Celandine and other folk remedies against warts

Warts and papillomas are benign skin growths that are viral in nature. These unpleasant growths can appear on different parts of the body and at different ages. And that is why there is often a need to get rid of warts on the body.

Folk remedies against warts

Modern cosmetology has in its arsenal effective tools for getting rid of such formations. However, if you are a supporter of folk methods, or want to supplement treatment in the clinic with them, then the information in this article may come in handy.

How to quickly get rid of warts with folk remedies

You can remove warts on the body with folk remedies using some of the recipes below. Foods or plants that help get rid of warts do so through antiviral or acidic properties, as well as enzymes that can inhibit HPV (human papillomavirus).

It is worth noting that folk remedies do not always help and often do not live up to the expectations placed on them. If you decide to remove warts on your body, it is better to make an appointment with a dermatologist and undergo one of the effective procedures at an aesthetic medicine clinic. If you still want to try to cure warts with folk methods, then in this article you will find information on how to do it.

How to remove warts at home

People often resort to various folk methods of treating warts. Below we have collected the most popular methods and explained how they can help and how they can harm.

Folk remedies for warts

On the Internet, in various articles and forums, you can find many recommendations and step-by-step instructions that tell about the use of folk remedies that help remove warts on the body. We decided to delve into the topic and find out how the most popular wart remedies actually work.

◼   Apple vinegar. An acidic substance obtained as a result of apple juice processing. It is customary to believe that vinegar works on the principle of salicylic acid – it exfoliates the skin, which can lead to the removal of warts. Lotions are made from vinegar – the acid is combined with water in a ratio of 2:1, a cotton swab is moistened with this solution. It is necessary to keep such lotion on the wart for 3-4 hours, covered with a bandage. If necessary, the procedure is repeated every day until the result appears.

◼   Garlic. Allicin, an important component of garlic, has a strong antimicrobial effect. That’s why food that is primordial for everyone is constantly being studied for its antiviral and immunomodulatory properties. They try to use the spice to treat warts. To do this, you need to crush 1 clove of garlic and mix it with water to obtain a paste. The mass must be applied to the neoplasm and covered with a bandage for several hours. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every day for 3-4 weeks.

Folk remedies against warts

◼   Orange peels. The large amount of vitamin C and essential oil in the crusts should probably cause the wart to gradually darken and eventually fall off. To do this, it is advised to rub the wart with a citrus peel every day, and the process itself can take from two weeks or more. This is explained by the immune-stimulating properties of vitamin C, which also has a positive effect on wound healing.

◼   Potatoes. It is claimed that potato juice can “dehydrate” the wart. To do this, you need to cut a potato and rub it on the place with the formation until the potato juice starts to stand out. It is necessary to repeat the piercing twice a day for several weeks.

◼   Dandelion. The plant has antimicrobial properties and is widely used in ancient Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine. In the treatment of warts, sticky white dandelion juice is used. To do this, the plant must be broken and the extract applied to the skin. It is necessary to repeat the procedure 1-2 times a day for several weeks.

◼   Propolis. Resin-like substance produced by honey bees. It consists of beeswax and enzymes, as well as pollen. The tool has antiviral properties and is widely used in folk medicine. In the fight against warts, propolis is recommended to be applied daily until a visible result is obtained.

Folk remedies against warts

◼  Tea tree oil. An antimicrobial that can cause burns and tissue destruction. For application on the skin, it is necessary to mix 1-2 drops of tea tree oil with 12 drops of base oil (castor oil, almond oil, grape seed oil, etc.). The product is applied to a cotton swab, which is placed on the wart for 5-10 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

◼   Aspirin. The medicine contains vitamin C and salicylic acid. Aspirin must be pounded and mixed with water to form a paste. It is necessary to apply the product under a bandage at night, which should eventually lead to the removal of the wart.

◼   Adhesive tape. A very dangerous method, which is designed to remove dead cells by sticking (and tearing off) adhesive tape on the skin. It is necessary to repeat the procedure every 3-6 days, and after removing the tape, it is recommended to rub the wart with pumice stone. Although the method is very popular on the Internet, such actions can easily lead to skin injuries and serious problems that will have to be treated in the hospital.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of all the methods described has no scientific confirmation and has not been checked by qualified doctors. Therefore, it is not necessary to be sure that any of the methods described in this article work.

What plant removes warts

Among the plants that are promoted as effective means of getting rid of warts, celandine takes the leading place. The juice of this plant contains various alkaloids and resins, as well as citric and malic acids. This composition really helps to exfoliate the skin, which can lead to the removal of the wart.

Folk remedies against warts

However, it is worth noting that celandine juice in its pure form cannot be bought at a pharmacy. Solutions that can actually be purchased contain other components, such as sodium and potassium hydroxide. Such folk remedies corrode everything, including healthy skin. In an attempt to remove warts in this way, you can not only not achieve a positive result, but also get ugly scars on the skin, which are difficult or impossible to get rid of.

How to get rid of warts with hydrogen peroxide

There is an opinion that you can get rid of warts with the help of hydrogen peroxide. However, such a remedy for warts and papillomas is not particularly effective. This is due to the fact that peroxide has an antiseptic effect, but not an exfoliating one. Therefore, using a pharmaceutical product will be a simple waste of time and effort.

Is it possible to apply iodine to papillomas

Pharmacy alcohol solution of iodine contains 96% alcohol, and this substance causes a serious burn to the skin (especially with daily use). Therefore, by treating papillomas with iodine, you will not just get rid of them, but also cause serious damage to the skin, causing irritation or even dermatitis.

How to get rid of warts – cosmetic procedures

If we talk about removing warts on the body, it is still better to seek help from an experienced specialist. First of all, this is due to the fact that any formation must first be studied and its nature determined. Although such formations are mostly benign, there may be cases that are more dangerous to health and even life. Therefore, correct diagnosis and passing all necessary tests is a mandatory stage that will help to avoid negative consequences.

Folk remedies against warts

In addition, the process itselftanning in the clinic happens quickly and painlessly, without damaging the skin surrounding the neoplasm. In order to obtain the highest quality result, Esteva uses a number of modern and effective procedures.

◼   Laser one of the most popular and effective ways to remove skin neoplasms. The laser is suitable for removing formations all over the body and is used even on the skin of the hands. If you have warts on your fingers or around the nail plates, the laser will be a great solution. The procedure is not completely painless, so the use of local anesthetic is required.

◼   Cryodestruction helps destroy the wart using liquid nitrogen. Under the action of local frostbite, the wart is destroyed and falls off in a few days. Depending on the size of the formation and its depth, the doctor chooses a milder or more aggressive method of exposure.

Folk remedies against warts

Trichloroacetic acid works on the same principle as cryodestruction with the difference that the formation is not frozen, but burned. In a few days, the warts on the body fall off and disappear completely.

◼   Curettage is used together with a laser or electric knife. The method consists in cutting the wart and scraping the tissues to avoid the appearance of the formation again.

Injectable prescription drugs are used in the treatment of persistent warts that located in hard-to-reach places (for example, under the nail plates). The method is rarely used and is outside the protocol, since similar drugs are not officially registered in the country.

We talked about wart removal in more detail in the article “Removal of papillomas and warts in Kyiv“, as well as in the video.


If you notice a change in the skin of your hands, body or face, warts have started to appear on it and they bring discomfort – you should not postpone a visit to a specialist.

Esteva Clinic employs dermatologists who have extensive experience in successfully removing neoplasms of various complexity. It is very easy to sign up for a consultation, and the treatment will be faster and easier than any folk methods!

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