How to lift face without surgery quickly

The appearance of any person with age inevitably changes. This is reflected in all parts of the body, including the clarity of the facial oval. The effect of gravity, and the influence of the environment, and bad habits. Fine lines and wrinkles appear, the corners of the mouth droop, the so-called “bulldog cheeks” appear.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

However, aging is a natural biological process. And in our power only to slow down the rate of age-related changes, but not completely eliminate them. For this purpose, individually selected cosmetic procedures are prescribed, taking into account age, skin condition and health.

How to restore the face oval

Aging of the face can not be hidden by any cosmetic means. With age there is a weakening of the muscular-aponeurotic system, which creates tone. The fat packets deep in the skin are depleted, so the cheekbone and chin area loses its usual shape.

The superficial fat deposits, on the contrary, become more visible, they plump down. In this case, the oval of the face begins to resemble an inverted triangle, with sagging cheeks and deep folds near the mouth.

Many people dream of returning a clear outline of the face, but are afraid that a facelift surgery may not give the same result as desired. In addition, not everyone can do plastic surgery.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

Cosmetologists have long known methods that allow without surgery quickly and permanently restore the lost elasticity of the skin and emphasize the natural oval of the face. Esteva Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Clinic employs only experienced cosmetologists who can tighten the facial oval and achieve a long-lasting effect.

Over the years of practice our doctors have come to the conclusion that the ideal combination in the fight against age-related changes is a combination of SMAS lifting and Radiesse filler injections.

How to tighten the oval face without surgery

Cosmetologists recommend using for the formation of the correct facial oval preparation on a gel basis Radiess and combine such injections with lifting on the apparatus Ultraformer.

These techniques perfectly complement each other, can be used in one procedure sequentially or with a month’s break between them.

The techniques are safe and have been used in the US and Europe since the early 2000s. They can be repeated periodically if you need to emphasize facial features. Each time after the procedure, the client gets the effect of natural rejuvenation, without swelling or hypercorrection.

What is Radiesse

The use of Radiesse filler for facelift is popular all over the world. The drug is completely safe, does not contain animal or human tissue, is completely hypoallergenic. Safety is confirmed by the American organization FDA.


The task of the filler is to fill the areas that have lost their natural volume. On the face, these are the cheekbones and chin. Cheekbones form the oval of the face in the middle third, and the chin is a support for the lower part.

The active ingredient of Radiess is calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) in the form of a gel substance. The preparation is injected using a microcannula or a very fine needle and instantly creates the desired volume. The microparticles of the preparation form a framework that serves as a stimulant and a basis for the subsequent production of collagen and elastin.

After injection, the Radiesse CaHA gel matrix integrates into the skin and creates a “scaffolding” that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.As the gel carrier dissolves, a strong network of collagen fibers appears. Formed collagen and elastin in place of the gel carrier, thanks to the renewal of the skin structure, smooth out wrinkles.

Thus, the filler becomes a filler, a growth stimulator and a framework for the restoration of the facial oval.

After some time, hydroxyapatite resorbs without a trace in the body, but by that time the natural collagen framework is already produced.

One procedure uses a minimal amount of gel – from 1.5 to 3 ml, because the filler is injected not just to “fill” the skin, but to restore the lost natural volume.

You can learn more about injections in the article “Face non surgery contour plastic” or in our video.

Why do you need SMAS lifting

The procedure is performed on the Ultraformer III device. SMAS lifting occurs under the action of ultrasound, acting on the ligaments and muscle fibers. These structures, warmed up, get a powerful impetus for renewal and collagen production.

SMAS lifting is carried out to elevator the face, and after a month or immediately in one procedure is used filler Radiesse. Thus a combined effect is achieved: the formation of a new collagen framework, filling deep folds, eliminating laxity and sagging skin. In addition, the complexion and skin tone are visibly improved.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

No other methods without surgery to quickly achieve such results is impossible. The rejuvenation effect is achieved very quickly, without a scalpel and remains for a long time.

The rejuvenation effect builds up over several weeks and remains for at least a year.

Apparatus Ultraformer allows you to act very precisely, at a given depth, thereby maximizing the preservation of nearby tissues. In addition, the procedure on the Ultraformer is faster and less painful than on other devices for SMAS lifting.

If you still have questions about the procedure, you can find even more information in our article “SMAS lifting Ultraformer III” or in the video.

What side effects can occur after procedures

Injection and hardware manipulations usually take up to 1 hour. A light superficial anesthesia may be used to minimize pain.

Usually all manifestations of the treatment will subside within a few hours, up to a maximum of 3 days. This may be a slight redness, dot marks from the introduction of drugs, slight swelling, occasionally bruising.

In the first day should not take hot baths and go to the sauna, you should also avoid heavy physical exertion. During the week it is not recommended to be in the sun for a long time.

Facelift with laser

Patients of our clinic often come to the cosmetologist for a laser facelift. However, we have to disappoint you – laser for this purpose is not suitable. Offer laser procedures to emphasize the oval of the face, is inappropriate and our institution considers such actions unprofessional.

The action of the laser is used for other purposes, in particular for scar removal, acne treatment, smoothing the relief and tone of the skin. Laser therapy can improve the quality of the skin, but will not help to eliminate visible signs of age-related changes.

Is it possible to tighten the oval of the face with massage

It is impossible to tighten the oval face by massage alone, because massage has no effect on the deep layers of the skin. Of course, regular massages can improve the complexion, tone and freshness.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

But even if you get a massage weekly, the facial oval will not get better. Therefore, the clinic of aesthetic medicine offers more effective means of rejuvenation.

Safe and painless cosmetic procedures such as the SMAS elevator and Radiesse injections can really stop aging. The effects of the procedures will remain visible for up to 18 months without any surgical intervention.

Massage, on the other hand, can be left as an auxiliary pleasant effect. It is always a pleasure to relax under the skillful hands of a good specialist.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

If you have any doubts or questions, we invite you to a consultation with a cosmetologist. You can make an appointment on the website or by phone.

Any manipulations are carried out only after a thorough examination, identification of problem areas and questions about the general state of health. Each patient is guaranteed confidentiality and individual selection of the treatment program, no matter what issue you have addressed.

Current prices and promotions for non-surgical facelift can be found in the tables below.

Контурна пластика препаратом Радієс (Radiesse)

ПрепаратЦіна, грн
Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 0,8 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 1,5 ml


Radiesse Merz (США) Волюмізація, ліфтинг 3 ml


Ультразвуковий СМАС ліфтинг (Ultraformer III) обличчя

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Ліфтинг периорбітальної зони (зона навколо очей)


Ліфтинг брів


Малярні мішки під очима


Зона другого підборіддя


Ліфтинг щік


Ліфтинг нижньої третини обличчя (без підборіддя)


Ліфтинг нижньої третини обличчя (включаючи підборіддя)


Ліфтинг обличчя


Ліфтинг обличчя + шиї


Ліфтинг обличчя + шиї+ декольте


Ліфтинг лоба


Ліфтинг шиї


Ліфтинг декольте