Zublenko Natalia Leonidivna

Dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist

Зубленко Наталия косметолог Киев

Graduated from the Bogomolets National Medical University in 2008

Participation in conferences in Monaco, Germany, Italy and France

Has been working in the field of cosmetology since 2008

Continuing education courses in dermatology oncology 2016


– Injection cosmetology (biorevitalization, contour plastic, botulinum therapy)

-Laser removal of pigmentation, blood vessels, acne,

– Removal of neoplasms

– Trichology. Treatment of diseases of the scalp

– Dermatology. Skin Disease Treatment

– Hardware techniques: SMAS lifting, RF lifting, photo rejuvenation

– Professional leaving cosmetology.

– Diagnosis of the skin. Home Care Selection

– Laser hair removal

“For me, performing contour plastic surgery is always a creative, exciting process. The face is a single integral structure, it is a work of art. I love when everything is harmonious. After all, I am convinced that the task of the doctor is only to emphasize the dignity and beauty of the patient, and in no case do not change the appearance radically ”