Facial cleansing for men: indications and contraindications, peculiarities of the procedure

In today’s world, care for the men’s look is still something unusual. Often, all self-care procedures in the arsenal of men are limited to a regular visit to the hairdresser and shaving. Only the most self-aware men have at least the basics products to cleanse and moisturize their skin.

Facial cleansing for men

However, this approach to self-care is not the right one and can lead to various skin problems. Even for men who do not have serious problems (such as acne or deep wrinkles) daily care is also necessary. And if you add a regular facial cleansing at your cosmetologist, your skin will quickly regain a healthy glow and freshness.

Why men should have a facial

Men’s skin is thicker and much more oily than women’s skin. In addition, men are exposed to daily environmental influences, more often suffer from an unhealthy lifestyle and bad habits. All this noticeably affects the condition of men’s skin.

However, instead of choosing procedures and care products, men prefer to ignore the topic of their own appearance. This irresponsible attitude is most clearly seen when it comes to protecting their skin from the sun: men rarely use a sunscreen even on the harshest of summer days.

Professional men's facial cleansing in Esteva Clinic

Proper and regular facial cleansing, moisturizing and protection combined with a healthy lifestyle can provide good results. A man’s face will be fresher and healthier, the pores will be cleaner, fine lines will not be as noticeable, and deep lines will appear much later.

Professional facial cleansing by a cosmetologist can improve, enhance and prolong the results of daily home care. After procedures in Esteva Clinic your skin will become smoother and better groomed. Age-related changes will appear on your face more slowly.

An additional important bonus for men is that after professional skin cleansing the process of shaving will be much more pleasant.

Through proper selection of procedures, the relief of the skin becomes smoother, and the amount of irritation is markedly reduced.

How to understand if you need a facial cleansing

Men’s skin, like women’s, requires regular maintenance and knows how to very clearly remind yourself about this. It’s time for you to make an appointment with a cosmetologist if your skin has:

◼   regular rashes and pimples;
◼   black spots;
◼   excess sebum that makes your face “oily”.

Professional men's facial cleansing in Esteva Clinic

But it does not hurt to go to an experienced specialist, even for men who do not have obvious skin problems. In addition to cleansing the face, the beautician will help identify and prevent possible future problems. Various therapies in cosmetology can solve many problems – from black dots to scars on the skin.

You can learn more about the most popular procedures for men in our article “Men’s cosmetology: types of procedures and for whom they will be useful

Indications and contraindications for the procedure

Cosmetology for men includes a huge range of different procedures. Facial cleansing occupies a leading position in this list. Quite simple and straightforward procedure can solve a number of problems.

Indications for facial cleansing:

◼   oily and combination skin;
◼   keratosis and age-related changes;
◼   uneven and bumpy skin;
◼   clogged pores;
◼   inflammation on the skin;
◼   an unhealthy color.

If we are talking about a complex beautification, then 10-14 days before the injection procedure is also recommended professional cleansing of the skin.

Professional men's facial cleansing in Esteva Clinic

It is worth remembering that the salon procedure will not be relevant for everyone. Facial cleansing has its own contraindications:

◼   hypersensitivity of the skin;
◼   skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea and others);
◼   purulent inflammation in the area to be cleaned;
◼   herpes;
◼   allergies;
◼   susceptibility to keloid scars.

Knowing the indications and contraindications for facial cleansing for men, it will be easier for you to understand whether this procedure is right for you. The best decision is to make an appointment with a cosmetologist. The experts at Esteva Clinic will be able to assess the condition of your skin and select procedures that will effectively improve the appearance of your face.

Peculiarities of facial cleansing for men

Cosmetology for men is not so fundamentally different from woman’s cosmetology. Various procedures and cosmetic products are not selected by gender, but based on the characteristics of the patient’s skin.

Professional men's facial cleansing in Esteva Clinic

To find out what your skin type is and get the most detailed instructions on how to care for it, you need to contact a cosmetologist.

Do I have to shave before facial cleansing?

If you don’t have a beard and you shave your face every few days (or daily), it’s best to do it before the facial cleansing.

Man shaving

Also, after the procedure, your skin will be more sensitive for a few days and shaving is not recommended.

How the facial cleansing procedure works

Facial cleansing is a painless procedure that takes place in a pleasant, relaxing environment.

Stages of combined and ultrasonic facial cleansing:

◼   deep skin cleansing;
◼   application of pore-opening products;
◼   manual cleaning;
◼   ultrasonic cleaning;
◼   skin toning;
◼   application of a soothing mask;
◼   application of cream or serum according to the skin type.

The entire process takes 1.5-2 hours and is very relaxing at most stages. It is recommended to repeat the procedure if necessary. However, it is worth remembering that facial cleansing cannot be performed too often. It is not an element of daily care, but rather an effective auxiliary tool.

To see how the facial cleansing procedure goes at the Esteva Clinic, watch our video.

Skin care after facial cleansing

Facial cleansing provides immediate results – the pores are cleared, the skin gets a healthy blush and glow. However, to keep your face smooth and fresh, it is necessary to take good and daily care of yourself.

We have already discussed in this article the basic rules of self-care. These are daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. The right self-care routine can be as much effective as expensive procedures.

Facial cleansing for men

But remember, the right thing to do is to make an appointment with a cosmetologist. An experienced professional will help you determine your skin type, choose best care products and tell you how to properly use them.

In addition, the beautician will be able to identify individual characteristics, and prompt how to prevent and slow down aging skin changes.

How much does a facial cleansing cost

Esteva Clinic is ready to help you in your self-care journey. Our experts will give you an individual consultation and help you choose the facial treatment that suits you best.

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