How to remove bags under the eyes

It is the skin around the eyes that shows the first signs of aging. The appearance of bags under the eyes does not please absolutely anyone. But, fortunately, today this problem can be easily eliminated even without surgical intervention.

Remove bags under the eyes in Esteva Clinic

Reasons for the appearance of under-eyes bags

The appearance of bags under the eyes can be influenced by many factors, the main of which are considered to be:

◼   genetic predispositions;
◼   sleep disturbance and lack of sleep;
◼   excess salt in the diet and unhealthy nutrition in general;
◼   water retention in body tissues;
◼   presence of various chronic diseases.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Modern cosmetology offers several options for solving this aesthetic problem. But most of them have certain disadvantages. The effect may be short-lived, and if the result remains for a long time, it is achieved only thanks to operative (surgical) intervention.

At Esteva Clinic, the most effective non-surgical method of removing bags under the eyes is used today – ultrasonic SMAS lifting.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

During the procedure, ultrasonic waves reproduced by the device and directed to problem areas stimulate the production of collagen, which smoothes the surface of the skin, gives it tone and removes wrinkles. Due to the effect of the device for SMAS lifting on the deep layers of the dermis, the effect lasts much longer than after procedures that stimulate the appearance of collagen only in the surface layers.

At the end of the session, the face acquires a well-groomed and toned appearance. The skin literally changes and looks completely different. At the same time, the patient does not experience any painful sensations, and bruises and microtraumas are completely absent.

SMAS lifting is perfect for eliminating bags under the eyes. This non-surgical lifting procedure is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is very popular in the best cosmetic clinics in the world.

SMAS lifting Ultraformer III: advantages

Ultraformer is not an operation

The SMAS lifting procedure has many advantages. The most important of them is that the result remains for a really long time. An effect similar in durability can be obtained only by using invasive methods, and Ultraformer is an effective lifting device without surgical intervention.

We recommend watching a video about how the ultrasound SMAS lifting procedure is performed at Esteva Clinic and what impressions our clients have after using this technique.

Natural and lasting result from the procedure

After the Ultraformer, the face looks fresh and toned in a natural way. The bags under the eyes disappear, the skin is evened out, the contour of the face becomes clear. It all looks absolutely organic and no change in individual human features occurs.

It is important to understand that after the procedure, the result is accumulative: ultrasound increases the level of collagen production, which will actively work to improve the condition of the skin over the next 2-3 months. This means that during this period the face will acquire an increasingly attractive appearance. Unlike many cosmetology procedures that require regular repetition every 3-6 months, the result of SMAS lifting lasts from 1 to 3 years.

It not only rejuvenates, but also prevents skin aging

SMAS lifting is used to remove visible signs of aging. But Ultraformer also helps to prevent their appearance, which is why such ultrasound therapy is performed by women and men starting at the age of 35. It is always easier to warn than to solve a problem that already exists and is actively progressing.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

With age, many processes in our body slow down. This also applies to the production of collagen: it is produced less often and in a smaller amount. SMAS lifting is needed to change this. This cosmetology procedure will help restore youth to the skin. It acts immediately and comprehensively:

◼   makes the contour of the face clearer;
◼   smoothes nasolabial folds and creases in the corners of the lips;
◼   tightens the skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks and neck;
◼   removes the second chin.

The technique qualitatively improves not only the appearance, but also the condition of the skin – the effect is noticeable after just one procedure!

You can find out even more information why carrying out the procedure with the help of Ultraformer III is the smartest decision in our article “7 reasons why you should choose Ultraformer“.

It doesn’t take much time

Depending on the area on which the lifting is performed, the procedure can last from 30 to 90 minutes. This allows people with a very tight schedule to take good care of themselves. In most cases, only one session is enough to achieve the desired effect. And very rarely a second additional procedure is needed.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

After SMAS lifting, there is no redness or other unpleasant effects on the skin. You can immediately apply moisturizing cream and make-up, do sports and continue your usual rhythm of life. The only thing to pay attention to is protection from solar radiation. If you plan to be outside for a long time after lifting, we recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF level 30 or more.

Has a wide range of action

With the help of this technology, you can work on absolutely all problem areas not only of the face, but also on the body. In particular, tighten the neck and décolleté area, give it a well-groomed appearance and remove slack. Lifting works perfectly on the stomach, hips and knees, the inner surface of the hands.

We talked in more detail about the work on the body with the help of SMAS lifting in the article “Ultrasonic SMAS body lifting“.

Suitable for delicate skin

Everyone knows that the area around the eyes is the most sensitive part of the face. For the same reason, it is there that the first signs of aging appear.

Remove bags under the eyes in Esteva Clinic

Ultraformer is one of the few methods of modern cosmetology that can be used in such a delicate area. The procedure will help remove paint bags, as well as correct the overhanging eyelid, making it less expressive.

Has a minimum of contraindications

This antiaging procedure should not be done by people who have:

◼   diabetes,
◼   violation of blood coagulation processes,
◼   diseases of the cardiovascular system,
◼   connective tissue diseases.

Pregnant and nursing young mothers are also advised to refrain from SMAS therapy.

SMAS lifting in Esteva Clinic

If you have doubts about the course of the procedure and its safety, you should make an appointment for an individual consultation with our specialists. They will be able to suggest whether it is worth doing SMAS lifting in a specific situation, or whether it is better to choose an alternative.

Do you have any questions? You can get the most comprehensive consultation at an individual meeting with one of the Esteva Clinic doctors, where the necessary procedures and skin care products will be selected for you.

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