Ultrasound SMAS lifting of body

СМАС для тела

Many people are familiar with ultrasound SMAS lifting as the most effective method of non-surgical facelift. However, with the advent of the latest generation of ultrasound lifting devices (Ultraformer 3), we have the opportunity to perform non-surgical body lifting. All this is due to the fact that, unlike the representative of the older generation of devices (commonly known as the Ulthera System or Altera), the Ultraformer has attachments capable of acting at great depths.

With the help of special special attachments, the Ultraformer device can work in the deep layers of the skin, as well as at the level of muscle layers. Ultrasound performs a controlled effect, which triggers the processes of active tissue repair, which provides a lifting effect.

Areas of application of SMAS body lifting

Ultrasonic SMAS body lifting is performed as an independent procedure for the treatment and prevention of local excess body fat (for example, cellulite).

SMAS body lifting is used to form clear contours of the body, which creates the ideal proportions of your figure

Ультраформер для тела

SMAS body lifting can be used for:

  • Sagging, laxity of the inner surface of the arms and thighs
  • Loss of elasticity of the skin above the knees
  • Cellulite and body irregularities
  • Loss of definition of the contour lines of the figure in the waist and sides
  • Age-related changes in volumes (hormonal traps)
  • Gravitational ptosis of abdominal tissues
  • Local fatty deposits in the abdomen, sides,
  • Cellulite thighs, buttocks, knees, back, inner arms, shoulders
  • Moderate sagging and excess skin after pregnancy
  • Laxity and wrinkling in the supra- and axillary area

How does SMAS body lifting work?

High efficiency of SMAS lifting is achieved due to the mechanism of lipolysis (destruction and resorption) of fat deposits, as well as skin lifting under the action of ultrasound energy.

Ultrasound radiation is focused in the tissues where fat cells lie – in the so-called “fat traps”, which leads to instant lipolysis, that is, the death of fat cells, which are subsequently excreted from the body in a physiological way.

Studies have shown that the destruction of adipocytes occurs only at the point of exposure to the apparatus and is safe for the body and surrounding tissues.

At the same time, the synthesis of new collagen fibers is activated, and the old ones contract and thicken, which leads to a tightening of the once sagging skin areas.

Ultrasonic SMAS lifting on the Ultraformer 3 device today is the most effective method of fighting cellulite and localized fat deposits among non-surgical techniques.

Benefits of SMAS body lifting:

  • The most effective method of non-surgical body tightening
  • High level of safety of the procedure
  • More pronounced lifting effect of the procedure in comparison with devices of previous generations due to the high power of the device’s peak pulse
  • There is no recovery period
  • The procedure is comfortable and painless
  • Recognized and used by the leaders of the global beauty industry

The skin is not damaged during the procedure, and the products of fat breakdown are removed from the body physiologically: 90% through the lymphatic system and 10% through the circulatory system.

Features of SMAS body lifting

The lifting effect depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and grows within 3-4 months.

The course of treatment is determined by the doctor for each patient individually, after examination and consultation.

The ultrasound SMAS – lifting procedure is performed most often once, with a persistent one, which lasts for 1-3 years.

The procedure lasts on average from 40 minutes to two hours, depending on the number of treated areas.

It is also important that the procedure can be performed in the summer, even on tanned skin.

This is especially true if you are going on vacation in a week and want to improve your figure as soon as possible.

The SMAS lifting procedure on the Ultraformer device is perfectly combined with any injection and hardware techniques, laser resurfacing, massages, laser hair removal, which are aimed at improving the quality of the skin and shaping the figure.

At Esteva Clinic, you can be sure of the quality of the procedure.

Our main goal is to help the patient, to cope with his problem, to make the figure more attractive.

We work according to the maximum protocol, because thanks to it, you can achieve the best, pronounced results in a minimum amount of time.

The cost of the procedure

Ультразвуковой СМАС лифтинг (Ultraformer III) тела

Название процедурыЦена, грн
одна линия27
СМАС лифтинг коленей


СМАС лифтинг живота (в зависимости от объемов и желаемого результата стоимость может меняться)


СМАС лифтинг боковых поверхностей живота13500
СМАС лифтинг ягодиц (в зависимости от объемов и желаемого результата стоимость может меняться)


СМАС лифтинг груди9500
СМАС лифтинг внутренних поверхностей бедер


Внутреняя поверхность рук (500 линий)13500
Подмышечная зона (200 линий)5400