Laser hair removal


In Esteva Clinic you can perform hair removal on modern equipment at a time convenient for you.

  • You can remove hair of any color at different times of the year.
  • At Esteva Clinic you can do hair removal in the summer,
  • You will get quick results on removing dark and tough hair.
  • You will be able to stop the growth of blond and down hair
  • Our specialists have a cosmetic and higher medical education.
  • Our doctors take advanced training courses on laser technology annually in Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Italy

Laser hair removal – a popular and effective way to remove hair, which provides excellent effect, reliable and safe. Laser technology is characterized by high power laser exposure, which allows to achieve results in the minimum number of sessions and on all types of hair (gun, dark and light).

Today, one of the most advanced epilation technologies is SHR and Syneron eMax laser hair removal, which provide a quick result of removing unwanted hair.

Modern technologies that are used in Esteva Clinic are equally effective on skin phototype I-VI. This means that the method is suitable not only for light-skinned clients, but also with very dark skin and hard hair.

The device module is equipped with contact cooling using Col-technology, which makes the procedures almost painless. The main difference between SHR-hair removal from other types of hair removal (for example, alexandrite laser or diode laser) is the possibility of its use even in summer! Thus, SHR-hair removal can be applied in hot seasons as a neodymium laser.

When using another modern technique – laser hair removal with the Syneron eMax device, simultaneous exposure of the radio wave and laser energy of the diode array (with a wavelength of 810 nm) in combination with active cooling of the skin surface makes the hair removal procedures virtually painless.

The epilation procedure is successfully performed on different zones: face, underarms, bikini area, hands, back or legs. After the first session, the amount of hair is reduced by 30-40%. For each person the number of procedures is individual and depends on the area of ​​impact and the density of the hair.

To sum up, the benefits of Epilation in ESTEVA CLINIC:

  • Quick result
  • The ability to remove hair in the summer;
  • The absence of redness and irritation on the skin after manipulation
  • Painless and comfortable;
  • Unpleasant sensations and side effects are absent.
  • Accurately measured pulse power not only provides hair removal, but also guarantees total safety, eliminating skin damage.
  • Laser hair removal Syneron eMax increases the efficiency of removal of blond and vellus hair.

For the greatest effect, the course of laser hair removal procedures is from 5 sessions with an interval of 1 time and 1.5-3 months according to the recommendation of the doctor.

Стоимость процедуры

Эпиляция лица

Название процедурыSHR цена, грнSyneron цена, грн
Все лицо390510
Верхняя губа150210
Линия лба200260
Шея (передняя или задняя часть)290380

Эпиляция рук

Название процедурыSHR цена, грнSyneron цена, грн
Руки полностью (женские)690900
Руки полностью (мужские)9401095
Предплечья (женские)530690
Предплечья (мужские)790990
Кисти рук + пальцы (женские)210275
Кисти рук + пальцы (мужские)290355
Подмышечные области (женские)240315
Подмышечные области (мужские)350490

Эпиляция спины и живота

Название процедурыSHR цена, грнSyneron цена, грн
Белая линия живота190250
Грудь (мужская)620950
Живот (мужской)590710
Живот (женский)390510
Декольте (у женщин)320420
Декольте (у мужчин)450595
Крестцовая область300390
Ареола молочных желез150195
Верхняя часть спины + плечи600850

Эпиляция ног

Название процедурыSHR цена, грнSyneron цена, грн
Ноги (женские)12901680
Ноги (мужские)17902590
Пальцы ног190250
Голени с коленями680885
Бедра частично(наружная/ внутренняя/задняя/передняя часть)300390

Эпиляция бикини

Название процедурыSHR цена, грнSyneron цена, грн
Бикини не глубокое (бикини по линии трусиков)370480
Бикини глубокое женское (половые губы, лобок, межъягодичная складка, бикини по линии трусиков)480575
Бикини глубокое мужское (лобок, межъягодичная складка, бикини по линии трусиков)580695
Зона лобка для мужчин490510
Межъягодичная складка280365
Удаление единичных волосков 1 вспышка1520