Papillomas and warts removal in Kyiv

Quick and painless methods
  • Examination of neoplasms by experienced dermatologists
  • Effective removal methods: radio wave, cryodestruction, CO2 laser
  • Fast healing without scar
Removal of papilloma or wart 1 piece (up to 0.5 cm)
450 UAH
650 UAH
Removal of papilloma or wart 1 piece (0.5-1 cm)
550 UAH
750 UAH
Removal of papilloma or wart 1 piece (1-2 cm)
650 UAH
950 UAH
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What are the differences between papillomas and warts

Papillomas and warts are benign formations on the skin. Cells in the human body can become infected with papillomavirus, which allows these unsightly growths to spread across the surface of the skin. The reasons for the new creation may be decal.Violations of the integrity of the skin, weakening of the protective barrier or general immunity – all these are favorable conditions for the active development of papillomavirus and the appearance of papillomas and warts.

Despite many common symptoms, warts and papillomas have many differences. First of all, it is structure, density, size. The appearance of warts is caused by active growth of the upper layers of the dermis, provoked by a viral infection. And papillomas appear on moist and warm areas of the body, where skin folds form. Most often this is the face (especially around the eyes), neck, chest, armpit area, and groin area.

Most often, papillomas occur on young people (25-30 years old). Small formations may not cause discomfort, but if the papilloma begins to grow, this is often accompanied by itching or burning. Large papillomas are easy to damage, even accidentally, and this can cause bleeding.

Warts often disappear on their own and do not require any effort. This will not work with papillomas – they only go away if you treat them.

What you need to know about warts and papillomas

The easiest, fastest and most effective way to cure papilloma is to remove it. The actual removal takes only a few seconds. But first, it is imperative that a specialist (in this case, a dermatologist) conduct an examination, determine the type of formation and the nature of the lesion, and conduct a dermatoscopy. The doctor will also select the optimal method of removal and give recommendations for skin care after the procedure.

Removal of papillomas and warts is recommended not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for medical reasons. Although they are benign formations, the cells in them can be infected with the papilloma virus, which will spread throughout the body, causing the appearance of new formations.

Papilloma can also be a consequence of the development of a precancerous condition in the body or an already progressive skin cancer. That is why you should not remove papillomas yourself - a visit to a specialist is necessary. If such a formation is not treated at all (especially when it is located in traumatic areas - the neck, décolleté, waist), the papilloma can develop into a malignant one, as well as cause other harm to the body: block the respiratory tract, interfere with the normal functioning of organs, in particular the genitourinary systems.

Such formations can appear on the body of absolutely every person. The likelihood of their occurrence increases:

  • damage to skin integrity;
  • excess body weight;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • pregnancy (as one of the causes of hormonal imbalance);
  • hereditary predisposition.

A dermatologist will help determine the nature of the neoplasm. In most cases, a visual examination is sufficient and only occasionally is it necessary to carry out an additional research procedure - taking histology.

How to remove papillomas and warts

Esteva Clinic uses the most effective methods to date to remove these formations.

Radio wave method

A quick and safe method of influencing the skin, in which, with the help of radio waves, the cells of warts and papillomas are destroyed, the formation becomes smaller and is ultimately eliminated completely. This method can be used not only on the skin, but also on a more delicate area – on the mucous membranes.

40-45 minutes before the procedure, a drug acting as a local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area – this helps reduce pain. When the anesthesia takes effect, radio waves begin to be used – they pass over the surface of the wart, removing the formation.

When removing on the arms or legs, curettage (tissue scraping) is also performed – this is a necessary measure that allows you to make sure that the wart is removed from the root, and not just its superficial part. If the root remains, the wart will soon grow back. The removal site heals within a week after the procedure.

The radio wave method of removing papillomas has the following advantages:

  • the skin surrounding the wart is practically not damaged;
  • local anesthesia allows you to reduce the pain of the procedure to zero.

