Vlasenko Catherine Serhiivna


Власенко Катерина косметолог в Киевк

Has been working in the field of cosmetology since 2013

She participated in conferences in Monaco, Germany, Italy and France.


– Injection cosmetology (biorevitalization, mesotherapy, plasmolifting,botulinum therapy)

– Hardware cosmetology (SMAS lifting, Ultraformer 3, RF lifting, Syneron vector lifting, photo rejuvenation)

– Professional cosmetic cosmetology

– Classical cosmetology (peelings, peeling PRX T-33, cleansing, cosmetic treatments)

– Laser cosmetology (removal of blood vessels and spider veins, acne treatment)

– Laser hair removal

– Home Skin Care Selection

“The main problem of hair loss and scalp in general, may be from diseases of internal organs, poor nutrition, stress, previous surgery, anesthesia, taking antibiotics, and improperly selected hair care. Highly recommend – do not self-medicate !! After all, sometimes a problem can be solved by changing the shampoo, and sometimes a complex solution to the problem is needed: additional tests, injection procedures to stimulate hair growth, moisturize the skin, and proper, home care ”