Frequently asked questions about ultrasonic SMAS lifting

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting, due to its effectiveness and painlessness, has become a leader among non-surgical methods of face lifting. We received a large number of questions on this service page of the Esteva Clinic website.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

In this regard, for the convenience of our customers, we decided to create a list of the most popular questions about ultrasonic SMAS lifting (on the Ultraformer III device).

For convenience, we have divided all questions into categories:
◼   SMAS lifting – its effect;
◼   the course of the SMAS lifting procedure;
◼   indications and contraindications;
◼   the effect of the procedure on cosmetology and other interventions.

SMAS lifting – its effect

How long does the effect of the procedure last

It all depends on the characteristics of your body and other factors that directly affect your skin. With the use of SMAS lifting, the result increases over time within 2-4 months and lasts from 1 to 3 years.

Which is better – Altera or Ultraformer

Ultraformer and Ulthera are effective ultrasonic lifting technologies. However, the Ultraformer has a much larger number of nozzles for skin tightening than in other devices (including Altera), which allows for a non-surgical SMAS lifting procedure on the entire body. Therefore, it is quite difficult to argue that Ultraformer or Altera is better.

What is the guarantee for this procedure and whether there may be no effect

The effectiveness of the technique has been proven, all ultrasonic SMAS lifting procedures are carried out on original equipment, the effectiveness of the technique has a large evidence base and is highly rated by patients. 8 clinical studies were conducted with the participation of 159 willing participants, as a result of which it was proved that a favorable effect was observed in 75%-100% of participants.

In order to achieve the desired result, a facial skin diagnosis is mandatory. A dermatologist conducts a consultation to ensure the desired result, as well as voice contraindications to the procedure.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

What is the best way to treat people over middle age: should the procedure be performed once every 6 months and when will the result be obtained

The result of this procedure does not depend on your age. And yet, at the age of 45, the result is more pronounced. The SMAS lifting procedure is a one-time procedure, the effect of which lasts from 1 to 3 years.

I am 48 years old. What is the best age for this kind of lifting

The SMAS lifting procedure can be performed from the age of 35. Your age is quite suitable for this procedure.

Is SMAS lifting recommended for people over 65 years old

There are no age restrictions for SMAS lifting, your age is quite suitable for this procedure. As practice shows, the results of patients aged 60+ are very good!

The progress of the SMAS lifting procedure

How painful is the procedure on the Ultraformer

The procedure feels like a soft tingling sensation. The process of ultrasonic skin tightening on the Ultraformer device is usually painless. Patients do not have a feeling of strong discomfort. In the event of pain (with a low pain threshold in the patient), we use applied anesthesia.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

Does SMAS lifting help in reducing macular bags, how does the mechanism of action to reduce them work

Yes, SMAS lifting helps in reducing macular bags. Stimulation of the connective tissue promotes the synthesis of collagen (a protein that forms the basis of the connective tissue of our body and provides strength), which contributes to the reduction of macular bags in the area around the eyes.

How does SMAS lifting affect everything other than the effect on the tissues that are responsible for lifting and what unpleasant consequences can be

Since ultrasound SMAS lifting affects three levels of the muscle-aponeurotic system, its use sometimes leads to swelling and, in some cases, the appearance of minor hematomas (bruises), which pass rather quickly. In the process of SMAS lifting, new collagen is formed within 3-6 months, and this leads to skin lifting.

Indications and contraindications

Are there any contraindications for the SMAS lifting procedure for atopic dermatitis of the face

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting is not contraindicated for patients with atopic dermatitis in remission.

Can ultrasonic SMAS lifting remove sagging skin on the arms and stomach that has arisen as a result of weight loss

After 40 years, many women apply for a solution to the problem of sagging and laxity of the skin of the hands and feet. Ultrasonic SMAS lifting on the Ultraformer shows good results in the fight against this problem.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

If I am breastfeeding, is it possible to use the SMAS lifting procedure on the chest and abdomen area

Carrying out the ultrasonic SMAS lifting procedure during pregnancy or lactation is contraindicated.

Compatibility with other cosmetic procedures and interventions

I have dental implants, can I use the SMAS lifting procedure

There are no contraindications for your case. During the SMAS lifting procedure, we cover the patient’s teeth with special overlays.

Is it possible to carry out a chin lift procedure if there are Aptos threads in the cheeks

During the ultrasound SMAS lifting in the area of the chin of the Aptos thread is not a contraindication.

I use the plasma lifting procedure, how and in what order should I perform the SMAS lifting procedures and can they be combined at all

A combination of these procedures is possible only by appointment of a cosmetologist. Plasmolifting is performed 14 days before SMAS lifting and 14 days after ultrasonic SMAS lifting.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

Is SMAS lifting suitable if I have had meson threads installed

The presence of mesothreads is not a contraindication to SMAS lifting. The SMAS lifting procedure is performed 3 months after thread installation.

I want to do the SMAS lifting procedure and I don’t know when after that I can inject the Radies filler

The interval between procedures should be 10-14 days. First, an ultrasonic SMAS lifting procedure is performed, followed by a Radies filler procedure.

What will happen to fillers under the influence of this procedure

If it is a hyaluronic filler or a filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite, it is recommended to carry out the SMAS lifting procedure 3-6 months after the administration of the drugs. The location area of the fillers, the filler type of the installed fillers are also taken into account.

We hope that we have answered most of your questions. If you still have questions, leave them in the comments and our specialists will be happy to provide a comprehensive answer.

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