Autumn cosmetology

Not all cosmetology procedures are recommended to be carried out in the summer, when the sun’s rays are very active. That is why, with the onset of the cool season, there are many opportunities to improve the condition of the skin. We will talk about the best procedures that are recommended to be carried out in the fall in this article.

Autumn cosmetology in Esteva Clinic

Features of autumn cosmetology

The total area of human skin can reach two square meters. Many people believe that keeping the skin clean is enough to stay healthy. Unfortunately, simple washing is not enough to maintain the normal functioning of the skin. This organ performs many different functions:
◼   protective;
◼   separate;
◼   thermoregulatory;
◼   metabolic;
◼   receptor;
◼   respiratory.

Autumn cosmetology in Esteva Clinic

Such a large and multifunctional organ as the skin needs attention, care and cosmetic procedures to remain healthy and beautiful.

Given the fact that a large part of the skin is constantly in close contact with the environment, one cannot ignore the influence of weather factors on open areas, primarily on the face, neck, arms, and shoulders.

In our short video, we talked about the best cosmetic procedures that can be performed in autumn.

What autumn procedures affect the skin and why

The sun with its ultraviolet and thermal radiation, drying wind, cold rain, high or low air humidity – all these factors affect the appearance, causing aging. Facial and body rejuvenation products, including hardware and injection methods, help to support skin health.

As mentioned above, the exposed skin of the face and hands are particularly affected. If you can put gloves on your hands and thereby reduce the effect of low temperatures, then the face is usually completely open.

Autumn cosmetology takes into account the influence of the weather:
◼   lower temperatures and sharp changes;
◼   temperature drop to minus values;
◼   increased air humidity on the street;
◼   reduced humidity in the room when the heating devices are turned on;
◼   strong winds and cold rains.

Autumn cosmetology in Esteva Clinic

You can add to the autumn factors:
◼   decrease in motor activity – in autumn we walk less and spend more time indoors, which leads to a slowdown in metabolism;
◼   shorter daylight hours – lack of sunlight causes a decrease in the production of vitamin D;
◼   a change in the diet – in the diet at the beginning of autumn there are various fruits and vegetables. As winter approaches, we consume more high-calorie carbohydrate foods. Agree, when it’s pouring rain outside the window, it’s dark and damp, you really want something sweet. As a result, acne and even pustules may appear on the skin.

Specialists of the clinic of aesthetic medicine know very well how the autumn season affects the appearance, so they insist: do not forget about cosmetology procedures, especially since many of them are much better tolerated precisely in autumn, in conditions of less intense sunlight.

What cosmetic procedures should be done in the fall

The gracious and generous autumn season is the best time for various actions aimed at rejuvenating the face. In autumn, the following cosmetology procedures will be most effective:
◼   laser skin rejuvenation;
◼   peelings;
◼   IPL (removal of blood vessels and pigmentation);
◼   microneedle RF lifting;
◼   skin cleaning.

In all the listed methods, there is an active effect on the upper or deeper layers of the dermis. For some time after the procedure (usually no more than a few days), it is recommended to avoid bright sunlight, because the skin is more sensitive to ultraviolet rays.

Skin cleaning

Since autumn days are shorter, the sun often hides behind clouds, the intensity of sunlight is significantly reduced. After the cosmetology procedure, there is no need to hide under a brimmed hat or wear clothes with long sleeves, which causes discomfort in the summer heat. On the contrary, autumn coolness contributes to an easier rehabilitation period after skin rejuvenation.

In the clinic of aesthetic medicine Esteva Clinic, the history and wishes of each patient are carefully studied in order to choose the most effective cosmetology procedures to obtain a pronounced effect of rejuvenation.

TOP-5 cosmetology procedures in autumn

If you decide to undergo a course of cosmetology procedures in the fall to improve the general condition of the skin or to solve a specific problem, then you should pay attention to the following modern and effective methods.

Laser skin rejuvenation

CO2 laser resurfacing is considered the “gold standard” among laser skin rejuvenation techniques. The procedure allows you to reduce the intensity of the signs of aging, hide scars and stretch marks, narrow pores, and return the skin to a uniform tone and texture.

