Winter skin care: beauty treatments for face and body

The skin is one of the largest organs in the human body. It is not just a tissue covering the body, but a system that performs many functions. Among them are protective, thermoregulatory, excretory, receptor and others.

Due to the fact that all sorts of factors affect our outer cover, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the skin and help it cope with its tasks.

Body care in winter has its own characteristics. They are mainly caused by the action of low temperatures, their sharp drops, changes in the humidity of the environment. Below we will consider what affects our condition in the cold season, and what winter cosmetic procedures can and should be performed.

Skin problems in winter: causes of appearance

As noted above, problems arise due to the aggressive effects of the external environment. And this does not mean only the weather outside. Indoor temperature and humidity also play a significant role.

First of all, unprotected skin suffers – face and hands. To a lesser extent – integuments on other parts of the body.

кожа зимой

Peeling, irritation, and even an allergy to frost may appear on the face. This is a reaction to freezing temperatures outside the street.

The difference between the zones on the mixed skin becomes more pronounced. Dry areas on the cheeks become even drier, in the T-zone there is an increased secretion of sebum.

All these phenomena are aggravated if you find yourself in a blizzard or in a zone of strong crosswind. Moreover, even in the room there is no favorable climate: the included heating devices provoke a decrease in air humidity. Because of this, the water balance of the skin is disturbed, it becomes more flabby.

It is not for nothing that the rules for skin care in winter say: moisturizers must be applied at least half an hour before going out into the cold. Excessive hydrolysis of the upper layer can lead to the destruction of cellular structures as a result of water crystallization.

Another, not so obvious factor that has a significant effect on the skin and the state of the body as a whole is a change in diet. In winter, we eat less fresh fruits and vegetables, therefore, we get less vitamins and minerals. The predominance of carbohydrate and fatty foods in the frosty season is inherent in us by the genetic memory of our ancestors, when high-calorie food meant the ability to survive. Now there is no risk of dying from hunger and cold, nevertheless in winter more than ever you want something hearty and high-calorie. The results of an unbalanced diet also affect the appearance of the appearance of acne, blackheads, rashes, and greater sensitivity.

Fortunately, there is a large arsenal of remedies and winter treatments at a beautician that will help maintain skin tone and protect it from harmful effects. Moreover, some procedures are shown to be performed in winter.

Top winter procedures with a beautician

The cold season, in addition to low temperatures, has a distinctive feature – low solar activity. Simply put, from late autumn to early spring there are few sunny days, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is low.

This is the best time to complete:

✅ peels of any kind;
✅ laser hair removal procedure;
✅ laser resurfacing.

Phototherapy for acne is also preferable to do in cold weather.

All of these procedures are performed on unburned skin, and after them it is extremely important not to come into direct sunlight for the first two weeks.

Cosmetology in winter gives you the opportunity to prepare for the next summer season through injection and hardware procedures. Their effect does not appear instantly, but after several weeks or even months. Cloudy season is the time to take care of your appearance, keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Features of face peels in winter

Peeling your face in winter is preferable because it reduces the risk of negative sun exposure. In the summer after the procedure, photodamage may occur – age spots that do not disappear.

Chemical peeling in winter effectively exfoliates the dead stratum corneum, promotes rejuvenation and healing of the dermis, and has an anti-aging effect.

The indications for the procedure are:

📌 acne,
📌 loss of skin tone and elasticity;
📌 age-related changes.

It should be remembered that after removing the upper layer of the dermis, it becomes more sensitive for some time. That is why it is necessary to adhere to the doctor’s recommendations before and after treatment, as well as get advice in advance about what kind of peeling is best done in winter.

Based on the examination and examination, a specialist will select the most appropriate type of treatment for your skin type and lifestyle. Gentle, gentle procedures performed by a highly qualified cosmetologist minimize risks and allow your skin to regain its second breath in a short time.

Injection procedures in winter

уколы от морщин

Winter skin care can include injection techniques, which include various beauty injections, biorevitalization, and mesotherapy.

The last two methods are especially effective for maintaining the moisture balance of the skin.

The problem of moisture loss is exacerbated by the large gap between indoor and outdoor humidity. Extreme values, differing by tens of percent, have an extremely detrimental effect on the skin. Dryness, wrinkles, flabbiness occur, which are not associated with natural aging.

 Biorevitalization and mesotherapy in winter

мезотерапия зимой

A popular, effective and painless method of moisturizing the skin in winter is biorevitalization. After light local anesthesia with the help of an anesthetic drug, point subcutaneous injections of revitalizant based on hyaluronic acid are performed. This substance is a natural component of the dermis responsible for maintaining water balance and a number of other functions. From the point of view of cosmetology, hyaluronan is valuable primarily for its ability to bind water molecules. That is why, after biorevitalization, the skin looks more elastic.

