How to remove a wart

Warts are benign formations that often form on the skin of people of different sexes and ages. The appearance of warts is provoked by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Formations protruding above the surface of the skin usually have a rounded shape, they can also change in size and spread to neighboring areas of the skin. Traumatizing warts can lead to bleeding and pain.

How to remove a wart

Since warts bring aesthetic discomfort and are often injured, getting rid of these neoplasms is a frequent reason for visits to cosmetologists. In this article, we will tell in detail what cosmetology procedures help remove warts and whether it can be done at home.

Why warts appear

Warts appear on the body of most people. Children and adolescents, and to a lesser extent adults, are especially prone to the formation of these formations. People with chronic skin diseases – eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis – are also in the zone of increased risk.

As already written, the cause of the formation of formations is HPV. This virus has more than 100 strains and it is quite easy to get infected with them through open wounds on the skin. The virus is more likely to infect moist skin. People with weak immunity are also at risk, because the virus is more likely to be able to take hold in such an organism. For some time (up to six months), the virus can remain in the body without symptoms.

How to remove a wart

Warts tend to disappear from the skin on their own within several years. The probability of such a pleasant development of events depends on various factors, among which are the state of the immune system and individual characteristics of the patient. In any case, doctors recommend passing all the necessary tests to determine the seriousness of the situation and based on the received data to think about further actions.

A doctor can determine the nature of a skin neoplasm – whether it is a wart or not and what kind it is – during an individual examination. For this, a special device is used – a dermatoscope. It helps to examine the area of the skin in multiple approximations and to determine which formation has arisen on the skin.

It is important to remember that if you have warts, you should not delay a visit to the doctor. In addition to causing aesthetic discomfort and pain, warts can be contagious. With close skin-to-skin contact or through household items, the virus is quite easily transmitted to another person, which means that having warts puts your loved ones at risk of infection.

How to remove a wart

It is necessary to consult a doctor if the wart bleeds, changes in appearance or causes pain. After the formations have been correctly identified, you can choose the optimal cosmetology procedures for their removal.

What are the methods of getting rid of warts

During an individual consultation at the clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology, the doctor will carefully study the nature of your neoplasm and determine the optimal method of removal. Let’s consider possible options in more detail.

Remember that whatever method of removal of formations you choose, it is also important to find out and eliminate the reasons for their appearance, so as not to return to this situation again and again.

Cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen removal)

Removal of warts can be done with the help of liquid nitrogen, which is applied to the formation for a few seconds. The wart freezes and breaks down, leaving behind an inflamed blister and then a scab. Complete wound healing takes 7-10 days.

How to remove a wart

Procedure takes 15-30 minutes, and getting rid of the wart itself can be slightly painful. The larger the wart, the more likely it is that freezing will have to be done several times with an interval of several weeks between sessions.

Disadvantages of cryotherapy include the potential risk of scar formation, hyperpigmentation, and changes in the shape and structure of the nail plate if the removal was performed near the nail.

Radio waves

Cosmetic procedures using radio waves are performed using local anesthesia. The need and type of pain relief depends on the type and size of the wart, as well as its location. As with cryotherapy, it may take several sessions spaced a couple of weeks apart to completely get rid of the growth. After removal, a scab forms on the treated area, which heals in 1-2 weeks. As with removal with liquid nitrogen, a small scar may form at the removal site or pigmentation may appear on the skin.

CO2 laser

It is possible to remove warts with a laser in a clinic of aesthetic medicine – it is with such a request that patients most often come. This method is very similar to the radio wave removal we described above. Removal is quick, but requires anesthesia, and the wound at the site of the wart can take up to several weeks to heal.

How to remove a wart

The disadvantage of the laser is that it is more difficult to determine the exact depth of the lesion when using it – it is often difficult to predict how much the tissue will evaporate under the influence of the laser beam.

Surgical removal

Surgical removal of warts is rarely performed, as the patient risks being left with a more visible scar. You can remove warts in this way if the formation is more than 15 mm in diameter. The method is practically not used in aesthetic cosmetology and is considered very radical. Doctors resort to it in extreme cases – when the wart turns into melanoma or the tissues surrounding it begin to die.

Chemical preparations

If you have warts, but you do not want to resort to one of the procedures listed above, you can try to get rid of the formations with the help of special ointments. Such drugs are prescribed by a doctor after an examination and are sold by prescription. Such means should be used very carefully and only after consultation with an experienced specialist, as a side effect may be browning of the treated skin or even a burn.

What not to do after removing warts

In order to prevent wound infection and obtain the desired removal result, it is necessary to follow some simple instructions:
◼   the wound must always remain dry and clean, the area can be treated only with the means prescribed by the doctor;
◼   do not touch the wound with your hands, do not peel off the crusts that have formed;
◼   use only your personal towel;
◼   during the treatment of warts, refuse visits to swimming pools, baths and saunas.

Why you should not try to get rid of warts at home

Treatment of warts at home is a common reaction of people to the appearance of neoplasms on the skin. This approach is not smart, because it carries more risks than benefits. Tincture of calendula or iodine from warts can only worsen the situation, and achieving a good result with the help of cosmetology procedures will only become more difficult.

How to remove a wart

Reasons, why you should contact experienced specialists to remove warts:
◼   different types of warts require different methods of removal. It also depends on the location and size of the formation. In addition, it is first necessary to determine that the formation is definitely a wart, and not something else.
◼   if you get rid of only the part of the wart that is on the surface of the skin, the formation may return with a high probability. Waspsince warts are also in the deeper layers of the skin, the treatment should be complex and comprehensive.
◼   a person can seriously injure himself trying to remove a wart on his own. There are many bad scenarios in this situation – the virus infection can go further, the removal products can leave a burn or a scar. Such consequences are much more difficult to treat than to remove the formation right away.

How much does wart treatment cost

You can get rid of warts at the Esteva aesthetic medicine and cosmetology clinic. Our experienced doctors will perform the procedure in the best way so that you are satisfied with the result. You can study current prices and promotions in the table below.

Видалення папілом і бородавок

Назва процедуриЦіна, грн
Консультація з дерматоскопією в день видалення новоутворень300
Консультація з дерматоскопією без процедури видалення новоутворень590
Контроль після видалення з 30 по 45 день


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (до 0,5 см)


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (0,5 - 1 см)


Видалення папіломи / бородавки 1шт (1 - 2 см)


Пакет №1 (від 10 до 20 новоутворень)


Пакет №2 (від 21 до 30 новоутворень)


Пакет №3 (від 31 до 50 новоутворень)


Гістологічне дослідження 1шт (обов’язкове для: травмованих новоутворень, родимок, невусів, поліпів)890
Знеболювання (1 - 10 шт)300
Знеболювання Пакет №1 (11 - 20 шт)490
Знеболювання Пакет №2 (21 - 30 шт)690
Знеболювання Пакет №3 (31 - 50 шт)990