Video diagnostics of hair diseases


Hair video diagnostics determines:

  • scalp type (oily, dry, sensitive)
  • possible skin lesions
  • hair type (dry, brittle, dystrophic)
  • the size and condition of the hair follicle
  • functioning of the sebaceous gland
  • the condition of the hair along the entire length, the degree of its damage
  • hair thickness and density
  • the degree of hair loss is determined.


A microscopic scan of the scalp reveals a lot about the patient, including the state of health over the past months. The patient has the opportunity to see firsthand their hair problems. As a result of the study, a scalp disease is established with 98% accuracy, on the basis of which hair treatment or care is prescribed.

Carrying out diagnostics is also important before carrying out chemical procedures (dyeing, curling hair, etc.), while choosing hair care products, determining the causes of dandruff, slow hair growth, etc.

At Esteva Clinic, we perform video diagnostics using the Aramo SG diagnostic system.

Aramo SG is a multifunctional model with a set of accessories for the diagnosis of hair, scalp and face.

Aramo SG is a fully automated system that allows the user to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on diagnostics, as well as to avoid any possible errors in the process. This trichoscope has an optimized image with automatic color balance at every diagnostic step and uses a progressive scan method to maximize graphics.

Consultation and diagnostics cost

Консультации трихолога и видеодиагностика заболеваний кожи

Наименование консультацииЦена, грн
Консультация трихолога 30 минут490
Консультация + цифровая дерматоскопия 40 минут450
Консультация трихолога 60 минут600
Повторная консультация трихолога200
Цифровая дерматоскопия350