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The first step towards healthy skin
  • The first step towards improving your appearance
  • Individual selection of procedures and products for any skin type
  • Solving cosmetic and dermatological problems of any complexity
  • An integrated approach aimed at long-term results
Consultation (up to 20 minutes)
490 UAH

Consultation (30-60 minutes)
600 UAH

Repeat visit (14 days after the first, up to 20 minutes)
300 UAH

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Why do you need a cosmetologist consultation

Making an appointment with a cosmetologist is the main step to improving your appearance. During a consultation with Esteva Clinic specialists, you will receive all the necessary information about your skin. If necessary, your doctor will order tests to determine your skin’s ability to produce collagen. Such studies help to better assess skin reserves and its capabilities. The specialist will also select recommendations for face and body care and help prepare the skin for procedures in order to get maximum results in a shorter time.

Understanding the characteristics of your skin, you can sign up for the necessary procedures with specialized specialists. We will tell you more about the various types of services in the field of aesthetic cosmetology in this article.

Types of cosmetic procedures at Esteva Clinic

In order to achieve maximum results, a good cosmetologist will always select cosmetic procedures and cosmetics based on the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the patient’s face and skin. It is also extremely important to prescribe procedures based on your morphotype of age-related changes (the type of aging to which you are predisposed).

The Esteva Clinic offers the widest selection of effective cosmetic procedures that have a high clinical evidence base and therefore provide maximum results. Listed below are only the most popular techniques used in our aesthetic medicine center.

Instrumental cosmetology

Modern hardware techniques help to quickly improve the condition of the skin of the face and body. Such procedures are characterized by non-invasiveness, that is, the skin is not disturbed (except for microneedling RF), as well as relative painlessness. Usually the effect of such procedures is not visible immediately, but increases over time and lasts for a long time.

The most popular hardware cosmetology procedures include:

Laser cosmetology

Cosmetology clinics are often approached specifically for laser procedures, because they have been widely known for a long time and have the highest evidence base in the world.

Using CO2 laser resurfacing, you can get rid of various skin irregularities. Lasers are also used to remove scars and stretch marks, treat post-acne, and tighten stretched skin. With the help of IPL systems (which can also be classified as laser cosmetology), it is possible to achieve the removal of pigment spots and the removal of spider veins.

Injection procedures

Very often, cosmetologists are contacted for injection procedures (or as they are also called beauty injections), which effectively help fight wrinkles, restore volume to certain facial structures, provide a lifting effect, and improve skin quality. What is especially pleasant is that the positive effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure and after a certain time it will only intensify.

The most popular injection procedures are:

In addition, with the help of the injections of fillers or contour plastic, it is possible to achieve correction of the shape of the nose, chin, creation of “Jolie’s angles”.

Injection cosmetology usually provides an almost instant result that lasts a limited period of time: from 3-9 months in the case of anti-wrinkle injections (botulinum toxins) to 2 years for contouring (filler injections).

Separately, it should be noted that injection cosmetology requires highly qualified specialists, knowledge of anatomy and, no less important, the presence of artistic taste in order for the changes to be harmonious, natural and preserve the features of the appearance. These are the specialists who work at Esteva Clinic.

You can find out more about our specialists here.

Instrumental and injection procedures occupy a major place in the arsenal of anti-aging medicine.

These procedures can be effective as stand-alone skin care procedures or as an addition to instrumental and laser techniques.

Our experience shows that the maximum effect is provided by various combinations of the above methods. Particularly effective results are observed with a combination of instrumental and injection cosmetology methods, for example, the combined use of SMAS lifting and Radiesse.

Classic cosmetology

In addition to the more complex and expensive techniques described above, our cosmetology clinic also offers a number of familiar classical cosmetology procedures. Such techniques include the well-known facial cleansing and various peelings and microcurrent therapy.

Such procedures are aimed at normalizing skin renewal and helping it fight everyday stress.

Cosmetology procedures for the body

Not only the face, but also the body needs improved skin condition and care. If we talk about the body, in addition to the usual cosmetic flaws, in this case there are often problems with local fat deposition.

Most often, body cosmetology helps people with the following requests:

  • remove fat deposits on the stomach and sides;
  • remove fat deposits in the knee area;
  • remove cellulite;
  • eliminate sweating (particularly under the arms);
  • remove scars;
  • tighten the skin on the abdomen, thighs, neck;
  • remove stretch marks;
  • rejuvenate hands skin.

Consultation with a cosmetologist-dermatologist in Kyiv

Very often, the source of cosmetic problems is dermatological diseases. An indicative illustration of such cases is acne – if the disease is not treated promptly and correctly, it turns into deep scars and post-acne.

It is important to note that our clinic employs both cosmetologists and dermatologists. Therefore, you can receive qualified dermatological care.

The Esteva Clinic, an aesthetic medicine and dermatology clinic, has the ability to treat various complex skin conditions. The knowledge of our experienced doctors in combination with modern equipment and certified brand cosmetics allows us to achieve truly amazing results!

The experience of a dermatologist is especially important when it comes to treating various neoplasms. In our clinic you can remove moles, papillomas and warts, milia, hemangiomas, keratomas. Only a qualified doctor can correctly determine the nature of the tumor, take samples for histological analysis and prescribe the optimal method of removal.

All these conditions go far beyond the scope of cosmetology, so your health depends on the experience of the dermatologist’s eyes! You can find out more about consultation with a dermatologist at Esteva Clinic on our page “Dermatologist consultation in Kyiv”.

Get to know our doctors better! In the video, the center’s specialists say a few words about cosmetology and dermatology at Esteva Clinic.

The results of the work of doctors at our cosmetology center

You can see the results of the procedures carried out in our aesthetic medicine center on the pictures below.

Why should you choose Esteva Clinic

  • We employ only certified dermatologists and cosmetologists with extensive experience. Esteva Clinic itself has been providing good results in aesthetic medicine and dermatology since 2015.
  • For work, only certified drugs from well-known brands are used, which minimizes the occurrence of adverse reactions.
  • We have a large amount of the most modern equipment in our arsenal, which helps to achieve the highest results in a minimum number of procedures.
  • Everything written above is evidenced by our high rating on Google reviews (4.9 out of 5 based on 110 reviews).

How much does a visit to a cosmetologist cost in Kyiv

You can see the current prices and current promotions for a consultation with a cosmetologist in our clinic in the table below.

Консультация косметолога

Найменування консультаціїЦіна, грн
Консультація спеціаліста590
Консультація головного лікаря990
Повторна консультація (до 14 днів після первинної консультації до 20 хвилин)390
Консультація спеціаліста в день проведення косметологічних/дерматологічних процедур до (20 хвилин)Безкоштовно