How to choose the best cosmetology clinic

The main task of modern cosmetology is to prevent age-related changes in the face and body, as well as to improve the appearance of people who have consulted a cosmetologist. Today, there are many cosmetology clinics in Ukraine that provide a similar set of procedures. However, this does not mean that the effectiveness will also be the same, because the result depends on many factors.

In this article, we will tell you in detail what you need to pay special attention to when choosing a cosmetology clinic. After studying these recommendations, you will know how to correctly choose an aesthetic medicine clinic in Ukraine.

How to choose a new salon or clinic

It is necessary to approach the choice of clinic and doctor very carefully, because your health and appearance directly depend on it. In order for any cosmetology procedure to go as well as possible and to have a minimal risk of negative consequences or complications, it is important to study the potential clinic and specialist in detail. We have collected the main points that you need to find out before signing up for the procedure.

Main criteria for choosing a cosmetology clinic

If you are looking for a cosmetology clinic for the first time or for some reason decide to change the institution, then be guided by these tips:

◾️  determine your goals, because depending on them, you will be able to consider clinics with the most relevant experience and specialists. Whether it will be skin rejuvenation, the fight against acne or local fat deposits – different tasks require different approaches. Knowing what you want to achieve, you will be able to choose a medical institution more consciously;

◾️  personnel decides everything, therefore the specialists of cosmetology clinics are of great importance. On the medical institution’s website, in the “Specialists” section, you can learn more about doctors: their work experience, what procedures they specialize in, what diplomas and certificates they have. But don’t judge experience by looks – cosmetologists often look younger than their age!

◾️  the use of advanced technologies and drugs means that the clinic follows the medical field and tries to keep up with the times. Avoid places that use outdated techniques or approaches that have not been proven to work;

◾️  a good clinic can offer a wide range of services and they’re combination to achieve the maximum positive result of treatment;

◾️  pay attention to cleanliness in the clinic. All surfaces must be regularly washed and treated, the premises must have ultraviolet lamps. In order to regularly wash the floor, it must be tiled. A minimum of decor in the premises, because it collects dust and bacteria. The offices in which the procedures are carried out should be well lit and ventilated;

◾️  beware of establishments that provide cosmetology and dermatology services while in apartments or offices and do not have a separate entrance from the street. In such premises, it is impossible to withstand all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological norms that we described above;

◾️  the clinic must have a history – at least several years of successful professional activity, which prove the seriousness of the institution;

◾️  monitor social networks clinics – how often and what content they publish, how they communicate with the audience, how openly they show their work and other important internal processes. Social networks help to form a fairly complete picture of the clinic, in addition, it is in such places that you can ask all the questions that interest you;

◾️  it will also not be superfluous to study reviews and photos of patients before / after. Such feedback from former and current clients of the clinic will help to learn as much information as possible about the institution. Pay special attention to negative reviews. It is important to understand the reason for this reviews and evaluate whether this aspect is important to you (for example, for someone the prices of the procedures may be high, while for you the cost will be more than affordable). Also, pay attention to how the clinic responds to the dissatisfaction of its customers. Everyone can make mistakes, so it is important to react to shortcomings and be ready to correct them;

◾️  openness to dialogue and completeness of the provided consultation help to understand how seriously the clinic takes its duties and whether the client is really respected there. If, during the appointment or consultation, specialists avoid any questions or refuse to provide detailed information about any stage of the procedure, you should not contact such a clinic;

◾️ an atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual understanding between employees. An indirect sign that indicates that the clinic’s doctors are professionals, ready to help a colleague and share knowledge and experience.

What to pay special attention to when choosing a cosmetology clinic

It is especially necessary to note the most important and fundamental criterion for choosing a clinic – availability of a medical license and all necessary diplomas of doctors.

Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions about the certification of both the clinic itself and the doctor who will perform the procedure for you. Remember, your health and well-being are most important!

TOP clinic of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology in Ukraine

If you decide to make an appointment for a consultation or one of the procedures at our clinic, you should know more information about us. The clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology Esteva Clinic has the following strengths:

◾️  Is in the TOP-20 best clinics in Kyiv by rating Ukrainian Business Award 2023. This rating identified the leaders of the cosmetology market of the capital, who have proven their maturity and innovative approach and represent the future of the beauty and health sphere of Ukraine.

◾️ Received the award “Country’s Choice 2022” as the best center of aesthetic medicine and dermatology in Kyiv. Receiving the award was influenced by various factors: the level of knowledge and skills of doctors, the variety and effectiveness of the methods used, patient feedback, and the quality of the work of administrators. In addition, the chief specialist of the clinic Bubalo Tetyana received the “Golden Hands” award, which confirms the high level of knowledge and experience of the doctor.

◾️ Has the necessary license (license for medical practice Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 155 dated 02.16.2017, registration file dated 02.09.2017 No. 0902/02-M), which allows a wide range of cosmetology procedures. All our doctors are certified specialists with extensive experience in the field of aesthetic cosmetology and dermatology.

◾️  We use in our work exclusively high-quality modern equipment and certified drugs from official suppliers

◾️  The team of doctors is constantly developing – all specialists regularly undergo additional training as in Ukraine and abroad (France, Italy, Germany, Portugal). This allows you to stay on top and use the latest and most relevant knowledge in the field of medicine in your work;


◾️  In addition, doctors have many years of experience in conducting a wide variety of procedures. Specialists of the clinic are familiar with numerous skin problems, know how to choose the optimal combinations of procedures, and are well aware of the features of anatomy the face of a person (which is very important when performing contour plastic surgery).

◾️ For our cosmetology center, antiseptic is one of the most important stages of procedures To keep patients safe, we only use disposable instruments.

Make an appointment at Esteva Clinic and make sure that it really is the TOP clinic in Kyiv. To select a procedure or a specialist, use the “Contact Us” or “Contact Button” buttons located in the lower right corner of this page. We are waiting for you at Esteva Clinic!