Gravitational ptosis of the face – treatment in Kyiv

A middle-aged person is intuitively different from a young person. Just look at the face: a clear oval, no sagging and raised corners of the mouth are the main criteria for youth.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

With age, the face sags, the clarity of lines and sharpness of angles are lost, the cheeks droop, and the chin area becomes larger. It is this inevitable process that is called gravitational ptosis of the face. We will tell you in this article how to mitigate these unpleasant changes and preserve youth for as long as possible.

What is facial ptosis

Translated from Greek, the word “ptosis” means “fall/drooping”. Gravitational ptosis of the face is one of the common manifestations of biological aging. Soft tissues fall down under the influence of gravitational forces, changing the contours and dimensions of the face.

Face lifting in Esteva Clinic

Before starting treatment for age-related changes, it is necessary to understand whether the patient really has facial ptosis and at what stage it is.

Why does facial ptosis begin

Over the years, the body has less and less strength to resist gravity, because the ligaments that support the face inevitably weaken and stretch. Due to aging, the skin becomes less elastic, collagen fibers become separated, and the framework weakens. As a result, the eyebrows and cheeks droop, the skin on the lower eyelids sags, the facial contour is deformed, and then a double chin appears, cheeks sag, nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth appear.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

Facial ptosis will manifest itself more clearly in those people who have a larger amount of superficial fat. Fat on the face can be superficial (conditionally bad) and deep (conditionally good). Between these layers of fat are muscles and ligaments, and underneath the layer of deep fat are bones. With age, deep fat loss occurs – lipodestruction – as a result of which the muscles lose support and the face gradually sag. On the contrary, surface fat is not lost, but acquires a looser structure. The ligaments and muscles underneath sag and lose tone, which is why there is a shift of fat towards the center or lower areas of the face.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

We should not forget about genetics because the tendency to the type of aging, the specific structure of the ligaments, as well as the severity of the zygomatic bones, which are cheek rest. Bad habits, an unbalanced diet, lack of physical activity and insufficient sleep can aggravate the situation and accelerate the process of facial sagging.

How to understand that there is facial ptosis

The presence of facial ptosis can most often be determined simply by eye, especially if the situation is already very advanced. However, in order to correctly name the stage of gravitational ptosis of the face, you need to contact an aesthetic medicine clinic. An experienced certified doctor will conduct an individual consultation and, after a thorough examination, will be able to determine the stage of ptosis, after which optimal, effective treatment will be prescribed.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

There are several types of facial aging:

◼   Deformation – in our latitudes this type of aging is the most common. Most common for people with curvy figures and oily skin types. The changes are manifested by pronounced drooping and changes in facial contours. The advantage of this type of aging is the fact that age-related changes appear quite late, and there are no pronounced wrinkles.

◼   Tired – in aesthetic cosmetology, this type of aging is considered the most natural and easily correctable. Thin people with a diamond-shaped or oval face shape are prone to it. The type is manifested by a decrease in muscle and skin tone, deepening of the nasolabial and nasolacrimal folds, drooping of the corners of the mouth, and the appearance of marionette wrinkles.

◼   Muscular – with this type of aging, the oval of the face retains its outline for as long as possible and significant changes occur quite late, but at the same time rapidly. The type is typical for people with a moderate amount of subcutaneous fat and developed facial muscles. Features of muscle aging include the appearance of purse-string wrinkles, folds around the eyes, drooping of the upper eyelids and corners of the lips, skin pigmentation.

◼   Finely wrinkled – it is people who are prone to this type of change who are usually told about beautiful old age. The aging process of the face occurs gradually, no significant deformations of the oval of the face are observed, and the main changes are the appearance of various small wrinkles throughout the face.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

Also, the aging process can be combined and include various manifestations characteristic of different types of aging. Esteva Clinic doctors will help you determine exactly how age-related changes occur on your face individual consultation.

