Hyperhidrosis treatment

подмышки гипергидроз

Most often, patients are worried about excessive sweating in the armpit, feet, palms, forehead, palms and face

The cause of increased sweating can be associated with genetic factors or be associated with diseases of the nervous and endocrine systems. Particular attention should be paid to hyperhidrosis, which began to manifest itself in a relatively short period of 1 to 6 months. Recently appeared excessive sweating may be associated with pathological processes. Also, hyperhidrosis is more often observed in overweight people, since they have more body area, respectively, more sweat and sebaceous glands. Also, a lot of moisture is retained in the adipose tissue, which comes out along with sweat. In addition, moving with a large body mass requires a lot of physical activity, which also stimulates sweating. Hyperhidrosis can be associated with transition from menopause and hormonal disruptions.

Ultimately, this leads to severe discomfort.

Secondly, sweat has an unpleasant odor, since toxins, salts, minerals and other substances are released from the body with sweat. In addition, skin damp with sweat is a good breeding ground for microorganisms, which also causes an unpleasant odor. Thirdly, sweat causes irritation on the skin, and skin disorders are the entrance gate for microorganisms: staphylococci, streptococci, fungi. Because of this, pustules may appear on the skin.

One of the solutions for correcting this condition is the use of drugs that block sweating.

Injections of sweat blocking drugs effectively and safely solve these problems, significantly reducing the secretion of sweat glands.

The duration of action of drugs that block sweating in hyperhidrosis is individual. On average, 5 to 9 months.

The average experience of using drugs eliminating perspiration by Esteva Clinic specialists is 6-8 years!

The doctors of the Esteva clinic are constantly improving at European congresses and seminars

Injections are carried out under sterile conditions, with disposable instruments!

For the treatment of hyperhidrosis, we use only certified original drugs made in the USA, France and Germany.

Features of the procedure

The procedure is painless, effective and characterized by a pronounced and long-lasting result. The action of the drug begins in a couple of days, reaching its peak 10-14 days after the procedure.

We inject drugs that block perspiration with the thinnest needles and, if necessary, carry out anesthesia so that the patient feels comfortable

The cost of the procedure

Лечение гипергидроза

Зона примененияЦена, грн
Лечение гипергидроза лица3800
Лечение гипергидроза лба2700
Лечение гипергидроза подмышек


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