Deep wrinkles: causes of their appearance

Human skin is very dynamic and mobile. Due to the content of collagen and elastin proteins in the connective tissue, which works like springs, the skin is able to stretch easily.

Therefore, we can smile, frown, etc. However, with age, as well as under the influence of external factors, wrinkles and creases gradually form on the skin.

Causes of wrinkles

What causes wrinkles, which are often associated with fatigue and age? How to remove wrinkles quickly?

Causes of wrinkles

First of all, we suggest you learn about the factors that influence their premature appearance:

◼   If you squint frequently to protect your eyes from the bright rays of the sun, you may develop wrinkles and creases in the skin around the eyes and nose. Prolonged exposure to UV radiation (natural sunlight or tanning beds) can cause a gradual destruction of the elastin fibers of facial tissues (solar elastosis). It leads to denaturation of the elastin protein due to their overheating.
◼   Smoking contributes to the formation of wrinkles around the mouth, due to the habit of folding the lips into a tube (often called smoker’s lines). Frequent repetition of this action can expose the skin to chronic inflammation caused by nicotine. It loses its healthy color, and the accompanying wrinkles appear noticeably more often.
◼   It is also appropriate to include possible environmental influences: radiation from smartphones and other gadgets, high levels of metal compounds in the air, and overeating high-carbohydrate foods. All of these factors lead to chronic inflammation in the skin, which leads to a decrease in the formation of healthy collagen and a deterioration in the appearance of the skin.
◼   The leader among the causes of wrinkles is undoubtedly our emotions! Because everything that makes us sad can leave its own imaginative imprint over time. The facial muscles, which are attached to the bone at one end and intertwine with the skin and pull it along with them during contraction, are particularly sensitive to emotional outbursts. Since they are in a tense state even when relaxed, even when we unconsciously frown or squint, all of this contributes to the formation of deep facial wrinkles.

When do deep wrinkles appear

Research has shown that most often, the formation of wrinkles begins (on average) after the age of 25. Because closer to middle age, the synthesis of elastin slows down, which subsequently contributes to the appearance of the first wrinkles in the areas around the eyes, eyebrows and forehead.

With age, wrinkles can deepen, remaining visible even after makeup application.

Deep wrinkles

With this in mind, to reduce the depth of wrinkles, Esteva Clinic specialists perform cosmetic procedures according to indications, which are performed on request and the need to eliminate/correct them in a very wide age range.

Fortunately, in cosmetology, as a branch of medicine, the rule works flawlessly – rather than treating, it is better to prevent and prevent in advance! That is why it is very important to start preventing the formation of wrinkles immediately.

Types of wrinkles

What causes wrinkles? It’s simple, because there are only two types of wrinkles: dynamic and static.

Types of wrinkles

The first ones are easily observed in a patient during the conversation, laughter, anger – they form and disappear immediately. These wrinkles are often seen in young patients. Others are static, visible at all times, even during sleep, because the skin relief corresponding to emotions has already been formed.

How to get rid of deep wrinkles: cosmetic procedures

In Esteva Clinic, you will be offered a consultation with an experienced cosmetologist. After all, in order to successfully solve a problem, you first need to decide on the method of its elimination. To do this, you need to consider all possible methods of correction, agree on the nuances that have arisen along the way, and choose the most suitable services for you.

The arsenal of cosmetic possibilities is extensive.

Both hardware and injection techniques, when performed correctly, work wonders, really helping to reduce the depth of wrinkles! The professional cosmetic care we provide includes the following wrinkle treatments:

◼   Wrinkle injections with botulinum toxin are probably the most popular and demanded procedure in the world, as it is widely used in medicine: in neurology, pediatric neurology, and dermatology.

These procedures are used for prevention and are suitable for most patients who want to get rid of wrinkles.

Botulinum toxin blocks muscle contractions, which prevents the muscles from excessively tightening the skin and thus forming a wrinkle.

Wrinkle injection

Areas of application of the wrinkle injection:

  • first of all, the area between the eyebrows – for the treatment of vertical wrinkles;
  • forehead area – for the treatment of horizontal wrinkles;
  • the area around the eyes – to treat the so-called crow’s feet;
  • nose area – to treat rabbit wrinkles;
  • areas around the mouth and under the lower lip.

Botulinum toxin injections are performed 2-3 times a year, starting from the age of 25. These injections prevent the formation of deep wrinkles.

However, if deep wrinkles have turned from dynamic to static, botulinum toxin will no longer be very effective.

