Rjabko Lorina Mykolaivna

Рябко Лорина дерматолог



Graduated from Sumy State University in 2019, Faculty of General Medicine.


– Dermatology (diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic diseases

skin and nails);

– Dermatoscopy and removal of benign skin neoplasms

(moles, papillomas, seborrheic keratomas, warts, contagious

molluscs, etc.) by radio wave method, cryodestruction method, with

using a CO2 laser;

– Trichology (diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases of the scalp


– Cosmetology (cleansing, peeling, basic care, cosmetology

procedures, massage, home care selection);

– Injection cosmetology (mesotherapy, biorevitalization);

– Phototherapy for acne;

– Laser epilation;

– Hardware cosmetology (RF-lifting, vascular treatment).

“Good health is what makes you feel happy. The doctors target  is to prolong this feeling “