Contour plastic cheekbones

Usually we can guess a person’s approximate age in just a second. A quick analysis of facial contours allows you to understand how young a person is in front of you. It is by this criterion that we determine to which age category our interlocutor or a random passer-by belongs. The condition of the skin, wrinkles and other minor signs of aging of the skin are already visible upon close and careful examination of the face.

Contour plastic cheekbones

For this reason, modern clinics of aesthetic medicine offer a choice of various procedures aimed at rejuvenating the contour of the face. One of such effective techniques is contour plastic surgery of the cheekbones, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

What is contour plastic cheekbones

Cheekbone contouring is an injection cosmetology technique that helps create sharper and higher cheekbones in just one visit to the clinic. Perhaps this is due to the restoration of lost bone volumes and deep fat packs.

The unpleasant process of losing face volume inevitably occurs over the years, even in those people who lead a healthy lifestyle and take good care of themselves. Therefore, contour plastic surgery is one of the most popular anti-aging procedures today. The technique is also used by very young patients, because in this way you can emphasize your beauty and make facial features more expressive.

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used in aesthetic cosmetology to correct lost volume I have had a face for over 30 years. Highly purified gel has different density and volume and is selected depending on the age and needs of the patient. For example, a denser gel is used for the area of the cheekbones. This is explained by the fact that in this zone the drug should hold its shape especially well and be resistant to external factors of influence (for example, supporting the face with a hand).

Contour plastic cheekbones

In addition to fillers based on hyaluronic acid, preparations based on calcium hydroxyapatite are also used. While hyaluronic acid is more suitable for younger patients, calcium hydroxyapatite is used to combat visible age-related changes. The most famous representative of this category is considered to be the drug Radiesse. Radiesse helps achieve a more pronounced lifting effect, stimulates the production of collagen in patients with a tendency to swelling and excess fat on the face. Details about Radiesse injections we told in our separate article.

After injection, the Radiesse CaHA gel matrix integrates into the skin and creates a “scaffolding” that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.As the gel carrier dissolves, a strong network of collagen fibers appears. Formed collagen and elastin in place of the gel carrier, thanks to the renewal of the skin structure, smooth out wrinkles.

Esthetic medicine and cosmetology center Esteva Clinic uses exclusively certified drugs of leaders world market of the beauty industry. In addition to Merz Radiesse (Germany), we also use Allergan Juvederm (USA) and Bolotero Volume (Switzerland). These fillers are approved by top doctors in the USA and Europe and have been used for many years.

What does cheekbone correction give

Experienced doctors of our clinic restore the lost volume by injecting filler into the buccal part of the face, and also create more pronounced cheekbones in the process of beautification of young patients. The main task of contour plastic surgery of the cheekbones is to reproduce the triangle of youth. The base of this conditional triangle is the line from the cheekbone to the cheekbone, and the top of the triangle is the chin. In youth, these lines are clear, but over the years, the face drops, the triangle disappears, which makes the look more tired.

For injections, the most prominent points on the cheekbones are selected, due to which it is possible to use the minimum amount of the drug and obtain the maximum result. Instant lifting effect allows you to make the shadow in the corner of the nose less noticeable, raise the nasolabial fold. As a result, the face acquires a younger and more rested appearance.

Contour plastic cheekbones

An important task of fillers used in this area is support of the facial ligament, on which the skin is held. In order to carry out the injection correctly and distribute the drug in the necessary areas, it is important to have knowledge of the anatomy of the face. Therefore, such a procedure is performed only by experienced doctors with many years of experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetology.

How the face changes if you make cheekbones

Since one of the main tasks of modern cosmetology is the preservation of natural facial features and their rejuvenation, sagging cheeks are raised very carefully and gradually. You definitely shouldn’t worry that your face will change beyond recognition as a result of the procedure!

For one contour plastic procedure the doctor uses only 2 ml of the drug to correct the lost volume in the zygomatic area. That’s only half a teaspoon! The task of any doctor during the procedure is to obtain a high-quality and desired result, while using the minimum amount of the drug. This approach allows you to get a natural result without changing the patient’s facial features.

Special needles or cannulae (needles with blunt ends) are used to inject dense filler into the skin. What exactly the procedure will be carried out is determined by the doctor in the process of examining the patient and discussing the desired result.

Contour plastic cheekbones

In general, the consultation, the procedure itself, before and after photos take about an hour. At the same time, anesthesia is not used, because only 6 punctures are made during the introduction of the filler. In addition, the drug itself contains an anesthetic that starts working immediately.

During the procedure, patients do not feel any particular discomfort – only a slight feeling of distension in the area of drug injection. This feeling can last for several hours. There is no rehabilitation period after contour plastic surgery of the cheekbones – you can immediately return to your usual life.

The effect of the fillers will be visible instantly, and within 10 days the drug will be completely “set” in the required area and it will be possible to evaluate the final result.

We not only told how cheekbone contouring works, but also showed it in our video.

How long does cheekbone contouring last

It is important to understand that cheekbone contouring is not an alternative to plastic surgery. The result of injections is preserved until the filler dissolves. How long the drug will remain in the body depends on the type of filler and the individual characteristics of the person. On average, the filler remains in the body for 9-18 months. In absolutely every person, preparations for contour plastic cheekbones are removed completely, without causing any damage to internal organs.

At the same time, it is worth noting that after removing the drug, the skin in the area of the procedure does not become sagging or stretched. Perhaps this is due to the gradual absorption of the filler. In addition, high-quality modern fillers also stimulate the production of own collagen, which helps to improve the condition of the skin.

The procedure can be repeated when the effect of the drug has ended or after 6 months.

Recommendations after cheek contour plastic surgery

The main rule after the injection of fillers is to keep calm. Any influence on the area of drug administration should be very delicate and minimal. For the first 2 weeks, it is necessary to refrain from facial massage, scrubs, any rubbing. Such precautions help to avoid unwanted displacement of the filler.

Contour plastic cheekbones

In addition, it is worth following such habits:
◼   to sleep on the back;
◼   use products with SPF that protect the skin from the negative effects of sunlight;
◼   exclude alcohol for at least the first 7-10 days after injections;
◼   for a week to give up going to baths and saunas.

The first examination by a doctor is carried out 3 days after the procedure. Further visits are planned individually and as needed.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for contour plastic surgery of the cheekbones – use the “Contact us” or “Contact button” buttons to make an appointment for an individual consultation. Esteva Clinic specialists will help you restore the youth of the face oval and make the cheekbones more expressive!

Контурна пластика скул, підборіддя, носа

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Juvederm Voluma 1 ml (Allergan) США 18-24 місяців


Juvederm ultra 4 1,0 ml (Allergan) США 14-16 місяців


Teosyal Ultimate 3 ml (Швейцарія) 18 місяців


Контурна пластика препаратом Радієс (Radiesse)

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 0,8 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 1,5 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 3 ml