Beauty injections

Beauty injections are injection procedures that allow you to get rid of wrinkles, fill the volume of the face, adjust the shape of the lips, and improve the skin condition. They show a quick result in voluminous modeling and harmonization of the face. They are also often called “injections of youth”.

Injection cosmetology

Injection cosmetology usually provides a quick effect, but the result lasts for a limited period of time.

Contour facelift in Esteva Clinic

Beauty injections make it possible to fill the nasolabial folds and increase the cheekbones, raising them to a higher position. They can also be used to remove a hump on the nose. In addition, it is possible to eliminate dryness of the lips with preparations based on hyaluronic acid.

Beauty injections are comfort, safety and painlessness. This method allows you to outline the face oval beautifully and make it more harmonious without surgery. And all this at a very affordable price.

What are beauty injections

The procedure is presented primarily in two types of procedures:

Also, beauty injections often include other injection procedures:

In this article, we will look at each of these procedures in detail.

Injections for wrinkles

Wrinkle injections allow you to eliminate age-related changes in the face with the help of drugs that block facial facial muscles (botulinum toxin type A). The history of the application of this procedure is more than 25 years old. This technique is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the USA, where more than 1.5 million such injections have been performed.

Every year, anti-wrinkle injections have increased in popularity in America and over the past 5 years, the frequency of their use has increased by 30%. As for statistics at the global level, according to 2016, wrinkle injections were used more than 4.6 million times.

Expected effect

The procedure takes 10 minutes and already after 10-12 days a pronounced effect becomes noticeable – the number of wrinkles and their depth decreases. In addition, anti-wrinkle injections can lift the eyebrows and corners of the mouth and remove wrinkles on the neck. With the help of injections, they get rid of wrinkles and the so-called “gum smile” (when the gums are clearly visible when smiling).

Injections for wrinkles

On average, the result of using such beauty injections is noticeable within 3-6 months.

Where is it used

Most often, wrinkles are removed in the following areas:

Wrinkle injections are great for “crow’s feet” in the corners of the eyes and “rabbit lines” on the nose.

You can learn more about the procedure and its cost in the article “Anti-wrinkle injections” or by watching the video.

How much does it cost

Wrinkles are most often removed in the area between the eyebrows, where the cost of the procedure is UAH 2,950.

Уколи від зморшок

Зона застосуванняЦіна, грн
Гусячі лапки (ділянка навколо очей)




Горизонтальні зморшки чола та міжбрівʼя


Підняття брів1200
Зморшки ділянки носа1500
Корекція овалу обличчя4800
Корекція зморшок FULL FACE (всі зони)




Підйом куточків рота (Маріонеткова зона)


Корекція зони навколо губ1700
Корекція десневої посмішки2900

Injections of fillers

When performing contour plastic surgery, special fillers (fillers) are injected into the deep layers of the skin. Due to this, correction of the shape, volumes and contours of the face is ensured. The procedure is also called “contour lifting”, “introduction of fillers” or “vector lifting”. During the procedure, fillers are injected into the deep layers of the skin, where they serve to fill the lost volumes, restoring the skin’s former elasticity and color. It is completely safe and practically painless.

Expected effect

After the contour plastic procedure, we receive face lifting, volume filling and facial harmonization. Enlargement of the lips, formation of higher cheekbones, correction of the lines of the oval of the face and chin – all this is possible with the help of contour plastic surgery.

Injections of fillers

Depending on the drug used, the effect will be noticeable within 8-18 months.

Where is it used

Injections of fillers in contour plastic brilliantly cope with the following tasks:

We have detailed the features of the procedure and its cost in the article “Contour plastic surgery“. And how exactly the injections take place was shown in the video.

How much does it cost

The cost of the procedure starts from UAH 6,500 for one zone.

Контурна пластика (різні зони)

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Контурна пластика губ


Контурна пластика носослізної борозни


Контурна пластика носогубних складок


Контурна пластика скул, підборіддя, носа


Заповнення зморшок


Контурна пластика препаратом Радієс (Radiesse)



Biorevitalization is a type of beauty injections in which a drug based on low-concentration hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin. The procedure is comfortable and painless. To eliminate possible pain sensations, the affected area is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. At the same time, the drug is selected by the doctor individually.

The method consists in performing multiple injections under the skin. After the procedure, so-called papules (bumps) appear on the skin, which disappear after 1-2 days.

