Needleless RF lifting

An effective and affordable method of skin tightening without surgery
  • Maximum comfort
  • Anti-aging, anti-edematous effect
  • Without rehabilitation
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What is fractional RF lifting

Needle-free lifting (non-needle fractional lifting) is a hardware-based skin tightening technique that uses the energy of heating skin tissue. This action allows you to start the processes of independent collagen production inside the skin. The main difference between fractional RF lifting and regular RF lifting is that the impulse is not transmitted continuously, but fractionally (fractionally).

Fractional RF lifting: application

Starting from the age of 20, the process of collagen production in the body gradually slows down and decreases (by about 1% per year). This inevitable process is aggravated by various factors related to the state of the human body and the environment. An unbalanced diet, dehydration, various bad habits, and lack of regular good night’s sleep can reduce the amount of collagen produced in the body.

Collagen is the most important component of skin health. The amount of collagen in the body directly affects the state of the whole organism – a lack of this protein negatively affects not only the skin, but also bones, tendons, and muscles. Such a deficiency is manifested by the premature formation of nasolabial folds, a second chin, drooping eyebrows and eyelids.

Needle-free RF lifting can prevent such changes or smooth out existing ones. The procedure starts the process of producing your own collagen, which will last for several months. That’s why the skin will gradually tighten after the procedure and the positive result will be more noticeable every day.

Due to the fact that fractional lifting is performed without the use of needles and has a very mild effect, it can be used as an addition to other anti-aging procedures. In addition, you can make an appointment for the procedure at any time of the year, since the rehabilitation period for needleless lifting is practically non-existent.

What you need to know about fractional needleless lifting

The effect of the fractional RF lifting procedure

Most often, the technique is used for facial rejuvenation, but bipolar lifting helps to solve various problems in other parts of the body. The procedure will be effective for:

  • removing localized fat deposits;
  • cellulite correction;
  • restore skin elasticity and tighten it (for example, after pregnancy or rapid weight loss);
  • Reducing volumes in different areas: shoulders, waist, buttocks, legs.

The procedure will be most effective for patients with the first signs of aging. Lifting will also be useful for those who are just starting to get acquainted with a variety of modern procedures and want to start with something as gentle as possible, but effective.

Skin tightening with radiofrequency is a non-invasive procedure. This is a type of procedure that does not cause external damage to the skin, and the rehabilitation period is minimal or non-existent.

In addition, bipolar needle-free RF lifting stimulates the body to increase the production of collagen and elastin. It is thanks to these two components that the skin becomes more elastic and stronger. After exposure to radio frequencies, the skin is tightened and becomes healthier and more well-groomed.

RF fractional lifting has a very mild effect. However, even this procedure should not be performed on people who:

  • have chronic skin diseases or rosacea;
  • have skin damage in the area of the proposed procedure;
  • suffer from severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, hypertension, oncology;
  • have a pacemaker installed;
  • are pregnant or lactating.

How is the needleless RF lifting performed

One fractional lifting procedure takes from 30 minutes to an hour. The duration depends on the area being treated. During the lifting process, the patient may experience minimal discomfort in the area of the procedure.

It is recommended to undergo a fractional lifting course to get the maximum effect that will last for a long time. For the face, such a course usually consists of 3-4 procedures, and for the body, you will need 6-8 visits to a cosmetologist.

Since the technique is completely non-invasive and the integrity of the skin is not compromised during the lifting, the patient can return to his or her normal life immediately after leaving the clinic. In some patients, the skin acquires a slight red tint, but this consequence goes away on its own in a couple of hours.

Recommendations after the RF fractional lift procedure

As we mentioned above, after fractional lifting, slight redness and swelling of the skin in the area of the procedure may occur. Most often, this goes away in a few hours, but in some cases, the adverse reaction persists for several days. Some patients do not have such a reaction at all and can immediately resume their normal daily activities upon leaving the clinic.

To reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions and speed up the process of skin soothing, you should follow simple rules:

  • for the first few hours after the procedure, it is important not to touch your face with your hands;
  • for 2-3 days after the procedure, you should refuse to use decorative cosmetics, and reduce the care procedures to the necessary daily minimum;
  • hyaluronic acid products should be added to your care regimen;
  • sunbathing, baths, and swimming pools should be avoided for 2 weeks;
  • to prevent pigmentation, it is important to protect the skin with SPF 50;
  • do not forget to maintain water balance and drink 2-3 liters of pure still water per day.

Why you should sign up for a fractional RF lift at Esteva Clinic

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How much does fractional RF lifting cost

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