The effect of laser polishing is visible already a week after the procedure, and it will grow for 6-12 months. Usually, for the maximum result, you need to go through grinding 2-3 times.

At a high level of UV radiation, the use of laser technology can lead to the formation of pigmentation on the skin. That is why the end of autumn is the best time to perform this procedure, thanks to the low intensity of solar radiation.

You can read about the procedure in our article “Laser grinding with a CO2 laser” or in the video.


A popular and sought-after rejuvenating procedure consists in the fact that the doctor removes the upper layers of the skin in a controlled manner. According to the type of effect on the skin, peelings can be physical, chemical or enzymatic. And the depth of action is superficial, medium or deep.

After any cosmetic procedure aimed at rejuvenating the face, slight redness may occur. It almost always goes away by itself, without requiring additional care, but it is highly recommended not to go out under the scorching rays of the sun. That is why it is customary to do peelings in the autumn or winter periods of the year.


At Esteva Clinic, we perform chemical peels that have a rejuvenating effect and also help to improve the overall condition of the skin: reduce fine lines and pigmentation, narrow pores, remove rashes and acne marks.

We told more about the procedure and its features in a separate article about peelings.

IPL (removal of blood vessels and pigmentation)

IPL (intense pulsed light or photorejuvenation) is a type of light therapy that allows you to rejuvenate the skin and remove pigmentation. The procedure is great for those who don’t know where to start on the way to younger and healthier skin.

IPL (removal of blood vessels and pigmentation)

The technique is widely used in cosmetology clinics around the world and is guaranteed to bring results. The anti-aging effect occurs a few weeks after the procedure and grows over several months. The average course is 2-4 procedures with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

As well as laser grinding, IPL techniques are also better to use at a low level of UV radiation outside. Therefore, autumn is the “golden season” for removing blood vessels and pigmentation on the skin.

If you want to learn more about the procedure, we recommend reading the article “Photo and laser rejuvenation“.

Microneedle RF lifting

A hardware cosmetology procedure that acts in the deep layers of the skin, affecting the production of collagen and elastane. It is these substances that are responsible for the elasticity and youth of the skin, the clarity of the contours of the face. Therefore, lifting is used to combat gravitational ptosis (sag) and strengthen facial contours, as well as eliminate post-acne.

To obtain a noticeable effect, 1-2 procedures are necessary, and the average course is 3-4 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks. The result of such a course of treatment will last for 2-3 years.

You can find more detailed information about the procedure in our article “Microneedle RF lifting” or watch the video.

Facial cleansing

Facial cleansing is one of the most common and popular procedures. It is shown at different ages in the absence of skin diseases. Facial cleansing makes it possible to clean the pores, remove the keratinized layer of the dermis and improve the complexion, normalize the secretion of sebum, and even out the relief.

Like all procedures for facial rejuvenation, it should be performed professionally, because amateur manipulations can cause damage. Autumn is a favorable time for cleaning the face, because there is no risk of excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays. This procedure will be a great autumn choice for absolutely everyone!

You can find out more detailed information about the procedure in the article “Facial cleansing” or in the video.

How to prepare the skin for autumn at a beautician

Cosmetic procedures in the autumn period are aimed at rejuvenating the skin, preparing it for winter, improving it and tightening it using hardware methods. Selection of procedures is carried out by a qualified specialist with extensive experience in the application of various techniques.

Priority is given to laser and injection methods, as they enable rapid rejuvenation, improvement of facial contours and complexion. Nutrients that saturate the dermis on the eve of winter help to cope with weather disasters.

Autumn cosmetology in Esteva Clinic

During laser skin rejuvenation, small defects are eliminated, the surface is leveled without the risk of infection or sunburn. At the same time, the appearance of pigment spots will not be a problem, since the risk of their appearance in autumn is minimal.

Home cosmetology in autumn should include careful cleaning without the use of alcohol solutions. It is necessary to use nourishing creams that saturate the dermis with useful substances. Use moisturizers with caution and only before the onset of frost.

Esteva Clinic specialists are ready to provide comprehensive recommendations for autumn care, conduct an examination and choose the optimal course of rejuvenation at an individual consultation.