The production of hyaluronic acid decreases with age. Biorevitalization is designed to reduce the deficiency of the substance and prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

As a result of injections of biorevitalizant in the deep layers of the dermis, blood circulation is activated, the production of collagen and elastin is enhanced. As a result, you get an excellent tone and a fresh look.

Separately, we note that with the help of different types of revitalizants, you can perform contour plastics, for example, to add volume to the cheekbones, or to improve the shape of the chin.

The technique of mesotherapy is similar to the previous method. The main difference lies in the purpose of the impact, and accordingly. in the composition of active ingredients. Biorevitalization primarily combats moisture loss by using preparations with a high content of hyaluronic acid. Mesotherapy procedures have a different purpose:

📌 correction of cosmetic flaws;
📌 elimination of acne;
📌 smoothing of the skin.

The composition of therapeutic injections includes vitamins, amino acids, peptides, trace elements, and all the same hyaluronic acid in a small amount.

The composition is selected individually, depending on specific tasks. One patient needs to level the surface of the epidermis, for another it is more important to remove acne and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands. Selecting the correct mixture of active ingredients requires a lot of experience and the ability to understand the features of the action of a particular type of component.

In our clinic, dermatologists and cosmetologists with extensive practice in the use of various methods are engaged in the selection and implementation of cosmetic procedures for problem skin.

When talking about skin care in winter, hair is often forgotten. But this is the same part of the skin. In order to avoid excessive dryness and brittleness of the hair, to maintain their healthy appearance, it will be completely superfluous to carry out mesotherapy procedures for the scalp.


Контурная пластика и другие уколы красоты

Contouring and other beauty injections

Морщины межбровье

Filler injections, or contour plastics, are needed not only to enlarge and shape the lips. These procedures solve more complex problems:

📌 eliminate nasolabial folds;
📌 smooth out deep wrinkles on the forehead;
📌 align the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes;
📌 help to cope with scars, scars, creases and other skin imperfections.

After the procedure, there are punctate redness from injections, and slight swelling may occur. In the cold season, these phenomena pass much faster, since the skin recovers better.

In addition, the rehabilitation period includes a ban on sunbathing. In winter, there is no temptation, so there is no risk of unwanted consequences.

The frosty air contains fewer pathogens, therefore, you can not be afraid of infection and inflammation at the injection sites.

Laser hair removal in winter


Laser hair removal procedures can be performed all year round, but … only on skin without sunburn. To show off your legs in all their glory in the summer, epilate in the winter, starting in November. At this time, the old tan has already gone, it is far from the new one, and the legs are always covered with clothes, there is no risk of sunburn or photopigmentation.


SMAS lifting

смас лифтинг зимой

This hardware technique has a deep and long-lasting effect. Ultrasonic vibrations, passing through the upper layers, deep in the dermis, activate blood circulation and lymph movement.

SMAS lifting on the ULTRAFORMER device works without any injections or drugs, and the full effect of the procedure is established after 5-6 months, and visible cosmetic improvements are noticeable after 4-6 weeks.

This technique is called a non-surgical facelift because it shapes the contours of your face, neck and body without distorting your unique features. You remain yourself, without turning into a Hollywood doll, but you look ten years younger and healthier.

The procedure is applicable to various parts of the body. Winter is the perfect time to tidy up your body for the new beach season.

Laser treatment of spider veins 


Treatment of spider veins, like many other dermatological treatments, is carried out on the skin without sunburn. It is important that as little sun as possible falls on the epidermis before and after treatment.

Complete rehabilitation after treatment is achieved within 3-12 weeks. Excessive physical activity is undesirable at this time. Since we spend most of the time at home (and at work) in winter, the body will be able to recover faster with minimal health risks.


CO2 laser resurfacing

лазерная шлифовка Киев

Of the most active procedures, laser resurfacing is ordered from a beautician in winter. And this is a sensible decision, because under the influence of the laser, the upper layer of the epidermis literally evaporates, leaving a sensitive young skin. For the first time, it must be protected from the sun’s rays in order to avoid burns and the appearance of irreducible age spots. In winter, this risk is minimal.

In addition to a purely external effect, the procedure triggers the mechanism of active production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid – those components of the dermis that are responsible for moisturizing, elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Winter skin care

General recommendations on how to care for your skin in winter boil down to the correct selection of cosmetics and methods of their application.

уход за кожей зимой

The specialists of the Esteva Clinic of aesthetic medicine and dermatology are always ready to provide advice and personalized advice on skin care in winter. In general terms, we can say:

❄️ do not use alcohol-containing drugs, they can provoke dehydration of the dermis;
❄️ use a neutral soap so as not to deprive the skin of the natural grease;
❄️ leave hydrogenating creams for the spring, now the full-fledged

Proper skin care in winter, including regular use of protective products before going outside, and gentle cleansing and moisturizing in the evening, will ensure a healthy and beautiful appearance.

We invite you to get advice on care from cosmetologists with vast experience working in our clinic.

Waiting for you!