Men’s cosmetology: types of procedures and for whom they will be useful

In Ukraine, as in many modern states, there is still an opinion that cosmetology is exclusively the prerogative of women, and it exists only for the beautiful half of humanity. Don’t you think that this is a clear discrimination of half of the country’s population based on gender?

Why should a man go to a beautician

Men also want to look beautiful, and self-care is the norm for every person. Hair and beard trimming, shaving, manicures and pedicures are common daily activities. Meanwhile, they are everywhere accompanied by cosmetic procedures and products: washing, compress, mask or nourishing cream, wax and hair styling products do not surprise anyone. So why not add a periodic visit to the beautician to your schedule?

Men's cosmetology

Statistics say: over the past 20 years, the number of cosmetic procedures for men has increased by 325%. Over half a million men get anti-wrinkle injections every year.

Men’s cosmetology not only has the right to exist, it can get rid of many skin problems. Professional cosmetic procedures will provide a pronounced effect of rejuvenation, help to maintain attractiveness for a long time, increase tone and self-confidence.

Professional men’s cosmetology aims to improve overall appearance and quality of life by rejuvenating the skin, improving hair, eliminating bumps and scars on the face and other parts of the body.

The center of aesthetic medicine and dermatology Esteva Clinic is ready to offer a variety of cosmetic procedures for men of any age, as a result of which you will stay in great shape for a long time.

What are the men’s cosmetic procedures

Daily personal care is most often limited to washing, shaving and showering. But these are just hygiene procedures available at home. Periodic visits to the hairdresser or barber help keep your head groomed.

However, if you care about eating healthy food, keeping fit, then why not take the time for men’s cosmetology?

Men's cosmetology

Professional men’s cosmetology has a huge arsenal of tools. In the clinic of aesthetic medicine, many cosmetic procedures are practiced, in particular:

◼   facial cleansing;
◼   skin tightening;
◼   face fillers;
◼   injections for wrinkles;
◼   hair treatment;
◼   cosmetic procedures for the body (for example, cryolipolysis).

As the practice of Esteva Clinic shows, the most popular are botulinum toxin injections and facial skin cleansing. Both procedures quickly give the effect of skin rejuvenation, help to get rid of folds and wrinkles, even out minor defects, eliminate tired look and bags under the eyes.

However, we want to remind you that the face is not everything and we have non-surgical methods of lifting and plastic surgery using SMAS lifting and cryolipolysis. These technologies can be applied to the entire body, helping to shed unwanted fat for a more youthful and toned look.

To find out about all the possibilities of cosmetology for men in our clinic, make an appointment. A personal consultation will help identify problems and determine a treatment strategy.

Beauty salon for men

A man may need to visit a beautician for various reasons, such as a facial cleansing or to solve any problem that appear with age. Quite often, it is required to undergo a course of medical cosmetic procedures for restoring or caring for hair.

Beauty salon for men

No ordinary beauty salon will be able to offer you such a range of services that is available in our clinic. Men’s cosmetology in our understanding is a very wide range of tools and techniques. We have the most modern equipment for diagnostics and cosmetic procedures, including:

◼   trichoscope to identify the causes of hair loss;
◼   ultrasonic SMAS lifting device ULTRAFORMER III;
◼   apparatus for cryolipolysis – a safe procedure for reducing fat in problem areas.

All preparations used in the clinic of aesthetic medicine have quality certificates. Qualified specialists of Esteva Clinic select an individual set of cosmetic procedures aimed at obtaining a pronounced effect in a short time. Below we consider what results can be obtained from one or another type of male cosmetology.

Rejuvenating facial treatments

This type of service is one of the most demanded in the clinic of aesthetic medicine. Properly selected cosmetic procedures and cosmetics help to stay young, remove minor defects, have a healthy look and radiant skin.

We use atraumatic and painless methods to make your skin firm and clean.

Rejuvenating facial treatments

Deep facial cleansing may be needed not only in adolescence. Even quite mature men can suffer from rashes caused by stress, malnutrition, hormonal fluctuations. Problematic skin among men is no less common than among women.

