Peeling is a controlled process of removing the top layers of the skin. The procedure got its name from the English verb “to peel” – “to clean”.

Peelings are distinguished by the type of exposure:

  • physical (dermabrasion)
  • chemical (using alpha hydroxy acids – abbreviated as AHA acids)
  • enzyme (based on plant enzymes)

According to the depth of penetration, peelings are:

  • superficial – the effect occurs within the epidermis (which leads to a slight effect of skin lifting, stimulation of cell division, lightening of the skin)
  • middle – the effect extends to the basement membrane, reaching the papillary layer of the dermis (which is accompanied by a pronounced rejuvenating effect, elimination of wrinkles, and is used to combat age spots)
  • deep – the effect covers the epidermis, basement membrane, papillary and part of the reticular layer of the dermis. Such peeling requires long-term rehabilitation and is performed in a surgical setting.

The results achieved with the course of procedures are not limited to the effect of rejuvenation.

Chemical peeling is indicated for:

  • fine wrinkles,
  • dark spots,
  • rough skin micro-relief,
  • enlarged skin pores,
  • scars,
  • stretch marks (striae).

Chemical peels are used in the complex therapy of acne, post-acne, xeroderma (dry skin), ichthyosis.

The course of chemical peeling is usually 3-6 sessions.

For maximum effect, it is recommended to perform 1-2 peels per year.

Thus, with the help of peeling, you can get rid of many age-related skin changes.

It should also be noted that chemical peels are effective at any age and are suitable for various skin types. However, in the hands of experienced specialists, it is possible to fully reveal all the positive properties of the technique. It is equally important to adapt a chemical peel to a specific skin type.

Autumn-winter period is the ideal time for peeling due to the minimal solar activity! Carrying out the procedure during this period allows performing peelings of various depths and solving the entire spectrum of patients’ wishes.

It should be borne in mind that chemical peels are ineffective in case of sagging skin and / or loss of elasticity. In such conditions, it will be advisable to consult a cosmetologist for a facelift (lift), performed using such hardware techniques as RF- or ultrasonic SMAS lifting

Thanks to the use of chemical peels, it is possible to heal the skin, give it an incentive to rejuvenate and get rid of many aesthetic imperfections.

At the ESTEVA clinic we use Skin tech peels (Spain), Medicare (Germany), Sesderma (Spain), Mesoestetic (Spain) based on almond, azelaic, pyruvic, lactic, salicylic acids, Jessner peeling, retinol peeling, glycolic, TCA, and also combined phenol peeling.

Our clinic also uses Easy TCA Pain control – this is a unique hybrid peeling that combines TCA (trichloroacetic acid) and phenol, which belongs to CE CLASS II medical products. Such properties allow the peeling components to penetrate to a depth from the basal layer, into the Grenz zone, which gives a persistent pronounced result of rejuvenation after the first procedure.

Of particular note is the peeling PRX-T33

Peeling PRX-T3

– This is a composition based on trichloroacetic, kojic acids and hydrogen peroxide, which can be used both at a time – to quickly improve the appearance of the facial skin, and in a course – to eliminate age-related changes and combat photoaging.

The advantages of this peeling:
stimulates the production of its own collagen
increases skin elasticity
whitens and evens out complexion
smoothes wrinkles
restores capillaries, thereby improving nutrition of the dermis
unclogs pores
reduces inflammatory processes, the activity of bacteria decreases.
helps with thickening of the skin

Indications for the peeling procedure PRX-T33

increased desquamation (including seborrheic dermatitis),
traces of scars and scars,
discoloration of the skin (disruption of melanin production or reaction to ultraviolet light),
the appearance of stretch marks and stretch marks;
traces of blackheads and acne,
natural aging of the skin, sagging tissues.
Why PRX-T33:
can be spent at any time of the year, even in summer,
sensitivity to the sun does not increase,
the epidermis is not injured, peroxide gently exfoliates dead cells on the surface, needles / laser, etc. are not used for deep influence,
has a cumulative effect,
application is not accompanied by a rehabilitation period
can be combined with other procedures (laser, chemical, plastic),

The effect of this peeling is cumulative. The final result is associated with a change in the structure of the skin and will be noticeable in 2-4 weeks.

A large selection of high-quality peeling formulations and a high professional level of cosmetologists who clearly understand how important the acid-base balance of the skin is and know exactly which peeling is right for you.

All this will provide a 100% result, and also eliminate the risk of complications.

The cost of the procedure

Пилинги (Skin Tech, Sesderma, Enerpeel, Philoderm, BioRePeel)

Название процедурыЦена, грн
Пилинг BioRePeel


Поверхностные пилинги 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)800
Срединно-поверхностные пилинги 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)900
Срединно-поверхностные пилинги (Джеснера) 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)1200
Срединный пилинг 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)1600
Срединно-глубокий пилинг c домашним уходом 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)


Летний пилинг 1 зона (лицо / шея / декольте)800