Remove wrinkles between the eyebrows

One of the main tasks of modern cosmetology is to smooth out age-related changes in the skin, as well as to prevent their early appearance. For this, there are a number of effective injection and hardware procedures, which individually or in combination help to improve the condition of the skin, return a younger and rested look to the face.

In this article, we will talk about such an age-related change as the formation of wrinkles between the eyebrows. What is this phenomenon, how to get rid of such wrinkles and prevent their appearance, we tell in detail below.

How wrinkles appear between the eyebrows

The eyebrow wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes are mimic wrinkles, which are the earliest age-related changes in the face. It is with them that the average person first of all encounters. Since there is a significant demand for the correction of such changes, the Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetology has vast experience in this matter.

What provokes the formation of interbrow wrinkles

The main reason for the formation of wrinkles between the eyebrows is as simple and clear as possible – this is active facial expressions. Any emotions are instantly reflected on a person’s face so that others can understand the inner each other’s condition. In a normal situation, the wrinkle between the eyebrows disappears as soon as the person stops frowning. However, if such emotions appear on a person’s face often, then over time the hall will become more noticeable and it will be visible even in a calm state. The interbrow fold itself is often called the “wrinkle of anger” or the “wrinkle of the Gordians” (lat. Musculus procerus), and the muscle that forms such a wrinkle is the “muscle of the Gordians”.

The formation of a fold between the eyebrows is explained by such a phenomenon as increased muscle tone, which occurs as a result of their constant contraction. Later, the muscle simply cannot be in the same position as in younger years.

The appearance of wrinkles between the eyebrows can also be caused by other reasons:

  • inadequate synthesis of collagen and elastin, caused by genetic predisposition or body condition;
  • skin dryness is also an important factor that affects the early formation of wrinkles;
  • active influence of ultraviolet on the skin accelerates all aging processes, including provoking the appearance of wrinkles;
  • harmful habits, unbalanced diet, lack of quality full night’s sleep and chronic stress all this has a very strong effect on the body person and accelerates any age-related changes in the body.

Features of wrinkles between the eyebrows

The main feature of the interbrow is that it can appear on the face of people of quite a young age. Even if the skin as a whole is still toned and noticeable age changes have not set in, the habit of frowning can be very noticeable, which will make the face visually older and more tired.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows can be of two types:

  • vertical – those wrinkles that are formed with permanent furrowed eyebrows;
  • horizontal – formed in people who have a habit of wrinkling their nose and squinting their eyes.

Ways to fight wrinkles between the eyebrows

There are different ways to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows and each of them has its own strengths and characteristics. We will talk about the most effective methods that have proven themselves well in the fight against mimic and deep wrinkles between the eyebrows.

How to quickly remove mimic wrinkles between the eyebrows

If the patient has an interbrow of a mimic nature (that is, skin and muscle changes have not yet acquired a permanent character), then to smooth out wrinkles between eyebrows are perfect for botulotoxin injections. The purpose of such injections is to block chemical signals that are responsible for muscle contraction.

The procedure itself takes literally a couple of minutes and passes without noticeable discomfort. Mimic wrinkles between the eyebrows are smoothed out after the first procedure. The result of such injections lasts for 3-4 months, after which you can sign up for a repeat procedure. Botulinum toxin injections are recommended no more than three times a year, so that the body does not develop immunity to the active substance of the drug.

Also, preventive injections against wrinkles are recommended starting at the age of 30 to prevent the formation of some wrinkles. Botulinum toxin will block the muscles and prevent them from forming unwanted folds and folds.

The cost of correction of the eyebrow (as well as other wrinkles) using botulinum toxin is given below.

Уколи від зморшок

Зона застосуванняЦіна, грн
Гусячі лапки (ділянка навколо очей)




Горизонтальні зморшки чола та міжбрівʼя


Підняття брів1200
Зморшки ділянки носа1500
Корекція овалу обличчя4800
Корекція зморшок FULL FACE (всі зони)




Підйом куточків рота (Маріонеткова зона)


Корекція зони навколо губ1700
Корекція десневої посмішки2900

How to remove deep wrinkles between the eyebrows

If the patient’s wrinkles have become deep and have become static, it is recommended to perform filling wrinkles with filler (or as it is also called blanching). Correcting such a condition is more difficult than eliminating interbrow wrinkles with the help of botulinum toxin, but this task is quite real. Painful sensations from the introduction of the filler are minimal.

When the wrinkles are first filled with filler, the effect will last up to 6 months. For repeated procedures – up to 9 months.

Контурна пластика заповнення зморшок

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Belotero Soft Merz (Німеччина)


Belotero Balance Merz (Німеччина)


Additional methods of combating interbrow wrinkles

Wrinkle-fighting methods can be comprehensive and comprehensive. During an individual consultation, the doctor analyzes the condition of the patient’s skin and tells how best to get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows.

How to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows at a beautician:

  • Chemical peeling. In the process of peeling, the top layer of the skin is exfoliated. Due to this, it is possible to even out the tone and relief of the skin, as well as to smooth out small wrinkles. It is recommended to undergo the procedure as a course, the length of which is determined by the doctor during an individual consultation.
  • Laser grinding. The effect of the laser on the skin stimulates the formation of collagen – one of the most important elements for preserving the youth and health of the skin. To achieve the maximum result, grinding is also prescribed as a course of 2-3 procedures. The technique will help to get rid of wrinkles between the eyebrows and in other areas, will improve the tone and relief of the skin.
  • SMAS lifting. Another way to remove wrinkles between the eyebrows. The hardware procedure is aimed at working with the oval of the face. However, the technique also helps to fight wrinkles, especially in combination with injection procedures. A positive result is achieved due to the effect on the lower muscle-aponeurotic layer of the face, due to which a tightening occurs. The SMAS lifting course consists of only one session, and its effect lasts for 1-3 years.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows: photos before and after

In order for you to see with your own eyes the effectiveness of the techniques used at Esteva Clinic, we have collected before and after photos of our patients. The result of the procedures is visible to the naked eye – the wrinkles between the eyebrows are evened out already after the first visit to the cosmetologist!

Prevention of wrinkles between the eyebrows: expert advice

In order not to observe wrinkles between the eyebrows in the reflection of the mirror for as long as possible, it is necessary to follow the advice of a cosmetologist:

  • cosmetic products for skin care products should be of high quality and suitable for your skin type. If you don’t know how to choose the right care, ask a cosmetologist for help;
  • skin must be protected from ultraviolet using products with SPF, sunglasses and brimmed hats. It is highly not recommended to actively sunbathe your face;
  • it is important to monitor facial expressions and avoid constant gloomy look, squinting, etc.;
  • to keep the muscles in tone, you can do facial self-massage or regularly go for such a procedure to a specialist;
  • a healthy lifestyle is the key to good skin. Avoiding bad habits, a balanced diet, water regime, physical activity and quality rest will help to avoid early age-related changes in the skin.

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