Expected effect

The result of the procedure is moisturizing of the skin and improvement of its quality. It becomes smooth, elastic. The general condition of the skin improves in the next 2 weeks after the procedure. The effect lasts for several months. The best result is brought by course completion of the procedure 2 times a year.


Where is it used

The procedure is performed on the face and problem zones that show early aging of the skin:

  • neck;
  • decollete area;
  • on the outside of the hands.

You can find out more details about the method and find out the prices in our article “Biorevitalization” or in the video.

How much does it cost

The cost of the procedure starts from 2,200, depending on the name and volume of the injected drug.


Найменування препарату гіалуронової кислотиЦіна, грн
Jalupro HMW (Італія) (1 шприц) 2,5 мл


Juvederm Volite (США) (1 шприц) 1мл


Teosyal Redensity (Швейцарія) (1 шприц) 1мл


Belotero Hydro (Німеччина) (1 шприц) 1 мл4700
Belotero Revive (Німеччина) (1 шприц) 1 мл4900
Redensity 1 (Швейцарія) (1 шприц) 1мл5400
Corebanic (Корбанік) ABG LAB (США) (1 шприц) 2 мл


Mesosculpt C71 (Мезоскальпт) (1 шприц) 1мл



An injection technique that consists in injecting a nutritious cocktail of hyaluronic acid, amino acids, highly concentrated vitamins, antioxidants and peptides under the skin. This combination of substances prevents premature aging and protects the skin from negative changes. Perhaps this is due to increased secretion of such substances as collagen and elastane in the skin.

The procedure can be performed at almost any age, but most often cosmetologists prescribe mesotherapy to patients after 35 years of age.

Expected effect

After the procedure, the skin becomes tighter, more elastic and fresher. Manifestations of age-related changes in patients who regularly undergo mesotherapy appear more slowly and are less pronounced. Also, the area on which the procedure was performed becomes more moisturized, dryness and tightness of the skin disappear.


Mesotherapy is carried out in courses of 4-6 sessions with an interval of 1-2 weeks. Depending on the condition of the skin, it is recommended to undergo the procedure 1-2 times a year.

Where is it used

The application areas of the technique are:

  • face (including the area around the eyes);
  • décolleté area;
  • scalp.

We talked about the technique in more detail in the article about mesotherapy.

How much does it cost

The procedure will cost from UAH 1,500 per session, depending on the type and quantity of the injected drug.

Мезотерапія обличчя

Найменування препарату для мезотерапіїЦіна, грн
RRS - Tensor lift Dmae (Ліфтинг) 3 ml


Mesoline ANTIOX (Антиоксиданти) 3 ml


RRS® HA SKIN RELAX WITH BoNtA 568® (Усунення зморшок) 2 ml


Mesoline REFRESH (Освітлення) 3 ml


Mesoline Bodyfirm (Ліполітик) 5 ml


Мезотерапія навколо очей RRS HA eye (Темні кола) 1,5 ml


Мезотерапія за підвищеної жирності обличчя


Мезотерапія анти акне


Мезотерапія рубців і розтяжок (Rejuran S)


Why should you contact Esteva Clinic

Choosing beauty injections is a smart decision, because the procedure is safe and very comfortable. But you need to remember that you need to trust only experienced specialists. In the case of an incompetent approach, such complications as the appearance of bruises at the injection site, inflammatory processes, migration or protrusion of the gel are possible. There are also more serious negative consequences, for example, allergic reactions of the body or compression of blood vessels, which prevents normal blood flow.

The extensive experience of Esteva Clinic professionals allows you to avoid such problems. In addition, Esteva Clinic has a number of additional advantages:
◼   Esteva clinic doctors take advanced training courses every year. The average experience of using beauty injections of each doctor is 6-8 years!
◼   The clinic only uses drugs that have the necessary certificates.
◼   Medicines are delivered to the clinic from official distributors who follow all stages of the cold chain. This ensures the highest quality of medicines and your positive impressions from visiting our clinic and the injections performed there.
◼   In an effort to achieve better results and your satisfaction with beauty injections, we never skimp on the number of units of the drug administered.
◼   We do not consider antiseptic to be an empty sound. Therefore, absolutely everything, without exception, is performed under sterile conditions using disposable instruments.

Doctors Esteva Clinic

When it comes to your own beauty, let alone health, you don’t need to save. The clinic must be solid, and the doctors must be competent. You will find all this at Esteva Clinic.