Which areas are recommended to be treated with the radio wave method:

  • facial area – the aesthetic effect is especially important here;
  • décolleté area, chest and armpits;
  • hands, including palms.

Cryodestruction (application of liquid nitrogen)

Cryodestruction is a method of removing warts and papillomas using liquid nitrogen. The method is based on the effect of ultra-low temperatures on them, leading to tissue destruction and death. This method removes tumors that do not need to be sent for histology.

Benefits of cryotherapy:

  • speed of the procedure;
  • minimal pain (slight tingling);
  • no age restrictions;
  • lack of preparatory period and anesthesia;
  • no bleeding or scarring;
  • simple and fast rehabilitation period.

At the beginning of the procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied directly to the papilloma/wart, after which the tumor is quickly destroyed. On average, 3 to 6 freezes are performed lasting up to 30 seconds. It all depends on the location, size, and age of the tumor.

Laser removal of papillomas and warts

This procedure is one of the most popular and modern, since it removes the tumor effectively and without affecting healthy tissue. The principle of operation is similar to radio wave, with the only difference being that a laser beam is used here.

CO2 laser is the optimal method for removing papillomas in difficult areas:

  • near the nail plates (both on the hands and feet);
  • on the feet, including the plantar area.

The radio wave method and laser are the gold standard for removing papillomas and warts.

How does the process of removing warts and papillomas occur

Many clients are interested in knowing exactly how the procedure is performed. This allows you to remove anxiety and maintain a positive attitude before the procedure.
Regardless of the chosen method (radio wave or CO2 laser), this will definitely be:

  • fast;
  • painless;
  • safely.

The active stage of work takes less than a minute!
Recovery period:

  • It takes from several days to a week.
  • It is necessary to strictly follow the doctor’s recommendations.
  • In the first days, swelling and redness may occur at the removal site.
To answer most of the questions, we have prepared a video about how benign tumors are removed at Esteva Clinic.

Removal of warts and papillomas – before and after photos

You can see what results clients of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic Esteva receive after removing papillomas and warts in the photo below.

Frequently asked questions about tumor removal

How long does it take to recover after the procedure? How soon can I return to work?
Removal of papillomas and warts at Esteva Clinic does not require disruption of your usual lifestyle. Almost immediately after removing the wart, you can return to work and most of your usual activities.
How likely is it that a papilloma or wart will appear again?
Neoplasms will be completely removed. But if the papillomavirus is in an active phase in the body, there is always a chance that a new papilloma or wart will appear nearby or in another place.
What to choose – radio waves or CO2 laser?
During consultation, a dermatologist performs dermatoscopy and determines the most appropriate method for removing a benign tumor.

Benefits of removing papillomas and warts at Esteva Clinic

  • Our doctors are professionals in their field. We employ exclusively experienced dermatologists. We do digital dermatoscopy and, if necessary, histology.
  • We use fast, painless and bloodless removal techniques.
  • Esteva Clinic is an official partner of the social project Skin Checker (La Roche-Posay company) as part of an initiative to combat skin cancer.
  • After the procedure, healing is fast and without scar.

How much does it cost to remove papillomas and warts

You can study the current prices and current promotions for the removal of papillomas and warts in our clinic in the table below.

Видалення папілом і бородавок

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Консультація з дерматоскопією в день видалення новоутворень300
Консультація з дерматоскопією без процедури видалення новоутворень590
Контроль після видалення з 30 по 45 день


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (до 0,5 см)


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (0,5 - 1 см)


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (1 - 2 см)


Пакет №1 (від 10 до 20 новоутворень)


Пакет №2 (від 21 до 30 новоутворень)


Пакет №3 (від 31 до 50 новоутворень)


Гістологічне дослідження 1шт (обов’язкове для: травмованих новоутворень, родимок, невусів, поліпів)890
Знеболювання (1 - 10 шт)300
Знеболювання Пакет №1 (11 - 20 шт)490
Знеболювання Пакет №2 (21 - 30 шт)690
Знеболювання Пакет №3 (31 - 50 шт)990