Laser removal of stretch marks and striae

убрать растяжки

The procedure for laser removal of stretch marks has become much closer and more accessible.

Until recently, it was believed that the resulting stretching of the skin remains forever. This idea is especially strengthened by the fact that ointments, exercises and rubbing usually do not give a visible effect. The situation changed radically with the advent of the technology of laser resurfacing of stretch marks. This technique, performed on the latest equipment, is able to restore youth and beauty to damaged skin areas.


Reasons for the appearance of stretch marks and stretch marks

According to experts, visible changes in the skin in the abdomen are observed in 70-80% of women giving birth.

The same situation can be observed as a result of rapid weight gain, which sometimes occurs due to hormonal disruptions.

The reason for the appearance of ugly crimson streaks on the surface of the epidermis can be an excessive passion for bodybuilding. The deep layers of the skin do not keep pace with the rapid growth of muscle mass, which causes the appearance of stretch marks.

In the medical sense, stretching is a “micro-rupture” of the deep layer of the dermis due to excessive tissue growth. They form visible red or purple spots and stripes. Over time, the subcutaneous lesions heal, the stripes brighten, but never completely disappear if they are not treated.



Previously, few knew about the existence of laser correction of stretch marks, and the availability of the procedure was low.

Meanwhile, the appearance of stretch marks – in principle, harmless and not life-threatening skin stretch marks – in many women causes dissatisfaction with their appearance, gives rise to anxiety, nervousness, and worsens the quality of life.

The situation can be corrected. Specialists in laser removal of stretch marks will help to restore attractiveness to your body and self-confidence.


The result and benefits of laser removal of stretch marks

Removal of stretch marks after pregnancy is performed at a visit to a specialist, does not require special training, and this is one of the advantages of the technique. You do not need to take sick leave, or give up your usual lifestyle. The only limitation: before and after the procedures, it is not recommended to sunbathe or go to the solarium.

лазерное удаление растяжек

Removal of stretch marks with a laser occurs after a thorough study of the history of occurrence, analysis of the condition of the skin. Damage that has been more than a year since its appearance is less likely to heal, so do not hesitate to consult a specialist.

In Kyiv, in the clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology Esteva Clinic, fractional laser resurfacing of stretch marks is used. The laser beam, which has passed the separation into thousands of microbeams (fractions), penetrates deeply into the dermis.

At the point of penetration of the beam, a heat shock zone is formed. In this area, the body’s own restorative forces are activated, and the active production of collagen and elastin begins. As a result, the skin relief is evened out.

Sessions of laser removal of stretch marks must be repeated, their number and duration depend on the degree of skin damage.

The benefits of laser stretch marks removal are:

✅ high efficiency;
✅ low invasiveness;
✅ shortness (up to 1 hour) sessions;
✅ the ability to lead a normal life;
✅ no need for special training;
✅ you can work on old scars;
✅ the procedure does not involve surgical intervention, it is absolutely bloodless.

Conditional disadvantages include:

📌 the need for repeated sessions with a frequency of 4-6 weeks;
📌 redness of the skin in the area of laser stretch marks removal, which completely disappears over time;
📌 a slight burning sensation, which is eliminated with a cream with an analgesic effect.

Removing stretch marks with a laser is a modern, effective and safe solution to the problem.

You can be convinced of this by signing up for the procedure at our institution in Kyiv.


What device is used to remove stretch marks

Laser removal of striae is provided using high-tech USA-made equipment Adonyss CarbonFrax. This equipment has the property of soft and effective impact.

In addition, a large number of special attachments are designed for individual selection for each patient, taking into account the characteristics of his condition.

The procedure is performed by experienced dermatologists specially trained to work with this device.


Indications and contraindications for laser removal of stretch marks

Laser resurfacing of stretch marks is not performed during pregnancy and lactation, as well as in the presence of certain skin diseases.

You can get a detailed consultation and assessment of the possibility of getting rid of stretch marks with a laser at a doctor’s appointment, having previously agreed on the date and time of your visit by phone.

The cost of the procedures depends on the size of the affected area. Based on the results of the examination, a price will be calculated for you, which does not change until the end of the treatment.


Care after the procedure

After laser removal of stretch marks, there is no need to apply and change sterile dressings, since the integrity of the skin is not compromised. However, for some time it is necessary to treat the affected area with the means that the doctor prescribes for you.

The presence of redness can last up to several weeks. This is fine.

You may experience some discomfort during the first week. Try to reduce physical activity during this time. Do not go to the pool or sunbathe.

After the end of all the procedures and after the time required for rehabilitation, you will see how much better your skin looks.

In the clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology Esteva Clinic in Kyiv, in a few sessions you will get rid of stretch marks, and your skin will acquire smoothness and a natural even color.

You don’t have to live with a feeling of dissatisfaction with your body!

Say goodbye to stretch marks forever with the help of qualified doctors at Esteva Clinic!

The cost of the procedure

Лазерное лечение рубцов и шрамов

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Лазерная шлифовка рубцов за 10 см


Лазерная шлифовка рубцов за 1 кв. см


Лазерная шлифовка растяжек (стрий) за 10x10 см