Face lifting: top 3 methods of non-surgical facelift

With age, many people experience that their skin becomes loose and swollen, and wrinkles become more noticeable. Outwardly, this is manifested by a tired appearance, the appearance of nasolabial folds, drooping eyebrows and eyelids, the appearance of a double chin, that is, visual signs of aging.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

This occurs due to age-related changes in the muscular-aponeurotic layer SMAS (Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System). Over time, this layer loses its elasticity and stretches, resulting in sagging facial skin. In addition, with age, the collagen fibers of the skin become exfoliated and become unable to keep the skin toned.

On the one hand, cosmetic products (for example, masks and creams) do not have the desired effect and do not help tighten the skin of the face, and on the other hand, you do not want to go under the surgeon’s knife due to the risk of irreversible consequences.

In this case, it is worth considering a non-surgical facelift, which has a number of advantages:
◼   is definitely more effective than cosmetic products;
◼   non-surgical lifting techniques are completely bloodless and safe;
◼   they are relatively comfortable and do not take much time;
◼   non-surgical lifting is characterized by a short-term or completely absent rehabilitation period. After non-surgical lifting there is no recovery period as such.

Facelift without surgery – the best methods

There are many different lifting techniques without surgery. We will introduce you to those that, in our opinion, deserve attention first:
◼   ultrasonic SMAS lifting;
◼   contour facelift;
◼   fractional RF lifting (micro-needling).

Despite the fact that all these methods are non-surgical, they still have certain differences.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting affects muscles, ligaments, subcutaneous fat packets, and also promotes the formation of new collagen. This, in turn, increases tissue elasticity, helps reduce volume in the lower part of the face, which allows you to achieve a clear oval and thus tightens the skin.

Based on data from clinical studies, ultrasonic SMAS lifting is the most effective method of non-surgical lifting. This technique is very popular among world celebrities. For example, it is performed by the eternally young actresses from the TV series “Friends” Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston.

The SMAS lifting procedure is suitable for those who want to get the most effective lifting, but do not want to undergo surgery.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

The main advantages of SMAS lifting include:
◼   this is the most effective non-surgical lifting;
◼   the procedure eliminates the double chin and allows you to create a clearer oval of the face;
◼   SMAS lifting allows you to achieve eyebrow lifting, which makes your look more open;
◼   makes the skin more elastic;
◼   the technique can be used for both the face and body;
◼   the procedure is slightly painful, while for particularly sensitive patients it is possible to use anesthesia with a cream;
◼   the rehabilitation period after the sessions lasts only a couple of hours.

SMAS lifting is a one-time procedure, and its effect is noticeable for 1-3 years. The average cost of the procedure is 14-17 thousand UAH.

Among the disadvantages of the procedure, one can point out that the result of using ultrasonic SMAS lifting may not be sufficiently satisfactory for long-term vegans. In addition, the cost of the procedure is quite high compared to other non-surgical lifting methods.

You can find out more about the procedure in our article “Ultrasound SMAS lifting (Ultraformer III)” or in the video below.

Contour facelift

Contour facelift is also called “contour plastic”, “filler lift” and “vector lifting”.

Since the aging process is accompanied by a loss of volume in the face, the missing volume must be replenished. This is why fillers are used. As a result, in addition to replenishing the missing volume, there is also a tightening effect on the facial skin, including by strengthening the anatomical structures of the face, which provides a natural result and a more refreshed appearance.

Contour facelift in Esteva Clinic

In addition to the lifting effect, contour plastic brilliantly copes with the following tasks:
◼   make facial features more harmonious;
◼   increase cheekbones;
◼   correct the oval of the face;
◼   enlarge lips;
◼   eliminate the nasolacrimal groove.

To achieve the desired effect, 1-2 sessions are required. The results of the procedure are visible within 12-18 months, and the cost is calculated individually depending on the chosen drug (on average 6-12 thousand UAH).

It should be especially noted that injection facelift with fillers gives excellent results in combination with SMAS lifting. You can see this for yourself by looking at the before/after photographs taken at Esteva Clinic.


According to the clinic’s specialists, it is the combination of ultrasonic SMAS lifting and filler injections gives the most visible effect among non-surgical rejuvenation methods.

You can learn more about how fillers work in the article “Contour plastic surgery” or by watching our short video.

Fractional RF lifting (micro-needling)

The operating principle of fractional RF lifting is that radio waves are transmitted through disposable ones into the skin, which create vertical columns. Subsequently, the skin flap is reduced around these columns, which provides the lifting effect.

It should be noted that fractional RF lifting differs from the fractional laser, which is similar in effect, in that its use is possible on all skin types, including tanned.

Fractional RF lifting (micro-needling) in Esteva Clinic

The technique is suitable for patients over the age of 25 with skin defects, such as sagging skin or post-acne. In addition to wrinkles, the method copes well with scars, improves the structure and general condition of the skin.

The advantages of fractional RF lifting include:
◼   good effect on raised skin defects, including not only wrinkles, but also scars;
◼   significant improvement in the quality and structure of the skin,
◼   has the ability to tighten facial skin, making it less flabby;
◼   long-lasting effect that lasts for more than a year.

Among the disadvantages of the technique, one can indicate a certain painfulness of the procedure (anesthesia with cream is required) and a certain duration of the recovery period (slight redness and swelling of the skin for several days).

The course of procedures is 3-4 sessions with an interval of 2-3 weeks. The average cost of such a course is 11-15 thousand UAH.

In the article “Microneedling RF lifting” you can learn more about the procedure. You can also see how RF lifting is carried out in our video.

Take action with Esteva Clinic!

Knowing how to tighten your face as effectively as possible, without surgical intervention, all you have to do is sign up for a consultation and, together with an experienced Esteva Clinic specialist, choose the optimal rejuvenation method.

At the same time, it is worth paying special attention to the fact that we at Esteva Clinic offer exclusively highly effective rejuvenation techniques.

We use only original devices from world brands. This not only allows you to achieve a pronounced result, but also eliminates unpleasant surprises that can come from cheap analogues of cosmetology devices from unknown manufacturers.

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You can study the current prices for procedures and current promotions in the table below.

Ультразвуковий СМАС ліфтинг (Ultraformer III) обличчя

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Ліфтинг периорбітальної зони (зона навколо очей)


Ліфтинг брів


Малярні мішки під очима


Зона другого підборіддя


Ліфтинг щік


Ліфтинг нижньої третини обличчя (без підборіддя)


Ліфтинг нижньої третини обличчя (включаючи підборіддя)


Ліфтинг обличчя


Ліфтинг обличчя + шиї


Ліфтинг обличчя + шиї+ декольте


Ліфтинг лоба


Ліфтинг шиї


Ліфтинг декольте


Мікроголковий РФ ліфтинг

Зона ліфтингуЦіна, грн
Обличчя / Шия / Декольте


Мікроголковий РФ ліфтинг зони навколо очей


Обличчя + Шия


Обличчя + Шия + Декольте




Живіт + боки