How to fix a gummy smile

Gingival (gingival) smile is a condition in which, when talking or smiling, the gum line above the upper teeth becomes visible by more than 2 mm. Although most often the problem brings only aesthetic discomfort, in some cases more serious consequences are possible (for example, drying of the mucous membranes with their subsequent inflammation, the appearance of wrinkles above the upper lip).

In this article, we will consider in detail what causes an ashen smile and how it can be combated with the help of modern cosmetology.

Why there is a bright smile

There can be several reasons for the formation of a gummy smile, and all of them are physiological:

  • a feature of the structure of the upper jaw, the excessive development of which leads to the fact that even a normal upper lip in itself can appear short;
  • excessive lifting of the upper lip is also often the reason for the formation of a smile in which the gums are visible. This happens in those cases when the circular muscle of the mouth is excessively strong (hyperactive), which raises the lip higher than necessary;
  • the aesthetics of a smile can also be disturbed by a short lip;
  • a shortened bridle;
  • gum growth can also change the character of the smile. Such an unpleasant transformation is often observed in patients with diabetes or in people with certain blood diseases, as well as as a reaction to medical preparations;
  • the character of the smile also depends on the structure of the teeth – short teeth and/or their incorrect location can be the reason for having a bright smile.

Depending on the cause of gummy smile formation in a particular patient, treatment is prescribed by various medical specialists.

Is it possible to get rid of a gummy smile

Aesthetic medicine helps people with various problems and a clear smile is no exception.

There are different ways to solve the problem, and the choice of the method itself depends on many factors:

  • causes;
  • degree of expressiveness of the gingival smile;
  • presence of contraindications;
  • features of the structure of the jaw, the shape and state of the gums, etc.;
  • patient readiness for a difficult rehabilitation period.

What do doctors recommend for gum smile correction

If the reasons for the formation of a gingival smile are dental in nature, you should contact orthodontist. Such a specialist can prescribe various methods of solving the problem, such as the installation of veneers or the use of bracket systems.

There are also surgical methods to solve the problem, which differ in a longer healing period and rehabilitation, this is gingivectomy (removal of excess gum tissue in order to expose the upper part of the teeth), jaw operations and other surgical interventions.

All of the above methods have a fairly long recovery period and are performed under local or general anesthesia. Not everyone is ready for such a complex intervention, and not every situation requires such complex manipulations. Often simpler and safer procedures, which are carried out in aesthetic medicine clinics.

Methods of gum smile correction without surgery

The main non-surgical method of correcting a gummy smile is botulinum toxin injections.

Gingival smile correction with botulinum toxin is an effective and low-risk method suitable for most patients. By injecting a small amount of botulinum toxin, you can get rid of this problem without surgery.

Botulinum therapy is a fairly simple and safe, but at the same time effective way to get rid of a gummy smile. Injections are performed directly in the area around the lips in order to relax the upper lip.

How the correction is made

First, a comprehensive consultation is conducted, where the aesthetic problem is analyzed and treatment options are discussed. In addition, the doctor informs his patients in detail about the risks and side effects at the initial stage. The patient and the doctor also discuss the presence of contraindications together.

Botulinum toxin is injected directly into the muscle using a fine needle. Injections do not cause pain and take only a few seconds. Usually one point on each side of the nose is enough. The exact dosage depends on the mimic activity and age of the patient.

Points for drug administration are marked in green. Injections are performed on both sides of the nostril

After the procedure, a little redness or swelling may occur, but they pass quickly. Hematomas are also possible and this reaction passes in a few days. Due to the small amount of the drug and the fact that only two punctures are made, the procedure is usually completely free of complications.

Eliminating a gummy smile with botulinum toxin has a number of advantages:

  • quick result – the drug has a relaxing effect that occurs within a few days;
  • no recovery period – immediately after the procedure, the patient can return to his usual life;
  • low pain – injections bring minimal discomfort and do not require the use of anesthesia;
  • temporary effect– the use of botulinum toxin can be repeated or not depending on the wishes of the patient. The result of the procedure lasts 3-6 months on average. If you don’t like the result – everything will return to its normal state, which is impossible after any surgical intervention;
  • affordability – since a minimal amount of the drug is used during the procedure, the price of such a visit to the doctor is quite low.

It is forbidden to inject botulinum toxin to pregnant and lactating women, patients with acute infectious diseases, oncology in an active stage, as well as those who have there is an allergy to the components of the drug.

You can find out how much gum smile correction with botulinum toxin costs in the table below.

Корекція ясенної посмішки

Зона застосуванняЦіна, грн
Корекція ясенної посмішки2900

If you have long wanted to correct your gummy smile, but do not want to agree to complicated and expensive operations – botulinum toxin injections are just for you! Sign up for a consultation with an Esteva Clinic specialist and enjoy the result already after the first procedure!