Contour plastic of the nasolacrimal furrows

Regardless of gender and age, we all try to look well-groomed and healthy. This aspect of life is given a lot of attention and resources – healthy eating and sleep, daily care and procedures from a cosmetologist. It is this last aspect of self-care that we will talk about today.

Contour plastic of the nasolacrimal furrows

The area of the face that shows fatigue the most and is the first to show signs of aging is the area around the eyes. Dark circles and bags under the eyes often refuse to go away, and it can be impossible to hide them with makeup. Especially if a nasolacrimal groove appears.

The nasolacrimal furrows (tear trough) is a groove that is located between the lower eyelid and the cheek. The presence of this depression ages and gives the face a tired appearance. This emptiness appears with age, but can also form quite early (for example, as a result of weight loss or due to a genetic predisposition).

Contour plastic of the tear trough

In such a situation, modern cosmetic procedures come to the rescue, capable of correcting the shape and returning lost volume to the area around the eyes.

Correction of the nasolacrimal trough

Fortunately, whether due to aging or genetics, the nasolacrimal trough can be corrected. To do this, a drug is injected deep subcutaneously, which raises the soft tissue to the level of the cheek and lower eyelid, thereby giving the area under the eyes a smooth appearance.

There are also surgical options for eliminating this cosmetic problem. However, with such an intervention in the body, the recovery period will take much longer, and the consequences can be very unpleasant and long-term.

This is why the non-surgical method of correcting the nasolacrimal trough using hyaluronic acid filler has become more widespread. One of the main advantages of non-surgical treatment of the nasolacrimal trough is that the patient is deprived of the risks associated with surgical intervention, and can see immediate results immediately after the procedure.

Contour plastic surgery of the nasolacrimal groove – what to look for

Correction of the nasolacrimal trough is a rather complex cosmetic procedure that should only be performed by an experienced doctor who is well acquainted with the anatomy of the human face. It is these experienced specialists who work in the Kyiv aesthetic medicine clinic Esteva.

Contour plastic of the tear trough

Often, loss of volume in the nasolacrimal trough area is accompanied by loss of volume in the middle part of the cheek. In such a situation, it is necessary to first correct the middle part of the cheek, and only then inject fillers into the nasolacrimal groove. That is why it is very important to evaluate the condition of the face comprehensively in order to draw up the right action plan. In this sequence, you will be able to correct the shape of your face as accurately as possible and get a natural result.

Also, injection cosmetic procedures require a certain skill of the doctor, who must correctly calculate the required volume of filler and inject it to the required depth into the skin.

Before starting the procedure, the area under the eyes is treated to prevent the risk of infection. Then an anesthetic cream is applied to the correction area, which minimizes all pain. Then the filler is prepared, which is injected slowly and gradually, with just one puncture on each side of the lower eyelid. This reduces the risk of bruising.

You can watch the filler injection procedure in our clinic in the video below.

Which fillers are suitable for the nasolacrimal trough

Esteva Clinic uses only the most modern, safe and effective drugs. Teosyal Puresense Redensity II and Belotero Soft fillers are used to correct the shape of the nasolacrimal groove.

Teosyal Puresense Redensity II and Belotero Soft

The preparations are made on the basis of hyaluronic acid. The main advantage of which is that the substance is completely eliminated from the body over time, without causing any harm.

These fillers are designed to fill various areas of the face with volume. The lightweight gel is also ideal for the delicate skin around the eyes. Also, these fillers attract less water to the area where the procedure was performed. For this reason, patients experience noticeably less swelling and the recovery period after the injection is smoother.

How long does the effect last after filling the nasolacrimal trough

Filling the nasolacrimal groove with filler brings immediate and visible results that last for quite a long time. On average, the effect after the procedure is noticeable for 9-18 months. How long the shape correction with fillers will last depends on the individual characteristics of the body and environmental influences.

Immediately after the procedure, you must adhere to the following simple rules:
◼  for up to 7 days you should refrain from any physical activity that involves intense blood circulation and sweating;
◼  the first day you should not take a hot shower or wash your face with hot water (it is better to use warm water for these purposes);
◼  it is also advisable to avoid makeup for 1-2 days, as well as aggressive cosmetics (scrubs, peelings, etc.);
◼  you should avoid drinking alcohol, overly spicy or sweet foods for the first 24 hours after the procedure.

Contour plastic of the nasolacrimal furrows

An important factor is how a person cares for the skin after correcting its shape with the drug. Proper daily care and a healthy lifestyle will help maintain the results of nasolacrimal trough correction for as long as possible.

It is also important to note that the more mobile the area on which the procedure was performed, the faster the drug will be removed from the body.

You can evaluate the results of our patients thanks to contour plastic surgery of the nasolacrimal furrow in the photo.

Filling the nasolacrimal trough: pros and cons

Eliminating age-related changes in the nasolacrimal groove area is a very popular procedure that more and more people are trying every day. This interest is explained by the fact that with the help of injections a person instantly gets a fresher and more rested look. The tear trough area under the eyelids will immediately look fresher and smoother, while maintaining the natural appearance of your facial features.

Fillers generally have a positive effect on the skin – they improve color and texture, smooth out wrinkles, and restore a healthier and more youthful appearance. It is for this reason that women and men use injections to improve the appearance of the face, not only in the area of the nasolacrimal groove.

However, nasolacrimal trough correction is not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications to the injection of fillers are:
◼   allergy to the components of the drug;
◼   period of pregnancy and lactation;
◼   presence of a cold and related ailments;
◼   presence of cancer or hemophilia;
◼   patients with autoimmune diseases are allowed to undergo the procedure only in the stage of complete remission and with the permission of the attending physician. The same applies to people with diabetes.

Contour plastic of the tear trough

If you do not have any of the contraindications listed above, you should still understand that in some cases fillers may not have the expected positive effect. For example, when using an injection they try to remove dark circles under the eyes. If such circles are caused by the deposition of dark pigments in the skin, filler may even worsen the situation.

Correction of the nasolacrimal groove Kyiv

You can get answers to all your questions during an individual consultation with a cosmetologist at the Esteva Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Kiev. The doctor will analyze the condition of your skin and select the correct regimen for eliminating the nasolacrimal trench.

Also in the table below you can see the current prices and discounts for the filler injection procedure.

Контурная пластика носослізної борозни

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Redensity 2 1ml Teoxan (Швейцарія) 12-15 місяців7900
Belotero Soft Merz (Німеччина)