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◼   You can also quickly remove wrinkles with a filler based on hyaluronic acid. This method of injection is most often used to correct the nasolabial areas. The filler creates volume and provides support, as a result of which the nasolabial fold almost stops hanging. Visually, the face becomes more refined and noticeably younger in appearance. By properly combining the use of botulinum toxin and filler techniques, it becomes possible to remove deep wrinkles in different areas of the face.

◼   Injections of drugs based on calcium hydroxyapatite work very well in eliminating deep wrinkles. Because they form the framework of fibers that have been lost by stimulating the synthesis of their own collagen. One of the most popular calcium hydroxyapatite preparations is Radiesse.

Wrinkle injection

This method of facial wrinkle correction is particularly effective and is therefore used to remove wrinkles in the facial areas of the cheeks, cheekbones and chin.

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◼   In addition to injection methods, hardware techniques are widely used in the fight against deep wrinkles. One of the most effective among them is SMAS-lifting. Ultrasound pulses stimulate collagen, which leads to skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. SMAS-lifting is mostly used for face and body lifting, but it is also very effective for removing deep wrinkles of various localizations. Therefore, SMAS-lifting can be used all over the face, including the thin skin of the lower eyelid.


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◼   Micro-needle fractional RF-lifting (Radio Frequency) is a technique for improving skin quality, thanks to which it becomes possible to correctly remove wrinkles under the eyes.

Exposure of the skin to high-frequency impulses triggers its active self-healing processes. Therefore, the skin becomes noticeably smoother, noticeably fresh and even radiant. As a result, wrinkles, scars, scars and enlarged pores are smoothed out and become less noticeable.

Deep wrinkles

This effective anti-aging method offers the following benefits:

  • Long-lasting, fast-achievable results with an increasing effect in a few months;
  • Easy to perform and skin care after a non-surgical procedure;
  • No damage/injury to the upper skin layer and minimization of side effects.

The effectiveness of the procedure is confirmed by its short rehabilitation period. It is also quite comfortable in terms of pain, as it is performed using an anesthetic cream.

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◼   Laser skin resurfacing is designed for deep skin peeling as an effective way to remove wrinkles (even small ones), even out complexion and skin relief. Its special advantage is in the use of the most delicate areas under the eyes!

Because laser resurfacing allows you to free the skin surface from excess dead epithelial tissue. Thus, it promotes skin renewal with accelerated reproduction of its upper layers. An additional advantage of laser correction is the stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Therefore, the naturally renewed skin looks fresher and healthier than before.

Laser skin resurfacing

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We helped you find out the causes of premature wrinkles and find the answer to the question that worries you: how to remove wrinkles under the eyes at a cosmetologist?

Each of the methods we offer is good on its own, and their combined use allows you to achieve an enhanced rejuvenating effect. The interaction of two or more wrinkle correction methods in general is significantly superior to the simple sum of the actions of each of them individually.

It is important to remember that the deeper the wrinkle, the wider the range of actions used to eliminate it. Therefore, it is very important to choose the most suitable method for you together with the specialists of Esteva Clinic!

Proper daily skin care

To complement the description of the triggers of wrinkle formation, we can note important information about what causes wrinkles.

Deep wrinkles

Knowing the main reasons for the early appearance of wrinkles will make it easy for you to take note of short, useful tips on how to get rid of wrinkles:

◼   Try to prevent photodamage to the skin by minimizing your exposure to the bright sun and always use a sunscreen with an SPF of +30 or +50 with an A and/or B ray filter for the face, neck and décolleté, as well as palms.
◼   It is important to keep the top layer moisturized (to avoid water loss), regularly use a moisturizer that makes the skin texture soft (especially in the under-eye area).
◼   Smoking cessation – dermatologists and cosmetologists, as part of the medical community, confirm the conclusion about the dangers of smoking.
◼   Regular consumption of foods rich in protein and fiber will help replenish the skin with the necessary micro and macro elements to maintain its healthy appearance and promote the formation of new collagen. After all, all the procedures performed are aimed at improving the synthesis of young collagen. And collagen is a protein that requires amino acids to build. They must be supplied in sufficient quantity and quality. If you don’t eat enough truly healthy protein, it can be an indirect cause of wrinkles and even affect the effectiveness of the corrective procedures performed!
◼   And of course, sleep! It takes about 7-8 hours to fully restore all processes in the body and will thereby help you eliminate wrinkles as much as possible.

Esteva Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology is ready to provide you with the entire arsenal of ways to preserve natural beauty, contributing to your rejuvenation, and qualified specialists to improve the look and style you want!