Cosmetic procedures are useful for men at any age, as they not only eliminate minor defects, but also improve the general mood and give a sense of self-confidence.

Anti-wrinkle injections

Botulinum toxin injections are a world-renowned treatment for early wrinkles. Cosmetic procedures with botulinum toxin are carried out by highly qualified doctors in order to obtain as natural result as possible.

Anti-wrinkle injections for man

Not everyone knows, but botulinum toxin injections are used to treat hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating in the armpits. This problem is hushed up by many, people try to get rid of it with the help of antiperspirants, but sometimes they get the opposite effect. We suggest using a proven method.

More details about the procedure in our article “Anti-wrinkle injections


Even the most thorough personal care cannot stop aging. Withering skin loses elasticity, forming deep folds, especially in the nasolabial region.

With the help of fillers, you can restore the lost volume on the cheekbones, smooth out wrinkles in order to achieve visible skin rejuvenation.

Our clinic uses Belotero based on hyaluronic acid. This substance is present in our body, so its introduction does not cause rejection. Hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration and gives the skin a youthful appearance. The filler has a long-term effect, injections can be repeated from time to time.

More details about the procedure in our article “Face non surgery contour plastic


In male cosmetology, this method is often used to improve hair. Injections into the scalp stimulate the follicles, bring bioactive substances directly to the hair follicle.

Mesotherapy for men

In this way, deep nutrition is provided, as a result of which the hair begins to grow more actively, strengthens and acquires a healthy look.

You can read more about the procedure in our article “Mesotherapy of the scalp

SMAS lifting

Cosmetology for men can do wonders! The hardware lifting technique – SMAS lifting – allows you to stay young and beautiful for a very long time. This technique has been used in the world for decades, and shows outstanding results without any operations. Just one session, and the lifting effect will increase!

Lifting on the device Ultraformer is used:

◼   to eliminate bags under the eyes,
◼   reduction of nasolabial folds;
◼   elimination of the second chin;
◼   restoration and rejuvenation of the face oval.

SMAS lifting forr men

Professional men’s cosmetology could not pass by such a wonderful tool, because men very often face precisely these problems!

More details about the procedure in our article “SMAS-lifting

Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing will help eliminate minor defects, and is also used to rejuvenate the skin. During the procedure, dead cells of the dermis are actively removed, deep layers are stimulated. The skin is evened out and looks visibly refreshed.

With the help of a laser, scars and age spots can be removed or made much less visible.

Laser resurfacing for man

Laser procedures occupy a significant share in cosmetology for men and are very widely used for skin rejuvenation.

More information about the procedure is written in our article “Laser Resurfacing

In addition, with the help of CO2 laser resurfacing, it is possible to make scars less noticeable. For this, there is a separate procedure “Laser removal of scars

Cryolipolysis in cosmetology for men

Do you think that only women dream of a thin body? Body fat formed during a sedentary lifestyle spoil the mood of men no less.

Cryolipolysis in cosmetology for men

We are ready to help get rid of the ridges around the waist, deposits on the sides and back, on the arms and legs – wherever excess fat prevents you from feeling in perfect shape.

Cryolipolysis takes pride of place in the complex of cosmetic procedures, because it has a long-term effect, can be used on the whole body, does not require a hospital, and therefore will not affect your active life.

Difference between men’s and women’s cosmetology

Men’s skin even visually differs from women’s. It has larger pores, it is thicker, it starts to age later. But when signs of wilting appear, the process develops faster.

Men's cosmetology

One of the prerequisites for maintaining a young and healthy skin and body is daily self-care. At the Esteva Clinic, an individual set of cosmetic procedures and cosmetic products will be selected for you, taking into account the characteristics of your skin.

Personal care should be regular, and a visit to a beautician will help rejuvenate not only the face, but the whole body.

Men’s cosmetology performed by our specialists is effective procedures that do not take much time. Cosmetic procedures for men are indicated at any age. Esteva Clinic dermatologists are ready to apply their knowledge and experience to create, maintain and prolong the radiant and healthy look of your skin.