10 ways to fight hunger

To maintain a slim figure, you need to eat less. More precisely, the daily rate of calories should be less than the number of calories that a person spends during the day. However, it sounds much simpler than it is in real life.

10 ways to fight hunger

In this article, we will try to help those who want to monitor their weight and health.

10 tips to help fight hunger

We have collected effective and practical tips that will help curb your appetite and eat less.

1. Drink water

Thirst can often feel like hunger. The signals are similar, so a person may simply not distinguish one from the other. If you feel the urge to throw something in your mouth, first drink a cup of warm water (room temperature or slightly warmer). If it is not easy for you to drink ordinary purified water, then add a little lemon juice or mint leaves to it. But in no case do not use sweeteners. Also, don’t forget to carry a water bottle in your bag so you can take a few sips anywhere. The liquid will fill your stomach and you will have to snack on something high-calorie much less often.

2. Brush your teeth

Such a life hack helps, albeit not for long, to get rid of the desire to eat. First, the smell of mint interrupts extraneous aromas that can cause appetite. Secondly, toothpaste usually contains sodium laureth sulfate. It is he who foams the paste while brushing his teeth and almost completely disables the sweet taste receptors. Therefore, food after brushing your teeth seems bitter.

3. Eat garlic and ginger

According to nutritionists, these products dull the feeling of hunger. And if chewing garlic at the workplace is unlikely to work, then drinking water with ginger root during the day is quite easy. The effectiveness of this spice has been proven experimentally. According to a Columbia University study, ginger reduces the feeling of hunger and accelerates the process of satiety during subsequent meals.

4. Run

Instead of another snack, go for a run. Cardio training dulls the feeling of hunger for a while. A hormone called ghrelin is responsible for appetite. It is he who sends signals to the brain that make us reach for a bun or candy. An American study showed that during jogging, the production of this substance is reduced. That is why we almost don’t want to eat immediately after sports.

5. Occupy yourself with something

Often we go to the refrigerator out of boredom: we lazily make a sandwich, turn on a TV show and eat something that our body, in fact, did not need. Therefore, try to occupy yourself with something active and interesting: cleaning, walking the dog or going shopping. The main thing is that this activity is really exciting. If after some time you forget about the feeling of hunger, it means that these were really false signals.

6. Beware of appetizing content

To get hungry, it is enough for someone to see a recipe for an appetizing lunch or an advertisement for a new pastry shop on Instagram. These days, even such a concept as food porn has been introduced. While watching skillfully edited videos and filtered pictures, the same hunger hormone is awakened and, as a result, we want to eat. Therefore, it is better to enjoy pictures of food on a full stomach, and avoid such content the rest of the time.

7. Limit yourself to aroma

Smells can not only cause appetite, but also suppress it. The feeling of satiety will help to find the aroma of apple, vanilla, banana or mint. In one of the studies, it was shown that bitter chocolate, or rather its smell, has the same effect on us. If hunger haunts you constantly, and willpower fails you, keep aromatic candles or oils with you.

8. Follow the diet

Nutritionists advise eating 5-6 times a day. But this figure may vary depending on the characteristics of your body. The main thing do not betray your usual schedule and do not skip the main meals. Then your body will also begin to live according to this regime and hunger pangs will become an exception.

9. Have breakfast

The benefits of a proper breakfast have been proven in many studies. For example, American scientists divided the subjects into two groups. The former ate high-protein meals every morning, and the latter drank a cup of coffee before work. Those who had a heavy breakfast remained full until the lunch break and consumedate much fewer calories throughout the day.

In general, eating in the morning should become your healthy habit. If porridge and omelette do not stick, then experiment. The main thing is to try to include protein and complex carbohydrates in the menu: nuts, legumes (peas, beans), grains (buckwheat, brown rice, oatmeal). The body will spend more time and energy processing them, which means that the feeling of satiety will remain with you for a long time.

10. Snack properly

And finally, the most pleasant way to fight hunger is a snack. It should be correct, balanced and planned. Fast carbohydrates, especially fast food and sweets, are strictly prohibited. Such products dull the feeling of hunger, but not for long. And in an hour you will want to eat again.

It is better to snack on low-fat kefir, a boiled egg or a handful of nuts. So the feeling of satiety will be preserved for a long time without harming health and figure.

* According to lifehacker magazine.

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