How to get rid of facial ptosis

In order to slow down the aging process and help your face and body maintain youth for as long as possible, you need to contact a qualified cosmetologist. It is such a specialist who will help you draw up a treatment plan and tell you about skin care that will maintain the results at home.

How to cure ptosis without surgery

Modern aesthetic medicine has in its arsenal many techniques that effectively resist age-related changes in the face. Skin tightening without surgery has long been a reality!

If you want to improve the condition of your skin, get rid of wrinkles and restore the clarity of your face, then you need to make an appointment with a cosmetologist. The doctor will be able to clearly identify your skin problems and select a procedure (or a combination of them) in order to improve the condition of your skin as effectively and quickly as possible.

Gravitational ptosis of the face

It is also important to remember that the best treatment is prevention. This also applies to gravitational ptosis of the face. Therefore, if you want to see age-related changes on your face as soon as possible, then you should not delay going to the doctor. You can start anti-aging prevention from the age of 25-30 in order to protect the skin from environmental influences, as well as the inevitable processes that occur in the body of every person.

The best procedures for facial ptosis

Our aesthetic medicine clinic can offer a number of hardware and injection cosmetic procedures that have a pronounced effect in the fight against gravitational ptosis of the face. Such methods include:

◼   SMAS lifting. During the procedure, ultrasound passes through the skin, collagen synthesis processes are launched at all levels of the skin, due to which a facelift effect is observed. The result is that the skin thickens, the clarity of the oval returns and the supporting ligaments are strengthened. SMAS lifting is recommended to be performed once a year, and the results of the procedure last up to two years. Only plastic surgery can be more effective than SMAS lifting!

You can learn more about the procedure in our article “SMAS lifting Ultraformer III” or in the video.


◼   RF lifting. Another hardware technique that is used to tighten the oval of the face. Radio waves penetrate the skin to a depth of 3 cm, resulting in controlled tissue heating, activating the production of new collagen and improving skin condition. As a result of manipulation, the skin flap is reduced and the tissue is tightened. It is recommended to complete the procedure in a course of 3-4 procedures at intervals of several weeks. The result is visible immediately and increases up to six months. The effect of RF lifting lasts 1-2 years.

We talked about the procedure in more detail in the article “RF lifting” and in the video.


◼   Injections of polylactic acid preparations. These drugs have a positive effect on the production of your own collagen, which makes the skin elastic and has a noticeable lifting effect. It is polylactic acid that has a powerful effect on stimulating collagen synthesis. This acid is usually recommended for use after 45 years, when age-related skin changes are already quite significant. The effect lasts up to 1.5 years.

◼   Radiesse injections. Radiesse is an effective means of rejuvenation quickly and without surgery for those with noticeable facial sagging. Skin tightening occurs by restoring the lost framework in deep fatty tissues and activating collagen synthesis. The required amount of the drug is determined individually, and the effect of the injections lasts up to 1.5 years.

We wrote in detail about rejuvenation with the help of this drug in our article “Radiesse injections.”

◼   Botulinum toxin injections. The technique is used more to prevent ptosis than to solve an already advanced situation. Botulinum toxin can slow down the appearance of age-related changes by relaxing those muscles that pull the face down. After introducing the drug into the skin, those muscles that raise the face begin to activate. To maintain youth, it is recommended to carry out the procedure 2 times a year.

We talked in more detail about the effectiveness of botulinum toxins in the article “ Injections for wrinkles” and in the video.


◼   Laser skin resurfacing. To carry out the procedure at Esteva Clinic, a CO2 laser is used, which triggers renewal in the upper layers of the skin and leads to a lifting effect. This technique will be useful for patients with minimal manifestations of ptosis, as a prevention or an additional element of skin care.

We described the technique and its benefits in more detail in the article “Laser resurfacing with CO2 laser”, as well as in the video.


If you want to get rid of gravitational facial ptosis without surgery and quickly, sign up for an individual consultation at Esteva Clinic.