos.

Mesotherapy after the age of 35 can both prevent skin aging and help with non-ageing problems (pigmentation, scarring, dry skin).

In combination with quality facial and body care, as well as a normalized lifestyle, mesotherapy can show excellent results.

Experienced cosmetologists know how to slow down the aging of the skin. And one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the appearance is mesotherapy. Smoothen wrinkles around the eyes, improve facial contour, get rid of stretch marks – this and much more can be done by experienced experts at the Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology.

How quickly the results of mesotherapy will be visible

Before starting a course of mesotherapy, it is important to remember that the results of injections has a cumulative nature. With each subsequent procedure, the effect will be more noticeable, but do not hope for instant results after the first meeting with the beautician.



How mesotherapy works:

  • the procedure is performed once every 7-14 days;
  • the full course consists of 4-6 such sessions;
  • depending on what problem must be solved, the course is conducted 1-2 times a year.

Mesotherapy works better if you take the recommended course for the duration and follow all the advice of your beautician. An important factor in the success of mesotherapy is to improve your lifestyle – good nutrition, sleep and physical activity will help to maintain the effect of mesotherapy as long as possible. On average, the result of injections lasts for 3-6 months.

Your questions may be answered in more detail at the Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology. Experienced specialists will give you a detailed consultation and individually tell you how to extend the youthfulness of your skin.

Мезотерапія обличчя

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